I’m thankful that my current skin cancer check found no cancer this time!

Usually, that is not the case. I had surgery in the past for skin cancer (on my head in my part) a little over five years ago, and usually, the doctor finds new cancer on my face each time.

I have become a hat wearer in addition to using sunscreen. I’ve always liked hats, but now I wear them a lot more often.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful that I only cut my thumb to the bone and not to the point of losing any of it. Limited on what I can do. I am thankful I got to the Urgent care, not something I do for a cut but I could not get it to stop bleeding. Nicely glued and taped and now wrapped. Hubby is now in charge of the turkey and an Amish lady is sending a pumpkin roll so I or Hubby don’t need to make dessert on Tday

  2. Brandy, I am thankful that your doctor found no new skin cancer on you! I am also thankful for all your hard work in keeping this amazing site going! Thank you.

  3. I am thankful for my husband (ex really but we still call each other husband and wife). He comes here every day and we have coffee and tea together. He makes lunch, works around the house…inside and out. I don’t know what I would do without him.

  4. I am thankful I have a cardigan here at work, because this morning’s weather report did not tell me the temperature was going to drop, rather than go up today!

  5. I, too, am grateful for my good health – more and more so the older I get. It is a true blessing! Glad you had a good report from the doctor!

  6. Brandy praise the Lord those are the best words to hear for sure. I worry each year when it’s time for those women check ups and thankfully so far nothing other than a non benign cyst but that was scary having to have additional test run to make sure. We are in the cancer journey with my husband it’s been 7 years of treatment, in remission and the last 3 years of battling with it again Prostrate Cancer that has spread. I am thankful for every day that I have with him we’ve been married 35 years. I am thankful today that I have plenty of food to eat, a warm house to live in and the ability to pay my bills. We are blessed.

  7. I have not posted here in so long, although I often read this lovely blog for gardening inspiration. The last two years have been filled with tremendous stress as my mother had been extremely ill (a progressive illness that lasted 6 years), and I needed to travel from SoCal to NorCal frequently to help (she’s been alone since my dad passed in 2018). Mom passed Nov 5, and she waited until the day after my birthday. Although it is sad to lose a loved one, I am so grateful that the suffering is over, the pain, her anger about her illness, her lack of independence, and her isolation. To know she is in a better place with dad. I am so thankful for this. XO

    1. Stephanie,
      I’m sorry about your loss. I had a similar reaction when my mother died after a very uncomfortable, unpleasant illness. It was hard for me to feel sorry for myself and grieve when she had been so unhappy for so long.

      I hope you will continue being thankful.

    2. Stephanie, my heart goes out to you. My mother passed away earlier this year, and while she was relieved from her discomfort, I still feel her loss deeply. I was able to give a lot of care. It’s difficult and often unthanked work, but blessings to you for what you have done to help her. May you feel peace.

    3. I am sorry for your loss. I, too, understand that feeling. I was relieved for my father when he passed this year. May God comfort you.

    4. Dear Stephanie as I read your post an avalanche of thoughts and emotions went thru my mind, I was so impressed you shared what you have been thru and I hope there is a peaceful time for you with all the great memories of your Mom

  8. I’m glad your skin check came out well. For the first time in a long time, I go the word that I only have to go back for an annual skin check, since I’ve been cancer free for two years.

    Today I’m especially thankful for my Sister in Law, who looks after my husband’s parents.

  9. I’m thankful for the mid 20ies year old (guessing on that) man who mows my large yard. It takes him 30 minutes using his riding mower to mow and trim what took me 2 5 hours just to mow. He is reliable, thorough and proof that a lot (and I think most) people of his generation want to succeed. He has a full time job at a cement factory and does a lot of lawns on his days off. I was lucky he had room for me on his schedule. I’ll be giving him a plate of Christmas cookies and candy as well as an bonus of the cost of 1 lawn mowing for Christmas.

    1. Isn’t it wonderful when you can help a young person with that kind of work ethic? We have been fortunate like that, too.

    1. Gen,
      I smiled when I read your comment. I was going to post that I have been looking for a small black wallet for a few years, finally found one yesterday at a resale store! I am thankful for that,

  10. Good news on the skin cancer check!
    I am grateful for my spectacles , life would be extremely difficult without them.

    1. I am thankful that my husband is such a devoted father. He has taken our eldest (preschooler) out to church in the city tonight as a special treat. I am also thankful that my eldest does consider it a treat!

  11. Pale skin and desert sun are not the best combination for very pale skin EXCEPT that the dermatologists in sunny areas are the best at detecting and treating it.

    After many gloomy November days, I am grateful for the sunshine pouring in the window and that mom is still here and slowly improving in health after being hospitalised with sepsis a year ago.

  12. I am also grateful to be cancer free. I have had multiple skin cancers and am ten years cancer free after having a lumpectomy, radiation and drug therapy for breast cancer. Yahoo! I’m also thankful for many, many other blessings!

  13. I’m thankful that I was able to get to the grocery stores this morning with my kids. Between sales and coupons we saved a good bit and I’m feeling very blessed by having a full pantry/freezers. I know I complain about things too often-especially knowing that others struggle so much more!

  14. That is such wonderful news! I am thankful today for a warm house and warm blankets. We had our first night in the 20s last night and knowing how many people are out there homeless breaks my heart. All my children were tucked into their warm beds and I felt ever so thankful.

  15. Today I am thankful for a warm home, enough food, a job I enjoy.
    Thank you Brandy for hosting this series and this site!

  16. I am thankful that I was able to travel with my daughter to see my brother, who has been very ill with sepsis and is now recovering in a nursing home. During this time with the fear of COVID-19, visiting hours are restricted and short but the staff did their best to allow us as much time as possible. It is a 10 hour trip each way, so every moment was appreciated

  17. Thankful for medical advances that make it possible for me to have iron infusions when my levels get too low. It is not a good feeling to have iron levels of 4 and I am so grateful for this treatment.

  18. I am thankful that I get to go home to my family, enjoy my evening without the pressures of working 14, 16, 18 or more hours per day just to survive. I am a college professor and many, many days I take work home. I get to choose when and what and can choose not to take work home at least a couple of days most weeks during the school year. Many people do not have any choice over when and how much they work in order to survive.


  19. I’m grateful we have been able to keep our 15 year old fridge running this week. We have been saving for a new one for months knowing it was a matter of time. It slowed cooling and we unplugged it, vacuumed the coils and plugged it back in and it worked again! We have been vacuuming the coils regularly. We selected a brand new large fridge at a scratch and dent shop about 30 minutes from our home. The front and the side that will show are perfect. Dent only on the side that is against the wall. They will deliver, install, haul away the old one and they have a repair service for customers who purchase from them so if it has a problem in the future they will repair for a fee. Refrigerator repairmen are not common here. We applied for a new credit card with a $200 credit if you spend $1000 in the first 3 months. We will spend $950 on the fridge and services and will get $200 dollars back. I have more than that saved in my appliance replacement fund so we will pay off the card in full and use it for gas. It’s more expensive than the cheapest fridge available but it is lovely and is something we use every day. I have painted rust spots and duct taped broken door cubbies and lived with a broken water dispenser that sprays water if it is accidentally pressed for several years. It will be lovely to have a fully functional new one and it will arrive Tuesday rather than 3+ weeks which is the lead time in most of the stores in our area.

  20. Great news, Brandy!
    I am grateful the friends, who some of us have been meeting together for 20 years, got together at my house to write. We each put three topics in a bowl, draw out three or four random topics, then set the timer for 10 minutes and write. Then we share what we have written. We laugh, cry, share our deepest secrets and silly experiences. We had tea and cookies too. Grateful for this great group of women and for the time we share together.

    Also, this morning, I was able to watch the full moon setting from my bedroom window just before sunrise. It was beautiful!

  21. I am thankful for a fine sunny day with no wind. I could sit outside and spread out the partial proof of our book on the patio table. I am thankful for the lovely meal I had last night — baked sweet potato and roast beef. The sweet potato was huge but cheap per pound –– cut off 7 rounds and put them in the freezer. Am treating myself with a
    peach blueberry crisp from the frozen fruit in my freezer. I am grateful that our scholarship group is making oat cakes to sell as a fundraiser. I’m buying some for Christmas gifts. Three more gifts found.

  22. I am thankful I got to make a second trip to the foothills here in NC to the apple house for seconds. It was a beautiful drive and I got for my daughter and her two friends who do a co-op together, and two friends of mine and for me. I was loaded down and feeling so happy I could bless these dear people !

  23. I’m thankful that my brother finally called today after 3 months (no phone). I’m also sad because it sounds like life is chewing him up.

  24. No cancer is always great! Congratulations!

    I called my mother today and realized I was so thankful the she and my father are self-sufficient and doing very well. It was so good to hear her voice as I realized I’m here for another round of joyful holidays. I’ve been patiently waiting for myself to realize how blessed I am. Recently it’s been a struggle.

  25. I’m thankful that my mother moved into her own house today, which she just closed on. She was a young mom when she had me and I am just so proud to see her own her own home, and to finally be able to focus on herself after a life of raising me alone. I spent all day today helping her paint and clean, and will do so the rest of the weekend. She felt guilty taking up my whole weekend, but the truth is I’m just so proud of her and I want to help make her new home beautiful. So thankful for her and this blessing.

  26. I am thankful for the kale that has been growing in our garden. My son was able to go out and cut some for a salad today. He was so happy to be able to do that!

  27. I decided last night to can some soup I had been thinking about a while. I got everything together to do it first thing as well as some clothes to wash that required going up and down the steps a lot more than usual. Even though I fell asleep for a while with my feet propped up watching a program after dinner I am thankful I got it all done. Little did I know that a change in the weekend’s schedule would not have allowed me to can the soup.

    I am also thankful that DH came home and did some outdoor winterizing that hadn’t been done as it is supposed to get down to 22 tomorrow morning. It is 32 now.

    I also appreciated seeing how light it was last night before going to bed and waking up near the middle of the lunar eclipse to watch it a few minutes. It has always fascinated me.

  28. Today I am thankful for my daughter’s mother-in-law. She loved and accepted my daughter into her family immediately. My daughter and her family live in a different state, and it is such a comfort to me that they are near each other and are able to have such a good, mutually-supportive/appreciative relationship.

  29. I am thankful that we have a good vacuum cleaner that does a great job of vacuuming up all the dirt and dust in the home 🙂 . We saved for a long time to pay cash for it but it is certainly worth it and has far better suction than our cheap ones we had previously.

  30. I am thankful that you had no cancer, Brandy. And, very thankful for this place to visit that brings such peace in a topsy turvy world. For all I have “met” through this blog, I am thankful and wish all the best for all of you.

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