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I’m thankful today that we were able to put up most of the Christmas decorations inside.

I’m also thankful for Malware Bytes. More than once I have had to download and run the free program, and every time it has been a help to fix the internet problems I am having. I had to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome, and prior to using Malware Bytes the reinstall kept failing. Hopefully I will now be able to be online without constant crashing!

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Today I am thankful for the invention of lollipops. They seem to cure all ills when it comes to lifting up the spirits of sick kiddos and my poor sicky daughter needed all the uplifting in her spirits she could get today (second day of antibiotics…poor thing). I’m also SO thankful that Tootsie Pops are peanut free as both the kids love them.

    We haven’t gotten our Christmas decorations even halfway up yet, which kind of makes me sad, but I got some of my daughter’s favorites out as they are kept in the house vs. storage and it helped to cheer her up a bit more. So, I’m thankful for that as well (the Little People nativity set I got online for like 14.00 years ago? One of the best Christmas purchases I’ve ever made hands down. Both of the kids love it).

  2. I am thankful that I put a crock pot of taco soup on this morning. I’m tired. We worked on a slash pile today from our recent logging. This is the 5th or 6th time that we have tried to burn this particular pile. It is too loosely packed and just burns out areas, leaving charred sticks hanging in the air with nothing around them to burn. We need a trac-hoe, but don’t have one. So, Rob did his best with the tractor. The piles are also made of wet wood. There were 15. 1 is burned, although there is still a rim of unburnt wood in a circle. We have 14 left and have spent days and days trying, with no success. 2 times, torrential rain has put out the fires we have started. We are under a time constraint because we need to replant the trees to avoid having those 4 acres revert to regular taxes, instead of being forest deferred. Today, the kids got one going good near the one that we did have success with and burned sticks for hours. Rob and I got a huge blaze going with every piece of junk wood, old fence post, rotten log laying around, etc. that we could find at the base of pile #2. It is still burning, but it’s anybody’s guess if it is going to catch on and burn the whole pile overnight, or if it will burn out. Again… I’m waiting with anticipation to find out! It’s pitch black now, and we are done for today. At least we don’t need to worry about forest fires now, it’s so wet!

    I’m thankful for the part that did burn today. I tripped and fell, but am thankful that I did not get hurt other than a few scratches and bruises. I’m thankful for hot showers, soft beds and Aleve!

  3. Hi Brandy & all from Australia.

    I agree Malware Bytes is a fantastic free anti virus program and works fabulously. There are a lot of problems with Google Chrome in relation to the advertising material they have on a lot of the sites you may click on through the search engine. Once you click on the sites and even wave your mouse over a certain icon that may not be even visible to you malware gets automatically installed on your hard drive of your PC or laptop. The trouble and major problem is it installs in multiple areas in the program files of your computer, so unless you are a computer tech guru you will not find them or even know how to get rid of them. Then your computer just starts shutting down gradually from there and each day different things don’t work until the whole computer crashes eventually. Another good free anti virus software is AVG as well. If you are running Norton’s Antivirus on your computer it also stops any downloads to your computer mid stream and has to be turned off if you want to download any other program too, a real pain I do have to say and is the reason why I steer very clear of Norton’s, but just my personal preference.

    You may gather I am a bit of a tech head and yes you would be right, as I used to sell computers, mobile phones and technology for computer networks for large companies as a job.

    I am thankful that I was able to offer service today and supply a lovely friend some excess tomato seedlings I was propagating. I am also blessed that no matter how many seeds I plant for some reason, which I know, I always end up with double or more in plants :D.

  4. I use Super Antispyware. I have to run it several times a day or my computer runs very slow, drops the internet, etc.
    I am grateful for my husband’s best friend bringing over $200 worth of Frozen items for my daughter’s bedroom. He had been dating this woman on and off for a couple years. She has a little girl a few years older than mine and he completely furnished a bedroom in his house for her. The relationship didn’t work out, the stuff was never used, so he gave it all to our daughter because he knew she would love it, and she did lol. I hope he finds “the one” soon, he’s a good man and ready to settle down, she was not and just used him for material things. He stayed over for dinner as a thank you and I set her room up right away. He got to see her in her excitement when it was finished, which he said made him feel good. She loves her “Uncle”. He gave her a sheet set, comforter, blanket, curtains for both windows, and 4 pictures for the walls, including one that lights up. It’s so cute. I’ve have been wanting to re-do her room for quite awhile but didn’t have the money.

  5. I am thankful that the embroidered throw pillow I finished making for my niece turned out beautifully. I showed my daughter and she begged me to let her have it. I am thankful that my daughter is so in love with this throw pillow because I am making her one too. Now I’m certain she will definitely love her handmade gift!

    I also use the free Malware Bytes program, in combination with the free CCleaner program. These were both recommended to us by a friend who works as tech support for a number of companies, so we know they work well. I’m thankful we have someone who is very tech savvy and who is willing to do this for friends on the side. In fact, he is coming on Monday to set up my daughters new laptop while she is at school, so it will be completely ready for her to use when she opens it Christmas day.

  6. I am thankful for time to enjoy putting up Christmas decorations. The decorations are packed away in labled boxes in the attic so I only pull out and do small areas at a time. It makes it special and almost a “little” event that cost nothing to do.

    We are also thankful for the leftovers that we are enjoying from Thanksgiving. We hosted at our house and continue to make and use what was part of the meal. This evening it’s “Turkey Pot Pie” and tomorrow will be turkey, carrots, potatoes etc.
    Thank you for the inspiration of this blog.

  7. Sure, I can do that. I’ve actually got some good tips for people to save money on Christmas decorations, so I was thinking of doing that anyway :).

  8. That sounds like one Heck of a fight. I remember trying to get coal started in our furnace that we’d had to shovel in during a rain storm and oy that coal didn’t want to burn. I was down in the basement for days on end, spreading out the coal pile to dry so that it would finally catch without having to waste tons of wood to get it going. NOTHING felt as good as when we got a gas furnace put in in that house…well except for getting the well and running water in the first year. That trumped the gas furnace.

    Good luck with your battle. I’ll send up a prayer for you guys. Being under time constraints is so stressful!

  9. I have a program installed on Firefox called “Blue Hell Firewall” which is AWESOME for stopping malicious everything. I even had to give a “yup it’s fine” when I’d click through on trusted things in my e-mail just because they were click through links.

    I’m not really familiar with Chrome, but I am definitely no stranger to computer problems, so I just wanted to pass that add on onto Firefox users. It’s great and my husband turned me onto it to stop whacko scripts from messing with Facebook for me. And it does help :).

  10. Aw that’s awesome! It’s great to have friends who can do things like that. I’m sure she’s going to love the computer and you’re right (referring to an earlier post of yours), with school being so computer heavy in teaching anymore, it will DEFINITELY come in handy!

  11. I am thankful for the internet and all of the research I am able to do with it on gardening, all of our critters and for many of our purchases.
    I am also thankful that I am able to purchase things online with it so I don’t have to go out into the craziness of the holiday shopping season! (I don’t like the mall on a good day – let alone during the holidays!)
    I am thankful that both of my parents are still with us – I still rely on them for advice – especially my Dad lately about building and maintaining things around the home.

  12. Thanks so much! We are starting to get a little discouraged. We have SO much to do that it’s frustrating to spend so much time on a fruitless activity. However, it was good exercise:) Rob’s going to try another pile and see if it burns better next time.

  13. I am thankful today for my freezer–in which I have stashed the rest of the turkey, cranberry sauce, and turkey broth made from the carcass. We had turkey on three of the last four days, and now it’s waiting in the freezer so we will welcome it again a little later in a casserole!

  14. Malware Bytes has a free and a paid section. You can download the free one and run it to clean up problems on your computer. Look up Malware Bytes and you’ll find their site. It doesn’t download and run automatically–you have to click on it in order for it to be on your machine and agree to it first. Then you run it. It takes a while to run while it searches.

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