I’m thankful for the change of seasons.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for a husband who told me over lunch yesterday that he never tires of me. This after 42 years of marriage. Just the look in his eyes when he said it warmed my heart and lifted my spirit.

  2. I continue to be thankful for my hardworking husband. For he continues to catetake and does all the other things needed for our life to work. He is a man of prayer. I pray strength and resolve for him, and patience for me. Help me to be encouraging and thankful for all that he does.

  3. Yesterday when going through a fast food drive through as a treat for my 5 year old grandson I found out that the person ahead of me had paid for our food. I am thankful for this act of kindness, not because I needed the financial help, but because it was such a kind gesture and a wonderful reminder that there are people who are generous and willing to help others. I came close to crying. We give most donations anonymously and it made me realize that there is not only joy in giving but also in receiving.

  4. I am grateful for modern medical care – friends and relatives are able to live in spite of having medical issues that would have killed them in years past. I am also grateful for appliances such as glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids that make life livable for so many.


  5. Today, my best friend and I drove 2 1/2 hours to the greater Pittsburgh area to visit and play with my daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren. The day was lovely, the grandkids lively and charming, and the young adults clever and attentive. And my friend loves my family as if they were her own. I know I am specially blessed and am thankful.

  6. I am thankful the leaves changing colors are brighter and hanging on long than normal. It has really brightened up my week.

  7. Thankful that I have the time now to pursue my art or rather i make the time. It was hard for me to accept that I would have to quit work to make virtual schooling possible for my youngest.I realize that God has shown me a way to reach people and I am praying he uses my art to open that door to conversations. please do check out my social media link for my art and subscribe as well as share: https://linktr.ee/sheeba_dm
    So glad I am using all of me to reach out…

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