Last week I got a whole lot done. Most of my list, in fact. My family helped a lot.

However, I did not get any presents done, so even though I had hoped to be done by the end of last month, I still have some sewing to do.

We are expecting our first frost Wednesday, so I will have to do a good amount of work in the garden the first two days of the week.

This Week’s Goals:


1. Make 6 presents

2. Make a set of pajamas for Elsa to wear now


1. Make 2 presents

2. Make 2 wreaths

3. Sand toolbox that I got at a garage sale in October. Paint it. (This is a gift for Ezrom).


1. Spend a good amount of time continuing to organize the pantry


1. Cut all tender herbs. Wash and put out to dry on racks or hanging.

2. Cover tarragon and thyme plants with cloches (jars)

3. Pick all green tomatoes and the last zucchini

4. Tear out all vincas, tomato plants, basil plants, zinnias, and zucchini plants

5. Cut any nice looking zinnias and bring them in before the freeze

6. Pick all lemons

7. Cover citrus trees

8. Cover seedlings

9. Plant some seeds

10. Plant bulbs

11. Plant decorative cabbage

12. Thin and transplant seedlings


1. Hang wreaths

2. Put up Christmas lights

Shopping and errands:

1. Use $10 off $10 coupon at one store

2. Return library books


1. Photograph presents and blog about each one

2. Write Frugal Accomplishments post

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  1. We are finishing painting the living room so we can decorate. That’s it. Its a teeeny list. Everything else is regular make bread do wash type stuff.

  2. Dear Miss Brandy,I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, our was surrounded by my daughter’s illness most of the holidays. Tough on her.I am so excited to see you make more gifts. They are lovely. I have some goals but will have to post later. I just wondered if you were done with gift making or not. Your postings are so unique and well thought out.I brought my plants in and I am still getting some tomatoes and green peppers. My herbs are doing well and I don’t know if I should cut them or not. I am not an experienced garden of plants in the house.Blessings to all,Anna

  3. I read your comment on Miss Mustard Seed. I wrote one on leather. Gray and brown sounds stunning if you do accents in plaid or geometrics like pillows. You’ll need to add a third bright accent, like blue or rust. Check the color wheel for help. As far as buckles on leather, yikes, you’re right….as well as permanent markers will do damage. I have never liked leather, but gave up because my hubby is such a leather person. I must say, our leather couches are so comfortable and warm in the winter. I do like them….just not everything leather. I have two white wood neo-classical chairs with a matching ottoman in white/gold upholstery right next to the leather sectional which is next to my grandmother’s antique sewing machine and I think it all works. (Maybe, I’m nuts, lol) It’s what you like and what works for you.

  4. I’ve got to make a list of things that need to be done. Especially gifts. I know they won’t get made if I don’t buckle down and make a list! I just sort of have this list running through my head and it needs to get written down on paper.Do your $10/10 coupons come in the mail? Do you know how you got on their list to receive these? I’ve signed up for things in the past, but I don’t seem to get those kinds of mailers anymore. I’m just curious!

  5. Mon…Done..Work. Birthday dinner (actual day) for youngest (20) and German choc cake. She had somewhat of a celebration over the holiday weekend when everyone was home visiting, including getting to see some cousins, second cousins etc. 4 of my children have “holiday conflict” birthdays so we try not to let the birthdays get lost. Tues…Work. Another birthday dinner with about 9 of her church college group will be over for lasagna and cheesecake. Sounds like a very fattening combo to me, but they are all young. Start mixing up Christmas cookie dough for various roll outs. Wrap and freeze. Chop up fruits and nuts for fruitcake. Make Christmas card list.Wed…Work. Stop at grocer, not much on list, but double coupon day. Make cookies. Mix up pie crusts for Christmas pies, wrap and freeze. Thurs…Day off. Spend afternoon at Barnes and Noble with youngest and oldest girls hanging out in cafe reading and drinking coffee. I am bringing cookies from home for us to eat with our coffee. Youngest has several BN gift cards to spend. Bake fruit cakes in the am. Hopefully, finish sewing the aprons x4 today. Get prints of family picture taken at Thanksgiving to send along with Christmas cards.Fri…Work. Dog’s birthday! Yes, I will make another cake. Per youngest, the dog would like a choc chip cake with choc chip frosting. Hmm….dogs can’t eat chocolate. Address Christmas cards. Sat…Errands, if any. Sort out Christmas decorations, set up Christmas village, depending on whether husband set up a board for it’s new location in corner 4 season room by then. Start watching Christmas movies, playing Christmas music. We put our tree up rather late compared to most. In fact growing up my mother’s family did not put up until Christmas Eve, as children our tree never went up until just a couple days before Christmas. Probably will put up tree next weekend. Sun…Church. Family day, day of rest.

  6. No, I’m not done! I’ve just gotten behind. We’ve been working on protecting the garden from frost. Usually that happens around the 13th-15th of December here so I had to stop everything to work in the garden–even school.

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