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Amazon has 30% off any book this weekend using code HOLIDAY30. Expires 11/30.

Amazon has 30% off select clothing, shoes, and more using code 30BLACKFRI. Ends 11/27 at midnight PST.

Walgreen’s has a free 8 x 10 photo offer. Use code 1FREE8X10 at checkout. Note that you can choose for a friend to pick this up–so if you want to give it to a relative across the country, they can pick it up if you choose their nearest location as the place for printing. Don’t have a photo you want but want something fun to decorate for Christmas? Download a free Christmas printable from Pinterest, or a free image from The Graphics Fairy to decorate your house. Expires 11/28. Order this week and you can pick it up next week if you like.

Ebates has double cash back going today and Friday. Their double is not always double–for some places, it’s much more; for example, what is normally 2% cash back is 8% cash back. Check out the stores they have listed if you’re planning to shop anywhere online, and make sure to look for any additional coupon codes they have that you can combine on top of the Black Friday deals (such as free shippping, and extra 30% off, etc.) 

Swagbucks has Ebay gift cards 20% off and Bass Pro Shops gift cards 20% off, so if you are looking to get an e-gift card for someone (or for your own shopping), you’ll need fewer points to get one. Do note that it takes a few days before gift cards are processed. Expires 11/30. 

Joann fabric stores have huge Black Friday sales going both in-store and online, including flannel 75% off and fleece 75% off (fleece is an online only deal). If shopping online, go through Ebates for 2% cash back. If you’re going to the store and are planning on buying fabric, I suggest getting your cutting counter number when you get there and then getting your fabric. Flannel prints are are $1.79 a yard ($2.29 online) and solids are $1.49 a yard. They also have interfacing on sale by the bolt (I use this in collars), among other great deals. Don’t forget to take your in-ad coupon for an addition percentage off your purchases (excludes doorbusters).

Kroger and affiliate grocery stores have 5 gift cards on sale right now for 20% off. Check their coupon section on your local store’s site and upload the coupons online to your shopping card. The savings will come off at check out. Expires 12/01. 

Thanksgiving table detail The Prudent Homemaker

A note on combining a few of these deals: Old Navy gift cards are 20% off at Kroger stores. You could head to the grocery store before heading to Old Navy, where everything is 50% off in store. If you’re shopping online, you could go through Ebates for 8% back, pay with your grocery store purchased Old Navy gift card (you’ll still need to get that one in person), and then shop their online deals (40-60% off).

There are other possibilities like that one to stack to make your money go further, so take a moment to check what possibilities you have before heading out the door or making a purchase online.

My plan for Black Friday is to decorate the house for Christmas! I may do a little online shopping as well (certainly that Amazon book deal!) 

Be safe while shopping, and obey the speed limit. I speak on both from experience. . . I’m glad to be staying home this Black Friday!

I’m writing a Frugal Accomplishments post again this week, so plan on sharing your deals Sunday night!

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  1. My husband got a pair of boots for each girl for $20/pair at Fred Meyers this morning when he took Lovana to work. They are usually much more than that, but they do this sale on Thanksgiving every year, at least the last few years. He also got the 2 youngest Christmas dresses. One was on sale for 70% off. That’s all the Black Friday sales I want to hit, except maybe JoAnn’s. I still am not sure about that. I did not buy flannel last year, so don’t think I need more. I will see what I think in the morning.

  2. I used to absolutely LOVE Black Friday shopping but am disgusted with the stores that open on Thanksgiving. I understand pharmacies, 7-11, and maybe grocery stores opening but department and other stores? No, sorry, I will not shop in any of those stores this weekend and hopefully not at all between now and Christmas.

  3. I got Silky support panty hose for buy one get 2 free at Rite Aid. They were 7.99 regular price so this was an awesome deal. Mine from last year were getting pretty worn so this was an item off my stock up list. If one lives near a Rite Aid they had some awesome deals. I had a fun time this evening shopping with my dauther-in-law. I am so blessed.

    I will be heading to Joanns on Saturday to pick up fleece (it’s a Sat in store door buster!) for my daughter to make herself a tie blanket. Other than that, it decorate time and time to skype with family and friends. We did buy a kindle from Amazon yesterday for a Christmas present so keep an eye on the Amazon deals.

  5. For Canadian readers: Fabricville (our Joannes equivalent) is 50% off all fabric, thread, and accessories, even if our Thanksgiving was last month. Speaking from experience: that’s the cheapest you’ll find fabric all year, and it’s definitely time to stock up for upcoming projects.

  6. For the first time in about 20 years, I did not go Black Friday shopping. I found that although I would have liked a few items on sale, I didn’t NEED them and we are trying to make some headway with our finances so I opted not to go. I don’t decorate for Christmas but I do have a few winter things such as snowmen that I set out each year so I took all of my fall decor down, dusted it, put it away, and set out my snowmen. I try to buy one piece each year to add to my collection as this is something I started about eight years ago so I may go to Hobby Lobby and see what they have since I have a coupon but that will be all I am doing.

  7. I generally go shopping on Black Friday – but not this year. It is quite warm out, but very rainy. Nothing I need bad enough to fight the crowds, traffic and rain for. Put up the door decorations and did a little bit of decorating. Eating leftovers – my favorite thing!
    This year the little kids are done and most others are getting homemade gifts. I have decided once and for all to go simple and it’s been lovely.
    Have a blessed day.

  8. Hi Mari and we live in Australia so don’t technically have thanksgiving here. We do however due to religious beliefs give thanks every day in one form or another.

    We will do our last grocery shop on December 15 and buy enough for a month to steer clear of the crowds. Our issue is not the stores opening it is just the manic behaviour of the shoppers themselves. Driving around shopping centre car parks the wrong way, playing what I call smash up derby in the car parks where they steal other people’s car parks they have been waiting for and then there is the race derby where 2 – 3 cars and their owners aim for the same car park to beat everyone else. The last one you can imagine does not end well as is a dangerous game of chicken which usually ends in fist fights. This was on the Gold Coast in Australia.

    Now we have moved to the country but even then from numerous of the previous experiences we will stock up before Christmas and not go near the shops at all till mid January. That way I just won’t see the bad behaviour at all :).

  9. I did my first ever black Friday shopping this year! I don’t know if it was all costco stars but they had pork loin $10 off per package! We bought 3, you had to go out and come back for each one. The final price per pound was .73 cents! I will be cutting it up and freezing it this afternoon. We were running pretty low on pork so this was absolutely perfect, I didn’t have to get up early and it wasn’t anymore crowded than a normal costco day.

  10. I went black friday shopping. I picked up lots of good deals at Kohls and Joanns. On top of the doorbuster sales at kohls we were able to apply a $5 off gift card and a 15% off gift card. Our Joanns had fleece 75% off friday and saturday. They also had flannel 75% off. It is amazing how cheap this fabric is this time of year!

    I am extremely grateful to be able to go shopping this year. After some time of sticking to a very strict budget we were able to pay of 3 loans in the past month. Such a burden lifted! This month I decided to buy somethings that we have put off for the last three or so years. Next month I plan on going back to sticking to the strict budget to try and continue to pay off the rest of my student loans at a faster pace!

  11. I normally shop on Thursday–today I was down to 1 egg and about a cup of milk. I went to the grocery store and got several really good deals.

  12. Hi Holly and such great discounts on fabric there, we do not ever get 75% off sales on fabric here, the nearest we get is 50% off.

    Great to hear that you have paid off 3 loans last month and you are continuing to do so. Money is so tight when you are a student and for a few years after because of student loans & things as well as usually setting up a new home it all adds up.

    Keep up the great debt reduction and you will find with strict budgeting in no time at all you will have none.

    We did a similar thing with substantial debts my family had left us and have got them all paid off now. I remember budgeting down to whether we could afford a tin of baked beans or not. Now the debts are paid I smile and say thank you to a pantry full of food and many tins of baked beans which sit at the front of the pantry to remind me of the lean years.

  13. This year my plain old mixer finally quit working. It was over 30 years old so I think it just got tired. I went into HEB a local grocery store and got a new one, not name brand, but nice enough for $4.00. Not bad. Also go a small deep fat fryer for $10.00. So that is the end of my Black Friday shopping. I am done. Now all I need to do is finish stitching my gifts for friends and family and wrap. That is it. Yeah.

  14. I did go to joanns to get flannel. There were so many darling prints that I had a hard time choosing! My kids are all making pillowcases for their cousins for Christmas. We will all be together at my parent’s house this year and they thought it would be a fun gift to open on Christmas Eve with their jammies. I bought a beautiful stack of fabric and it cost about $20. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Now let the sewing begin!

  15. Somehow I missed the Walgreens free photo ad. Thanks so much for calling it to my attention. A great photo of my grandchildren ready to be picked up. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again.

  16. I’m with you on that one, Lorna. There’s nothing like Christmas shopping to bring out the worst in people. I like to have the majority of my shopping done by December so I don’t have to go out if I don’t want to. I usually still do grocery shopping, but that can take a lot of patience and definitely some teeth grinding to make it through. I have already expressed to my mom that I wish we could do a no spend month in December so we don’t have to go shopping at all. Unfortunately it won’t happen though because that’s when some of the best deals for stocking up happens. Ugh…you just can’t win sometimes!

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