I mention on my Sewing for Less page that I have bought thread from Atlanta Thread for an amazing price. My mother-in-law introduced me to this company. I couldn’t believe how low their prices were on thread! I really liked Atlanta Thread.

Atlanta Thread was bought out earlier this year by Wawak.

Wawak has thread and other sewing supplies, much like Atlanta Thread. They also carry Gutermann thread. One spool is 1,094 yards, and their price is $2.49 a spool. If you buy 10 or more, they’re $2.42 a spool.

Every month they have a different item (or items) on special. This month, through the 28th, they have Gutermann thread for $1.86 a spool (1, 094 yards each).

The other specials this month are nylon YKK zippers buy 2 get 1 free (same size and color). The price this month for their zippers is anywhere from .20 each for a 5″ zipper, up to .58 for a 24″ zipper (they also carry 36 and 80″ zippers as well). That sure beats Joann’s sales!

They have seam rippers buy 1 get one free (of the same type) as well. The 5″ seam rippers are on sale for .65 and the 2 1/2″ ones are .59. The one I have in the picture above is one of the 5″ ones.

They carry scissors, including the stork scissors like I have for embroidery, for $8.95 a pair.

They also have great prices on needles.

If you need sewing supplies, or want to order some supplies to make a sewing and/or embroidery kit for someone, this is a great way to do it.

They carry a ton more stuff as well, such as buttons by the gross. These button prices beat out the prices I told you about at the Joann’s sale. There are a variety of choices and prices, but shirt buttons are around $3.75 for 144 (one gross) of buttons.

They have the Mark-B-Gone blue pen (that disappears with water) for $2.35. I use these for drawing my embroidery designs. After I am done sewing, I mist it with water or rinse it, and the pen is gone. They have chalk pencils ($1.68) and tailor’s chalk, too.

They carry drapery cord and piping cord, as well as all sorts of supplies for curtains.

In addition, they have a code for first-time customers that is valid through 9/28 for $10 off of a $50 order. This code is one per customer, valid only on your first order. The code is WNC912.
Shipping is free for orders over $100, or $4.95 for orders under $100. It costs me more than $4.95 in gas to drive to the fabric store, so even if I pay shipping, this helps me to cut costs as well.

This is not a sponsored post. I just love sewing and getting a good deal on sewing supplies. I know a lot of you are making clothing and gifts for your children.


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  1. I’m glad you posted this! My sister-in-law has a home sewing business and is always looking for a better deal on zippers and thread.

  2. Hi Brandy,I can’t believe you posted this! I was just writing up my frugal feats for the week and was posting about going through my stash of embroidery patterns so I can make Christmas gifts frugally with what I have. But, I do need some threads for some sewing projects and these are great prices. Thanks!Blessings,Suzanneps I have that same scissor pic–did you get yours from Dover?

  3. Wow! What great prices!! Thanks for posting, I’ve never heard of them. JoAnn’s is about a 35 mile round trip for me. I usually use their coupons on fabric. . . its the notions that get you. I’ll have to put together a thread order. I just got a serger off of Amazon with literally spare change and earned points turned into gift cards. I was please to see that I can use regular sized thread spools on it. Now I can stock up on a few colors.

  4. I collect old metal embroidery hooops. This is the only one I have that has a knob instead of a spring. It’s also the oldest one I have; it has a pat. date on it of 1917. I bought it at a garage sale a few years ago. I had a list, and they asked they see it. The woman looked at the list, and said, “Oh, I have a metal embroidery hoop! I had it out for the last garage sale and forgot to go get it for this one!” She went inside and got it. It was in a bag with several other items, which she insisted that I take as well. It was quite the deal!It’s the smallest hoop I have, and I really, realy like the size; it’s my favorite! I’d love to have some more small metal embroidery hoops. I always look for them at garage sales.

  5. Thanks for the tip Brandy! I’m going to check them out! I love your embroidery work. What were you making in that picture? It’s beautiful! 🙂

  6. Yes they can! They are about the same width, overall, as a regular spool of thread. They just have a smaller center, so more thread fits in the spool. I actually like them a lot more than that old standard thread spools.

  7. nice work. I save old buttons and I find that some of the backs are made of abalone shell. I have used several of them in reverse.

  8. Thank you for posting this. I have been trying to increase my collection of thread colors, and these prices are wonderful. Joannes is almost next door to me, but it wouldn’t take many items to make up for the shipping charges.

  9. Have you ever checked out Sew Classic? They specialize in sewing machine parts, feet, accessories especially for hard to find older sewing machines. Both my mother and I have ordered from them and have nothing but good things to say! I purchased a snap on roller foot for my Viking machine for only $3! They also sell bobbins and other things. Shipping is super fast and VERY reasonable. Here is the link: http://shop.sew-classic.com/

  10. I’m about to put in my first order with Wawak, and I wanted to thank you for let us know about them. It’s a great deal on needed thread.

  11. Hello! My Name is Trudy Adams and I am the Director of Customer Service and Sales for WAWAK Sewing Supply.Thank you for the kind words. We strive to give you quality products at great prices with speedy delivery. Please feel free to contact me anytime, we appreciate your business!trudy@wawak.com

  12. I can’t believe that they had such great prices I have not seen prices for things such as thread in a long time I pay at least 2-3 dollars just for thread alone. I appreciate you letting us know about these great deals.

  13. I’ve never tried, does anyone know if you can you use the larger spools on a regular machine?- Alissa DeLucio

  14. Alissa, do you see the size of the spools in the picture? They’re not any bigger than a regular-sized spool of thread, but the center is skinnier, so you can put 1100 yards instead of 110 yards on the spool (like the ones you get at the store). They totally fit on a sewing machine. (They are larger than life in the photo).

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