I made an Eiffel Tower purse for Elsa. She wanted a purse to take to church and she specifically wanted it to have an elastic closure with a button on the top. Since she loves anything to do with the Eiffel Tower right now, I thought she would be thrilled to have a purse with that on it.

Eiffel Tower Purse


drop cloth fabric (you could use cotton duck)

Eiffel Tower fabric (optional; you could line it with anything)

Eiffel Tower image

Citra Solv

shank button

hair elastic



sewing machine
kitchen spoon
laser printer
iron and ironing board

The purse is a simple lined tote. I made my own size. You can follow this tutorial for instructions on how to make a lined tote. I added an inside pocket to mine so that she can put some lip balm there.


The total time for purse was about 2 hours.


$ 2.75.

If you don’t already have Citra Solv on hand, that will put you out a bit, but you only use a couple of tablespoons per transfer. I had been wanting to do some Citra Solv transfers for a while and I finally was able to use my Amazon credit to purchase some just for this reason.

I chose to use this particular image transfer method because I have a laser printer. There are a myriad of other transfer methods. Citra Solv transfers are a faded looking transfer. You print the image (in reverse if necessary), tape the paper print side down to your fabric so it doesn’t move, brush some Citra Solv over the image, and then burnish it with the back of a spoon to transfer the ink to the fabric.

I purchased the Eiffel Tower fabric last year on sale with an additional 15% off coupon on Black Friday from Fabric.com. They have a lot of different Eiffel Tower fabrics if you do a search there.

The button was a vintage button from my button jar.

The hair elastic was from the Dollar Tree. I used one without a metal clamp; those are 30 for $1. They also have ones with metal clamps that are 100 for $1.

The drop cloth came from Lowe’s.

Did you make any gifts today? What did you make?
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  1. Brandy! I really LOVE this bag. I noticed the comment about trend and just wanted to share that, personally, I love your style. It fits so much with what I love. That is just another reason I am always checking in on your places. I love Regency period and fairy tale styles and beautiful work. This year I decided that as the children grow out of things I hope to replace them with home made items. We have so many hand-me-downs, which are a blessing, but the styles seem garish in comparison with what we would like to wear. Most of the girls would prefer dresses or skirts anyway. My biggest deterrent right now is that we are struggling to catch on to a good school schedule/pattern.Well, I didn’t mean to carry on so much, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your style.

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