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Today’s gift is a gift for a friend of mine. She has a place in a pot for a small herb garden. I am giving her several herb plants to put in her pot.

You could arrange your gift in a pot or another container, to be put in a windowsill until spring, if you live in a colder area. Our winters are mild and these herbs will overwinter, though the oregano and peppermint will die back, and do better if cloched during the winter. Those of you who live in the Southern hemisphere could include several annual herbs, such as basil and dill.



Herb plants from your garden

Plastic pots (I used ones leftover from previous nusery purchases)

Potting soil




hand trowel


Herb Garden Gift The Prudent Homemaker


I dug up several small plants that I grew from seed this year (the mint was a cutting from a plant that I had purchased. You can also root a mint cutting in water and have a new plant ready to plant in less than a week).

I transplanted them to a few small pots and watered them in.

I dug oregano, green onions, parsley, thyme, and peppermint. 



It took me 15 minutes to gather the supplies and replant them. However, they could use a little time to perk back up after being transplanted, so they will sit for a week or two before I give them (this gift will most likely be given later this month, rather than waiting until Christmas).


The only real expense for me was the potting soil. Your cost will vary depending on how much you spend for dirt. These cost me 25 cents total.


Did you make any gifts today? What did you make?

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  1. What a wonderful gift! Sometimes I’ll tuck garden seeds into my childrens’ stockings. They always get excited at the idea of planting things.

    I didn’t make anything today, but I used a free $10 store credit + a free shipping deal to get two blankets for my kids for free. I’m not sure yet if they’ll be for this Christmas or next; this Christmas is already pretty full-up (and my son was sitting on my lap when I ordered them). But they’ll make a nice gift down the road.

  2. Wonderful idea. You can also use old tins for plantings. Tea tins, cookie tins, etc. just poke holes in the bottm for drainage and set them on a saucer.

  3. I love that this is a great gift for adults! Thought the gift is not universal it does appeal to those who like to garden, love to cook, are vegan, and/or those who appreciate a healthy lifestyle. Thanks so much for the excellent idea!

  4. I was just reading a magazine (“People” I think) in which celebrities suggested their favorite gifts. One woman suggested an herb garden, similar to yours. Suggested price in magazine: $34.95!!!! I nearly fell over laughing. Keep up your wonderful work, Brandy.

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