For the fourth day of A Gift a Day, I made flannel pajama pants.

I’m late in getting these up because I didn’t finish them until today. I was only able to cut them out on Thursday night at 10:30 pm! I’m working on getting caught up on gift making.

Pajama Pants


fabric (2-3 yards, depending on the height of the person)
matching thread
elastic for the waistband


sewing needle, or a sewing machine
measuring tape (to measure child’s waist)
chalk pencil
existing pair of pants that fit the child to trace for a pattern (don’t forget the seam allowances and room for elastic
safety pin for threading elastic through casing


The total time for one pair of pants was 1 1/2 hours.

Today I made two pairs of pajama pants.


You cost will vary depending on the price of fabric. I made one pair from flannel sheets that were given to me, so I only had the cost for thread and elastic (about .25 for the white nad blue pair). I made another pair with flannel that I bought on sale last year at the Black Friday sale at Joann’s, where I purchased the fabric at 60% off. These  (the green ones) cost me around $6.40 a pair. I stock up on fabric that I know I’ll use when it goes on great sales. I bought my elastic in bulk at Wawak for these pants.

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  1. I bought a set of sheets about 4 years ago on a super clearance deal. I paid $3 for the set. They have cupcakes on them and they’re my daughter’s favorite. They just got another hole in them and I am about to tear up the fitted sheet for rags. I never thought to turn the top sheet into pants. She’s going to love that she can still sleep with her favorite cupcakes. I’ll have to look at her t-shirts and see if I can find one to applique a cupcake onto so she can have a “set”! Thanks for the great idea!!

  2. You completely inspired me last night. My best friend is wonderfully and perhaps sees me through different eyes in that she insisted on giving me her infant slings though all it took was one look to see that they would never, EVER fit me, EVER because she and I have about a mumblebumbles weight difference. Annyway I kept looking at them and feeling like it was a waste to throw them out, I have tried offering them to other, slender Moms and got no takers. Then I realized I could hire my friend to make a scarf or a pillow out of the material and give it to my friend for Christmas. She will LOVE it, and I would never have thought of repurposing it without you.

  3. Thanks for the reminder; I cut out one pair of pyjama bottoms but haven’t sewn them together yet. That’s a goal for this week! :)Shani

  4. The boys are sure to love getting these for gifts they look so nice! As I go about my day and I see scraps of fabric I wish I could get them to you as I feel certain you could make something special out of some of the fabric. I also wish to send some items for your oldest girl that way you would not have to sew on a schedule. I do wish I could get the items to you.Happy Holidays thank you for sharing all that you do/you do inspire many.

  5. I finished another gift yesterday and managed to blog about it. I made two baby dolls with diapers. am moving kinda slow on the gifts, but I am finding that just like I hate cooking in a dirty kitchen I hate crafting with unfinished projects staring at me, so I finished up some pillows that have been staring at me for 6 months or more.I have some goals for today, but I also have an older child that would like to help Santa fill middlest stocking and we found this site.

  6. I am currently working on crocheted scarves and hats for the mitten tree at church. We are all gathering children’s outerwear to donate (some gently used, some purchased, some made by hand) to children in need. Since I do not have a long list of people to give gifts to, and since we generally have a fairly small Christmas at home, I making my ‘gifts’ to donate this year, at least in part. I’m also in the planning stage to use that flannel duvet cover I mentioned in an eaerlier post as gifts for my daughter. 🙂

  7. I finished knitting a quick boa-scarf yesterday. This will be a gift for one of our Monday homeschool class teachers. I hope to finish another today for our director (Classical Conversations).

  8. Brandy. . .you don’t any little black leather shoes or wallets on your to make agenda, do you? (Closet cleaning-chalk it up to clothes that never should have been purchased.)

  9. I finished another tea towel last night. I am making some for Christmas presents for the women in my family. I am also going to cut out cloth napkins out of an old tablecloth today. I will then embroider intials on them for another present. I found an old 100% wool sweater that will not fit anyone (but it was free) and I want to learn how to make some felt flower pins for my daughter. They will go into her stocking. This really is fun-thank you for inspiring me!

  10. I going to making hot chocolate mug sets with a little bag of hot chocolate and a couple chocolate dipped spoons and maby make a few knitted dish clothes not sure I have quite a few christmas mugs that are in great shape that I got a the reuse it center at are local dump so they were free

  11. I think so! That’s one of the major reasons I like to do the washing and drying around here, even though my husband has offered in the past 🙂 My mom used to shrink my sweaters when I was younger (she was great at removing stains, though! Her diligence in that impressed me when I was a child).If it shrunk quite a bit, it should be felted. Just to certain, though, you can wash it on hot and dry it again to see if it will shrink further.

  12. If making your own pattern seems daunting, look for 99 cent pattern sales at JoAnn Fabrics (or check yard sales/thrift stores or ask friends/family that sew). My pajama pattern fits on 38″ of fabric or less, up to size 8 (depends on the leg length of the child). Buying elastic and fabric on sale or clearance means I can make a pajama pants for $2 to $3 per pair and shorts for even less.Three yards of fabric is typically enough to make a pair of pants for an adult, so if you get a good deal on flannel, this might be a good gift for your partner.

  13. After I read your post, Shannon, I finished two “UFOs” from my pile. One was a small storage tote for my sewing room that’s been sitting around since February! Thanks for the kick in the pants 🙂

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