My original plan was just to post gifts during the month of November. However, I have decided to continue this series for a while into December as I continue to make gifts for my family. I thought that you might like to see what else I’m making!

For the sixteenth day of A Gift a Day, I made a purse for my daughter. I made it per her request in black and without any interior pockets (though the pattern I used had a pocket, so I just omitted that step).

I have posted a lot of gifts for Winter so far, but that is because I am making both her birthday gifts and her Christmas gifts, as her birthday falls before Christmas.

I wanted a shiny black fabric, so I used lining material for both the inside and the outside of the purse. I am really happy with how the purse turned out.

When I give it to her, I will be including the change purse that I made on day eleven in it, as well as some Carmex that I was able to get last night for .24. (Right now CVS has Carmex for .99 on sale. I hear Target’s regular price is $.97, but I haven’t confirmed that. I used a .75 off coupon to get it for her from Sunday’s Smart Source. I don’t get the paper, but my mom does, and she gave me the coupon).
This pattern was a little intimidating at first, but it all came together nicely, and I would certainly make it again! It was a very rewarding tutorial, especially when I saw the price of a purse the same size for $56 at a store last night. (Wait until you see my price!)



fabric for outside (a fat quarter or 1/4 yard)
fabric for lining (a fat quarter or 1/4 yard)
matching thread
snap (I used a snap instead of a magnetic closure)
pellon (less than 1/4 yard)
iron-on interfacing (about 1/4 yard)


sewing needle
sewing machine
marking pencil
hammer or mallet
seam ripper (for poking holes for the snap prongs)


The total time for one purse was 2 1/2 hours.

Today I made one purse.


$0.20 per purse.

I used black lining fabric for both the inside and the outside of the purse. This was from a piece that was given to me in a bag of fabric from someone my mom knows (it was part of what appeared to be leftovers from several projects, and I have made a lot with it!)

I bought the snap from Wawak.

I bought the iron on interfacing in a bolt on sale last year on Black Friday. I bought the pellon on sale then as well. The only thing I paid for this year was the snap. It cost me approximately .20 for the pellon, interfacing, and the snap. Your cost will be slightly higher if you need to buy fabric.

This would be an excellent purse to make for a teenage daughter to take to a school dance. You could make it to match her dress by buying 1/4 yard more of your dress fabric. You could also make it out of a fancy fabric as well, since you only need a small amount.

What did you make today?

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  1. Very very nice! Your ‘range’ of sewing skills really impresses me. I can sew…a little. 🙂 Tonight I finished my mom’s shawl that I’m giving her for Christmas, and I think she will really like it. I am so happy to have completed it in time to mail it for Christmas, too! My next project will be bookmarks to give at church. Today I started to get Christmas things out and found all the cards I’ve saved from the past few years. I will use the ones that are appropriate to the shape and Christ-centered to embellish some of those bookmarks, I think. And I think we will use others for gift tags. I am even thinking that I could decoupage pretty card pictures onto wood blocks – wouldn’t that be a pretty Christmas decoration? We just built a garage, so I’m sure I can find some wood for that.

  2. This is the first time I’ve made a purse and the first time I’ve put in a snap that wasn’t sewn in! I rarely put in zippers; the change purse was something new for me, too. It’s been fun learning to do new things!

  3. I heen making pajamas. Every morning so far this week I have managed to complete one pair. The fabric I have been using was given to me by a friend cleaning out her sewing room and my mom gave me the pattern and thread. Very inexpensive projects. The purse and coin purse is lovely. I also have a coupon for that very same Carmex.

  4. I’m still of the “I can sew a little” group too. The purse looks great!What did I make today? I am in the middle of a pair of slippers for an out-of-town nephew–I have to wait until his mother measures his feet to finish them, because I don’t know how long to make them.Also, I downloaded a free pattern, cut out pattern pieces, and then (unfortunately) cut out the fabric for a very mod-looking outfit for daughter’s Crissy doll. Unfortunately because, as soon as I looked at those cutout pieces and wondered again at how small they were, I realized that I’d downloaded the smaller version of the two patterns, the one meant for a doll two inches shorter. I went back, got the right pieces for the larger size, and re-cut the pieces for the top. I didn’t have enough fabric left for the two large pants pieces, BUT it turned out that the larger pants pattern is just longer, not changed any other way. And I do have enough scraps to add the required length to the pants pieces I already cut out, so I’m good. (Whew.)I’ll probably get that sewn today, or whenever I can get some sewing time without my daughter around.

  5. What a great job you did Brandy! I’m sure your daughter is going to love it. In the past few days I’ve been able to finish sewing a tree skirt for my parents for Christmas and made 3 clay keychains for my nephews. I’m going to use the leftover fabric from the tree skirt to make some pillow covers for my sofa today and hopefully start on 2 more clay keychains for my sons. 🙂

  6. I’m sewing rice warmers this week. I snagged some remnants at Hobby Lobby for a good price, and I had leftovers from old projects. Almost everyone is getting one this year!

  7. I am so glad that you decided to continue posting your projects into December. They help inspire me. I have been sewing library book bags for some of my kids for Christmas. It has been fun.

  8. I made 8 bookmarks using some of your printables yesterday! 🙂 Instead of making a tassle, I just did a slip knot with some flat, narrow ribbon I had on hand and that works just fine. I’m using them for stocking stuffers for the two kids (4 bookmarks each) and now I have to figure out which ones I want to make for my Hubby’s stocking! Thanks for having the free printables, Brandy! They are so helpful!Have a great day,Lea

  9. I agree your completed gifts inspire me as well. I made the rice obi pack and bible cover to protect it from getting destroyed in my purse. I felt very accomplished. Have been working on my grandmothers cross stitch mats a little bit each morning. Hoping those will be done next yr for Christmas. Put together my grandmas basket of shampoo/conditioner hygiene samples. Only paid $3 all together. And used a basket with handle that I already had on hand. She’s coming for the birth of my first baby a week from today. We are both very excited. It’s going to take forever to make my baby his quilt. It feels like pulling teeth. I have no patience for quilts. Any words of encouragement anyone???

  10. Hello BrandyI LOVE your blog!!I am just wondering do you keep the presents a secret or do your children not read your blogs??? Like I said I was just wondering.

  11. I think your daughter will love it! Mine got a black purse this summer at our family reunion silent auction, she immediately ditched her old purse and moved into it!One other thing I have seen is purse scarves, so she can change the look:DWhat did I make today, earlier this week I finished up my own silk flowers, and today today I finished one long fingerless glove for my niece, hopefully tomorrow I finish the match for it. I knitted it and made up the pattern as I went, I did write it down though to make it easier to repeat.

  12. My children don’t read my blog. I have to be careful when I post so that they don’t see the photos or see me editing the photos.There are some presents that they know a little about because they ask for them. My daughter asked for a purse and told me what color. I showed her a few different styles and she picked this one. So, this gift is not a surprise, but the items inside will be! I listen to what the children want and try to make what they would like so that they will be surprised, but also get what they want.

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