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Ezrom is a huge Percy Jackson  fan. He asked for a “Camp Half-Blood” t-shirt. Some of you may remember that Winter and a friend of hers made one of these before for another friend’s birthday gift. On that occasion, Winter wrote the words and drew the pegasus image by hand with Sharpies (it took 3). This time I lucked out; someone had already made an iron-on image that I could just print and use! That made this gift really quick and simple.



Orange t-shirt


Iron-on transfer paper




Ink-jet printer




10 minutes




I paid $2 (plus tax)  for the t-shirt and the iron-on paper works out to .84 a sheet, plus the cost of ink. I don’t own an ink-jet printer (I have a laser printer). My mom printed this for me on her printer.

Joann’s has t-shirts on sale for $2 each this week, Wednesday through Saturday/ Regular price is $4.99, and they have children and adult sizes.

Michael’s also carries them in adult sizes (regular price is $3.99 and they go on sale for $3, but I don’t know if they are on sale this week).

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  1. I once lucked out and found t-shirts for 5 cents each. This is my slow brain: “Derrr, the t-shirts are 5 cents each, I wonder how many I should get?” “Are you an idiot!?!?!?! Get all of them!” There were only 5 of them. I used two this Christmas and drew on a set of Mickey Mouse ears and my kids’ initials for one present. The original idea looked much cuter than mine; but oh well.

    I’m not sure if this company ships to the US, but this company is currently selling a wide variety of t-shirts and shorts for $1/each. Delivery to Australia is $10 or free for orders over $100 so I imagine it’s roughly the same to the US. It’s worth checking out their other clearance items too, particularly if you have friends or family who like soccer or car racing (stationery sets from 50 cents, etc.) You’d be taking a chance on it arriving before Christmas; but you never know; and there’s always next year . . .

  2. Your t-shirt reminded me of a gift I once made, so I thought I would share this as it might help someone with a gift idea. I used iron on transfers to make beautiful floral placemats for a friend one year for Christmas. I found free images from the internet, printed them onto the iron on transfer paper, then applied them to inexpensive fabric placemats that I purchased (I think from Ikea if I remember correctly). If you sew, you could easily make your own placemats. The package of iron on transfer paper comes with 18 sheets, so you can make multiple gifts from just one package.

  3. Hmm. So, now I’ m wondering…how do you make images to do your own iron on transfers? I could make awesome big bro/little bro matchin shirts, way cheaper, or most anyhting else, that you can’t find t shirts for for kids (Or, adults) Do you think you can just take an image, and print it onto the transfer paper? Backwards, I guess the image would need to be?

  4. Sarah, the iron-on transfer paper actually gives instructions on how to do it. It is very easy to use. Almost any image that can be printed can be used. You do have to watch with dark coloured t-shirts as you need to use an iron-on transfer specific for them so that you can see the image once applied. Here’s the link to the Avery iron-on transfer web page, including a link for downloadable instructions:

    Hope this helps!

  5. THanks to both you, and Rhonda! I’m going to have to give this a try!!! Might be great for next Christmas, if I can master it!

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