For the first day of A Gift a Day, I chose a really simple gift that’s super-quick to make.

Flower Barrettes


inexpensive polyester satin (You only need a tiny amount. so if you’re buying some, you can buy 1/8 of a yard and be fine).

embroidery thread (yellow and black)

50 mm barrettes (I bought mine here); for a young toddler you can buy 40 mm barrettes

felt (I used a garage sale wool sweater that I felted; you can use wool or acrylic felt)


sewing needle

I followed this tutorial, but I found for small flowers, I only needed to wrap the embroidery thread around one finger for the flower pistils. (I also omitted the tulle from the project).

I cut a small leaf shape from a piece of felt. I placed it on top of the barrette, and then put the finished flower on top. I sewed the felt and and flower together by sewing through the center of the flower.


The total time for one barrette is 5 -10 minutes.

Today I made 10 barrettes.


$0.20 per barrette.

The total cost for materials is more than this, but the amount that you use is equal to this. One nice thing about this is that you will have leftovers for making more barrettes (in the same style or different styles) in future years, for birthdays, and to give as birthday gifts for friends of your children. I will be making more of these flowers to put on headbands and slippers this month.

Your cost will vary. The barrettes with shipping work out to .16 per barrette. I used a sweater for the leaves which cost me .50, and I have plenty left over to use for multiple projects. If you use purchased wool felt ($2.00 a sheet), your cost will be higher. If you use acrylic felt bought on sale (.20 a sheet), buy your satin on clearance (after-Hallowen sales at Joann’s right now), as a remnant, or just on sale, you should be at .20 a barrette. You can also repurpose satin clothing for these; the white satin in the pictures comes from a shirt that was given to me.

My narcissus are blooming in my garden right now. They grow well here outdoors and they come back every November. I’m enjoying having some in my sewing room right now.
Did you make any gifts today? What did you make?
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  1. Oh how cute they are!I crocheted an old-fashioned onion bag using left over cotton yarn. I made it for myself but when I saw it hanging on my pantry door with home-grown red and yellow onions in it, I realized it would make a very sweet gift too

  2. Although I did not make the towels themselves, I have been making adjustments to then so they will stay up and not falk to the floor. 2 I cinched and added a potholder on top (folded in half then sewn on…with decorative button for the closure using the loop on the potholder…the other 2 I’m in the process off adding ribbons so the wil tie on the sides and stay on an oven door handle. I also got candles on clearance, one tall on sale, and grape wax suggestions came from a thrift store…new, unopened! These will go well with the towels for the theme my mom has picked out for her kitchen/dining ripon. So…These will all be for my mom. More stuff to come I hope! ~ Alissa DeLucio

  3. Those are lovely! Yes, I’m working on some pot holders. I have leftover cotton batting from the crazy quilt I made, and am using fabrics I already have on hand to make the binding and the front and back covers. 3 layers of the batting, front and back, and then the binding, simply and fun to do. I also just finished making 20 of those towels that have a fabric buttoned tab on them for hanging in the kitchen. To round that out, I’m planning to make the hanging holders for plastic shopping bags. These will all be companions in gifts for the women on my list. 🙂 Thank you for the nice posting. I will be trying this!

  4. Just Beautiful! You really are inspiring! I can’t wait to see what you are going to come up with next!Have a great day!Joyce

  5. I’m so inspired by your posts. The barrettes are lovely.Yesterday I made this “Game of Set” for my 8-year old daughter. After making it, I had so much fun playing the solitaire version, that dinner was late by 20 minutes. Oops. I think it is a game that our whole family will enjoy playing together, as it is good for all ages (maybe 4 or 5 and older) and any size group. I used index cards, sharpie markers, and a small, pretty, cardboard jewelry box, all of which I had on hand. Total cost: $0.It would be suitable for a boy’s gift, too, but my youngest daughter really likes visual games like this.!

  6. Right now I am working on a crochet blanket for a friend due with twins, I’ve used coupons to get the yarn cheaper and I need to make one for the other twin.I’ve also got a scarf on the needle, that I am about 1/2 way done with for the husband.Slowly but surely I am getting there!!!Love the barretts they are adorable!!!

  7. Very pretty. I didn’t hand make anything but, I ordered a free 8×10 photo collage from walgreens yesterday. It will be my mother-in-laws Christmas gift. I will put it in a frame I already have on hand.

  8. Halloween was delayed here due to Hurricane Sandy, so I had time today to make a set of fabric bracers (arm guards) to go with my son’s costume. They were extremely easy to make (basically, just trapezoids based on his forearm measurements) and took about an 90 minutes, which included taking measurements and drawing a pattern.

  9. Beautiful, Brandy! I so enjoy reading your blog. Today, I’m embroidering tea towels for my mom and daughter and hoping to do a couple more. Yesterday, I made pillowcases for my 5 grandchildren (all using material I had on hand and that was bought on sale) and started making reindeer ornaments from candy canes, yarn and pom poms I had everything on hand. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Brandy- I’m wondering if this is something I can do while pregnant. I have everything that I need to make them but as I was reading thru the tutorial one last time before I started I noticed the warning at the bottom. My husband is afraid he won’t do a good job with this even though I think he’ll do great. Do you think I could do this in the garage with the door open?

  11. I saw that warning, too, and I made mine last year when I was pregnant 🙂 I opened the windows real wide and I only did a few at a time. You really can only do a few at a time, anyway; your fingers get too hot. I think the garage would work. It’s so quick and then you can go inside.

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