Each weekday in November (except for Thanksgiving) I will be making one gift a day for my children and writing about it. I am focusing on quick gifts during the weekdays, that can be done during afternoon naptime or at night after the children are in bed. On Saturdays, I’ll be working on other gifts that take longer.

For my gift list, click here.

Be sure to check back each day, starting tomorrow, to see what I’ve made!

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  1. Any ideas of home made gifts for husbands would be welcome. I am making some cookies he likes and I never make, but other than that I am at a loss. I knit, but he does not wear scarves or mittens (my only talent in knitting) and I don’t sew. He is a big man (up and around) so I don’t find many second hand clothing items in thrift shops (although last year I scored 2 unworn lined flannel shirts from LL Bean. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven and was afriad the entire time she was giving me change from my $10 bill that she’d suddenly say, “Opps, these are $14, not $4 dollars each.”)Any ideas would be most welcome.

  2. My husband is a size 3XLT, and that T is essential, so I know what you mean. What a deal!I have done cookies as well. You could also look for some candy deals or make candy.I have a question: Does he get you gifts? My husband and I don’t usually exchange gifts for Christmas.

  3. How about making coupons for a date night. Or a museum or movie pass? If your a AAA member they are reduced. Does he wear knitted hats-Ravelry has tons of free patterns. I have put together an emergency car kit for dh–just a rubbermaid tub with a blanket, flashlight, snacks, water, etc. Most items found thrifting or at the dollar store. Good luck!

  4. I’m making fleece socks for all the men in my life. It’s an easy three part pattern. I crocheted scarves/hats for the mom/sisters and sisters in law. Kids are a different matter. They’re getting stuff they need/want but I have to buy most of those things.

  5. I have given my husband “car” or “garage” gifts before – think tools, a chamois skin to wash the car, a small bore long funnel from Checkers to make the oil changes easier, etc. Those small bore funnels are only 99 cents, & make it a lot easier. How about some emergency hand warmers for the glove compartment of the car, in case he gets stuck. They feel really good on cold hands that just changed a tire, etc. – Marivene

  6. Oooh, some good ideas here! We don’t do huge Christmas gifts to each other, but he is so talented at building things for me that I want to try harder not to be so boring in my choices. He always says he loves whatever I get him, but I noticed last year that his eyes lit up a bit more when he saw the great shirts. As it happens, this afternoon I went to the consignment shop and there were red long johns in his size, still in the original package. They were a bit pricey so I asked the woman if she could see her way clear to give me a frightful deal, since it is Halloween. She said i was the most clever customer she’d had all day so she gave them to me for $5! I am never that bold, so i am not sure what got into me. I will have to practice being clever more often! Thanks again for the ideas.

  7. This wouldn’t be completely homemade, but how about a reuseable coffee travel cup (I got one on clearance at Kohl’s for under $3 after using codes for %off and free ship) and a made from scratch hot drink mix (or even purchased) packaged up in individual serving baggies and tucked into the mug?

  8. I know that you mentioned you were hoping for more free MP3s from Amazon… and didn’t know if you’d seen this credit, so I just thought I’d mention it (found it on the Money Saving Mom blog). :)http://moneysavingmom.com/2012/10/free-5-amazon-mp3-credit-still-available.html

  9. On Monday I made a faux bear fur pillow sham for my 13-year-old dear son for a Christmas present. I was inspired by the Pottery Barn Teen catalogue, which sells them for $39. I made it for free with materials I have had for seven years!Today (Thursday) I ordered a free 8″x10″ collage print from Walgreens, which I will pick up later today. That will be a gift for grandparents. There is a post on Moneysavingmom.com about it.

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