Hair Ribbons

When I was a child, I loved hair ribbons. I had a few that I still remember–and still have! 

I remember visiting a friend when I was 8. Unlike me, she had a sister, and their house had drawers in the bathroom vanity (mine did not). Her mother opened the drawer one day when I was there, and it revealed a drawer full of hair ribbons. I was smitten. 

When we first moved into this house, we changed many things, including the bathroom vanities. Rather than keeping the sitting area between the two sinks, we added drawers. One was designated for hair ribbons, though at the time I had only two daughters and not five!

The girls have been asking for more bows in their hair, particularly when I braid their hair. 

I have a good amount of ribbon that I just haven’t gotten around to cutting for them, so this year I made it a priority to cut ribbons for them. I’ll make a trip to the Dollar Tree for a package of 100 hair elastics, and I’ll tie the ribbons on them to make them easy to add to the end of braids.




Hair Elastics (optional)




long ruler


Cut ribbons to desired lengths. I cut them 20 inches or longer. Tie on hair elastics.



It took me about 20 minutes to cut all of the ribbons in the photo above.



This can vary greatly by the ribbons you choose. I used ribbons I bought years ago. I buy ribbons by the spool, on sale, for the greatest discounts. These cost $.01 to $.03 each, plus $0.01 each for the hair elastic.


Did you make any gifts today?

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  1. I love saving ribbons we get to use as hair ribbons. I only recently learned how to seal the ends to keep them from fraying—otherwise they get shorter and shorter over time! I usually use a candle flame, but there are other ways, too.

  2. I love hair ribbons too..

    Lots of times when I make dresses/tops/skirts for my 4 granddaughters, I use left over scraps of that fabric, to make them
    bows or long strands, to attach to the elastic bands.. They love them..[They are disappointed, when they receive a handmade
    dress from me, with out a bow to match.ha]
    SO fun..
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Last night i finished crocheting a cowl scarf for a gift. To the last row i crocheted a ruffle and extended that end so that it slightly ovarlapped when i sewed the two ends together. Added some antique buttons for a vintage look. I bought the yarn on clearance this past summer. 3 skeins of homespun yarn for $5 and was able to make 3 scarves. Great price. Wish i would have bought more!

  4. I haven’t made any gifts yet, but I’ve made my comprehensive list of gifts to make, supplies I will need to gather, and I began gathering those supplies!! One of the many, many gifts I plan (hope!) to make is inspired by your button-bobby pin project. I have a large number of beautiful old vintage buttons that were my grandmother’s and I will make some button bobby pins for my sister, my daughter and probably a couple of other people! So thank you for that tutorial and idea–I just bought the wire today!

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