Graham Thomas roses cut from my garden yesterday
Mother’s Day falls in May for at least three countries (the United States, France, and Italy) and probably many more. It’s not the same day for any of those countries (as I learned as a missionary in France with both an Italian companion and a French companion during the month of May; we called home twice a year; once on Christmas and once on Mother’s Day).

My favorite part about Mother’s Day are the homemade cards that my children make. Of all of the drawings and pictures that they make for me, I think the Mother’s Day ones are the most important ones. I keep them all in the top drawer in my nightstand.

However, I also have a role to play as a daughter. Here are some inexpensive homemade gift ideas that you can make (possibly even with things on hand) for your own mother (or yourself!):

Make earrings for .15 a pair.

Make this running stitch scarf.

Make a simple scarf from repurposed fabric.

Buy strawberries on sale and make some strawberry jam.

Any of the great Graphics Fairy images would be excellent for a simple zippered pouch, though I’m particularly enamored of the French post card image used here. If you’re like me and own a black and white laser printer, you can use  the Citra Solv method to transfer one of her free black and white images to fabric for a gift.

Top off your gift with this homemade paper bow.

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  1. reminds me of the time one of my friends became a single mum. Finances were non existant but her then eight year old son made her a card out of a bus ticket[the only paper he could find] and picked her a bunch of daisies out of the lawn. With the love and thought that went into that gift she could have received no greater riches. He grew up to be a lovely young man. Are you surprised?

  2. Delightful ideas, as always. Thank you for sharing. I plan to make my mother a card and write in some specific reasons I’m SO grateful she is my mom. I’ll do the same for my mother-in-law, who is also an incredible blessing in my life. My husband and I are both far from our parents, but I am thinking of sending them each a book and handmade bookmark, as they both enjoy reading so much.

  3. I am making potholders for my mother and MIL. I have finished two, two to go. I am using fabric given to me (Cajun food theme) and old towels for the batting. I did buy a bias tape maker for $4.10, and made bias tape for the first time. I also applied bias tape for the first time. I will also make some hot pads for our own kitchen.

  4. Your roses are lovely. Our roses are running very far behind this year because of the continuing cold weather. I have a bouquet of George Lindsey Tabor azaleas on my kitchen table and they are absolutely beautiful. We planted them 5-6 years ago and this is the first year they have really bloomed and it was so worth the wait!

  5. Your roses are breath taking. We live in interior Alaska and it has snowed every day this month so far. My seedlings are almost too tall to bother planting, so I am very envious when you write about your garden and post pictures!

  6. Thank you so much for posting photos of your cut flowers. You’ve encouraged me to cut blossoms from my garden, even though they are few and far between at this point!

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