For the tenth day of A Gift a Day, I made flower bobby pins.

Flower Bobby Pins


satin fabric (about a 10″ square piece for 9)
bobby pins
crystal or glass pieces for center (you could use beads instead)


E-6000 glue
toothpick for applying the glue


It took me 1 hour to make 9 bobby pins.

I used this tutorial for making the flower petals. Instead of sewing them together, I glued them together. I then glued the crystal piece into the center, and then glued them onto the bobby pins.


$0.30 per bobby pin. These could be made for less; I found more inexpensive supplies after I had already purchased mine.

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  1. I love these, they are so sweet looking! I c an just picture a little girl holding back wispy hair with these.on the cost to make, I just hate when I buy something then find cheaper prices elsewhere. With gas prices it is rarely worth it to take back more expensive supplies.I made some earrings this week and a earring holder/keeper. I put up pictures here I’ll be posting a seperate post on them Monday.

  2. I finished a fluffy pillow for daughter #2 today. I used remnant fabric along with poly-fill I’ve had for a few years from an abandoned project. I made piping with strips of fabric and thick-gauge yarn that I had on hand, so my out-of-pocket cost was zero. ( It looks like I paid $2-3 for the poly-fill back when I bought it about three years ago.) It’s good to clean out the stash.

  3. One day this week, I made a lined pair of flannel pants for our baby-to-be. I used flannel that was leftover from making pants for the other kids a few years ago, plus a scrap of elastic too short for the bigger kids and thread I already had.

  4. I am thinking about making these for my adult sisters. I think they would love them. I’m just wondering how well the flowers stay attached to the bobby pins. Do they seem durable?

  5. If you’ve never used this glue before, let me tell you–it’s AAMZING. I used it to fix a pair of shoes to glue the leather back to the sole.I made floweres like these last year and put them on the slippers that I made for my daughters. I then put the slippers through the wash without any problems. I think if the flowers can hold up to going through the wash they’ll last really well.The glue is really strong. You can get bobby pins that have a little spot on them on which to glue things; they’re more than regular bobby pins, but it makes it easy: That’s what I used.

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