For the fourth day of A Gift a Day, I made a gift for my son. His favorite color is purple, but he doesn’t have a lot of purple in his wardrobe. I received some fabric from a friend of my mom’s in September. Included in the bag of fabric was a piece of thin purple fabric. I used it to make my son a tie, and I hope this means he’ll have more of a desire to wear a tie to church!

Yes, the bottom of the tie looks crooked in this picture. It doesn’t look crooked in real life, though.



thin fabric (it doesn’t have to be silk; I’m using polyester)
lining fabric (a satin-like, coat lining-type fabric)
matching thread
paper and ink for printing pattern (I used this free pattern and tutorial for a man’s tie; if you want to make a toddler tie, try this tutorial)
ribbon to make a loop on the back of the tie


sewing needle, or a sewing machine


I have no idea how long this tie would take to make if I was uninterrupted. I started at 11 am and ended at midnight. My husband commented that that meant the tie was really a $120 tie. Of course, I made two meals, ate those meals, took care of my family, etc. in between.

I think the next time I make a tie (and I will be making more) it should be quicker, in part because I don’t need to put the pattern together again.

Today I made one tie.


$0.10 per tie, as I used fabric that was given to me, including the lining. I used interfacing that I bought on sale last year on a Black Friday sale for around $3 a bolt. If I were buying this fabric on 50% off sale at the fabric store, my total cost would be around $4.00. Another option for fabric is to look at garage sales and thrift stores.

I was really amazed at how little fabric this tie required. I thought it would take quite a bit of fabric, as it is cut on the bias, but it actually didn’t take much at all.

The tie has an option to extend it for taller people. I am going to make the tie again, and make a longer one (two, most likely) for my husband. The finished tie was about 3 inches shorter than his current ties, so if your husband is tall and/or has a larger neck size, I would extend the tie.

I am going to make the tie again for my son, and I am going to taper piece 3 (the largest piece) to make a thinner tie that is more appropriate for a young boy. I am also going to shorten piece 2 (almost completely) to make the tie the right length for him.

Hopefully next time it will go faster!

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  1. $120 tie! I had a similar comment about making laundry soap. I loosely penciled the time making it versus the cost savings. My snippet of time is worth about $30 an hour. It would be more if I used the food processor and did a dozen recipes at once. I got a glazed over look when I tossed out my numbers! 🙂 lolI’ll have to look into the tie sewing. The husband has a 20″ neck and is long-waisted so a “tall” tie is required.. . .along with the tall price tag that goes with it.

  2. Joann’s Fabrics has Black Friday sales. They usually have specific sales Friday morning, different sale Friday afternoon, different sales Saturday morning, and different sales Saturday afternoon. Then they have some deals that are good both days (usually flannel). That sells out fast, though, so I suggest going Friday for anything that is on sale both days.Also, be very careful and alert when going Black Friday shopping. I was robbed outside Joann Fabrics 9 years ago (on Black Friday) in broad daylight, with witnesses. I was putting my baby in the car when a teenager stole my purse. I didn’t carry a purse for about 5 years after that, and I didn’t go out on Black Friday for about that long, either. I am still very cautious in that parking lot.

  3. I was looking at him funny because he figured out once that my time is worth more than that. When I have done sewing projects for others I charge more than $10 an hour. My husband has an 18 1/2″ neck and his suggestion was to add 6 inches in length, so you could add 6-8 inches to the tie.

  4. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a good beginner’s sewing book, video, what have you! I have a sewing machine and read the instructions but still have no clue how to use it. I have asked several friends to teach me ( for pay, of course) but nobody has the time. TIA! God bless!

  5. Most fabric stores offer classes on sewing for adults not just kids, and JoAnne’s even has 50% off class prices at least once month, if you have that store in your area. You can also call and ask at quilting stores.My mom would tell you to look it up on Youtube, that is go to spot for how to figure out the features on her new machine, or a technique she hasn’t done for while.

  6. Thanks for sharing about JoAnn’s. I’m so sorry about your incident of your purse being stolen. Mine was stolen once, too, when someone shattered the window my car, which was parked at a hiking/biking trailhead. They also stole our lunches. So, I know how you feel.

  7. I am planning on doing the ties for my boys. I am glad you have done it first so I now have an expected timescale. TYJenny

  8. Thanks, Shannon. I may try the youtube route again. Unfortunately, we live in the boondocks and are about three hours away from any chain fabric stores! Come to think of it, there is a local place. I’ll give them a call. Much obliged. 🙂

  9. Hi!I will be going to Joanne fabric shop to get my daughter’s ribbons for their hair.We will be making hair ribbons.Pat

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