My Goals for March

Those of you who follow my photography account on Instagram and then noted it in the comments on the blog here the last few weeks (or noticed others’ comments on the subject of recent blog posts) saw our big news: My eldest is getting married! I know you will want details, so here they are!…


My February Goals

My one-word theme for this year is “achieve.” Over the years, I’ve had goals and plans to do things that never came to fruition. This year, I’d like to change that. I have a lot to do this month! It’s going to be a busy month. Garden: Finish pruning all of the fruit trees, rose…

Frugal Accomplishments

How We Saved Money in the Third Week of January and What Happened to Us the Fourth Week

We all ended up catching the flu last weekend, which left us resting in bed for several days. Scrolling Instagram and watching tv was too difficult for us, so everyone slept as much as possible. We’re still recovering; some of us are certainly feeling better than others. The week before we definitely had some savings!…