I took some new photos of Ivory this week and I decided to print the one that you see above. I cropped it closer and turned it sepia for the dining area, but I also printed it in a 5 x7 to go on my nightstand similar to how it is above. (I ordered pictures at Sam’s Club; their prints are very inexpensive. For the dining area I ordered seven 8 x 10’s.)
I still need to take a new family picture and a picture of my husband, and have him take one of me, before the wall is updated, but this week I have other goals in mind.
Liberty’s birthday is early next week, so this week my focus is primarily on making presents for her.
Last Week’s Goals:
Garden Goals:
1. Do some weeding and pruning (mostly tree pruning), and fill at least 2 trash cans.
2. Plant more Swiss chard seeds.
3. Plant yellow squash seeds

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish dress for Winter I cut and sewed the collar. I sewed the collar to the dress, sewed the front and back bodice pieces together, and sewed the bodice lining pieces together at the shoulders.
2. Finish dress for Wren I picked out buttons.
3. Mend at least 3 items
4. Work on dress for Liberty I cut out and sewed the collar. I sewed the sleeves.

Organizational Goals:

1. Finish organizing the sewing room.  I put away only one thing.

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Write and photograph 3 blog posts. I wrote 2.
Family Goals:
1. Correct all schoolwork
2. Take new pictures of Ivory
3. Order prints of the children to hang up I ordered them and hung them up!
Personal Goals:
1. Go on a bicycle ride at least twice this week. I went three times.
This Week’s Goals:

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish dress for Winter
2. Finish dress for Wren
3. Finish dress for Liberty

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Write and photograph 3 blog posts
Family Goals:
1. Correct all schoolwork
2. Make a bracelet for Liberty
3. Make barrettes for Liberty
Personal Goals:
1. Go on a bicycle ride at least twice this week.

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  1. I think you did great, I met most of my goals last week, except I never made time to bake cookies. Somehow the children survived. haha. Our goal this week is to set up another ebay sale for Sunday night, and I have to start sorting the outgrown clothes and pulling up the fall 18 months clothes for my younger son. I have to make laundry soap. Everything else is more errandy like take everyone to the dentist.

  2. Lovely names. I need to cut and sew a tote bag, bake three honey cakes and make chicken matzo ball soup for Rosh Hashana dinner, finish organizing office-sewing room and write three blog entries.

  3. Hello Miss Brandy and readers,I like to live life with purpose and be intentional. My teenage daughter asked me the other day if I “wished or regretted” that we didn’t had a big house. I said no. I explained to her I like simple living and living in the moment and being happy with my life. What can be more frugal that being satisfied with what you have and feeling blessed with the life you have been given. With that said, I planned fall goals and my weekly goals will based on accomplishing fall goals but with lots of flexibility. Fall GoalsPray dailyProvide self careMake a Thanksgiving planMake a Christmas planCrochet fall leaves and pumpkins for fall decorationsDeclutter garage and kitchenImplement university plans for daughter for Fall 2014Sew fall scarves and uniform skirtMake a home decoration planImplement a cleaning listGo to library bimonthlyBimonthly family fun activitiesPlan winter wardrobeCreate a bedroom sanctuaryContinue 10 minute projectsGrow a gardenMake butternut squash and pumpkin puree for freezer Implement a grocery and menu plan Follow monthly spending planGo to New York–this is a wishBest wishes for a successful week.Anna

  4. Marilyn, I so agree with you. When I was growing up, ordinary people who had to have a mortgage bought modest homes. The half million dollar and up McMansions popping up like mushrooms the past twenty years were only bought by people who had already made a lot of money and could pay cash. (Actually, the number of million dollar homes, even in Arkansas is staggering to me.)A big fancy home would be an ongoing struggle. Everything, from a new roof to insurance, to property taxes, to utilities is just as much bigger as the house.By choosing to buy modest homes, we have withstood many periods of unemployment and illness without ever being in danger of losing our home. When we bought where we are now, and went to be pre approved for a loan, the loan officer said we could certainly qualify for a larger mortgage. I’m so grateful that my husband had the wisdom to turn her down, saying he had no intention of still owing on a house when he retired. He insisted on getting a home we could pay for in fifteen years. Shortly after it was paid off, he became disabled and had to retire early. If we had stuck our necks out, we would be in trouble now.My niece is married to an executive with a well known company. He makes a lot of money and they had drawn up the plans to build their dream house. Before the deal was closed, he went to her and said he was having serious second thoughts about taking on so much debt, and would rather put off building and buy a more modest home, and be sure to have money to take their daughters places while they were young, and protect their financial security as a family. She didn’t argue with him, just went out and found a nice house for the price he mentioned. I was proud of both of them.Hopefully, as your daughter matures, she will think back on the example you have set and make her choices accordingly.

  5. I love the idea of going on a bike ride! I need to get my bike from my parent’s house so that my husband and I can go on a ride. Nothing like being married a year and a half and not moving everything out of my parents 🙂

  6. My Husband and I used to mountain bike all the time before we had kids and now it’s hard to get out with them. I can’t wait until they are old enough. Only a few more years. Hope you enjoy your ride!

  7. My goals for the week involve many little household things, but the main one is to call a plumber to fix a couple of broken faucets. My husband fixes many things, but hates plumbing and I certainly don’t know how to do it. It will be nice when we don’t have to turn the water on and off at the main cutoff when we want to use it.

  8. My husband was also one that wanted a house we could afford, not the one we could qualify for, sound thinking!My goals for this week, include making a dish for another homeschool family, the mom is going to have surgery and unable to do much for about 3 weeks.Continue to clean and cull out my kids rooms, the oldest transition into her own room has gone well, but the kids have way to much stuff! Also they try to be hoarders, and I want to see their floors, LOL.Sadly I have found a few things that would be great for our two year, except that I can’t find all the pieces, and I find pieces to things that I can’t recall what the original purpose was?Hoping to write a few blog posts, and get my sewing machine out, I have a pile of projects that need to be finished.

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