My nasturtiums are growing really well right now. I have to be careful that they don’t overtake my herb garden and crowd the other plants from the sun (which they did last year, killing several plants). Both the leaves and the flowers of these plants are edible.

They’ve got a bite to them, though (like radishes, arugula, or watercress), which unfortunately makes them not in favor with my children (who will eat Johnny jump-ups to no end if I would give them free rein to pick them all, and who love the purple jelly that I made with them).

I had Wren and Elsa make bouquets with them and put them in water. Later, Elsa (who is 3) took her flowers out and carried them around, and then complained that they were dying. I told her that they were dying because they needed water, and asked her why she took them out of the water.

“Because they wanted to get out,” she replied.

What are your favorite nasturtium recipes?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with nasturtiums. I am planning on growing some Empress of India nasturtiums this year in my garden, and it’s good to keep in mind that they could overtake other herbs. But I’m also kind of glad that they grow easily. I am glad that they taste kind of peppery – I just love arugula.- Jenni

  2. I love the Empress of India ones. Such a beautiful red! They haven’t reseeded as much as the other ones for me, so perhaps you won’t have too much trouble. Mine just want to grow everywhere! I think they will work well in some pots because of that, though. We’ll see!

  3. I found a seed packet I had of nasturtiums and just started mine a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, they have sprouted. I grew them for the novelty of eating flowers – but I didn’t know they were peppery. I told my kids we’d dip them in sugar and use them on a b-day cake this summer. I think we’ll still try it, maybe it will have that spicey/sweet thing going on! My Johnny jump ups died out – not a one up jumped this year. Looks like I’ll have to try to get some growing again.Thanks, Brandy, for your lovely site!

  4. I am eager to read the comments for this post, because I chose several edible plants for my flowers this year – nastursiums, bachelor buttons and something else I can’t remember right now….but I am not quite sure how to use any of them!

  5. Laura, I am growing Bachelor’s Buttons for the first time this year and didn’t know they were edible. I always let my children pick out a seed packet each for the garden every year and the Bachelor’s Buttons are what my youngest daughter chose. 🙂

  6. Alyssa, they drop seeds from the flowers, and in spring those seeds can grow if they’re in dirt, but if they’re just on concrete, you shouldn’t have a problem. They’re super easy to pull out if they do reseed.

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