Here’s what I’m aiming to accomplish this week, in addition to my regular workload:


1. Weed front and backyard

2. Prune hedges in backyard

3. Plant more zinnia seeds in places where none came up

4. Prune blackberry bushes

5. Cut grape vines back (they are growing all over where they should not be)

6. Deadhead roses

7. Pull chaste tree plants that have grown in my yard (if you live locally and want these, send me an email and come get them in the next few days. They are beautiful and make purple lilac-looking flowers twice a year; I have several small plants and within a year or two they will be tree-sized, and flowering.)

8. Cut basil and bring it in to dry

9. Remove old rosemary plant and plant new one in its place

10. Transplant mint to another spot in the garden

11. Transplant Swiss chard seedlings

12. Cut flowers and arrange them for the table


1. Can pickles

2. Can grape juice


1. Make granola

2. Make French bread

3. Make crepes

4. Cook and freeze several large batches of a variety of beans


1. Modify the sleeves on my husband’s shirts (this is one of those goals that keeps getting pushed back but still needs to get done)

2. Make a pattern from an existing dress


1. Organize and put away the back to school supplies I’ve purchased

2. Put away canning jars (this may involve a good bit of rearranging in the pantry since I will have a lot of pickles)

3. Hang up family photos

4. Straighten toiletry cabinet


1. Write three blog posts

2. Take and edit photos for several blog posts


1. Look through gift box for a gift a child’s birthday party, or make something for the girl

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  1. I read once that you should never have more goals in one day than you can fit on a post it note. I don’t remember where I read that at, but it has always helped me make achievable goals. I sit down every morning with my coffee and make my to-do list for the day, and almost always I get the post-it note done.Here are some things that will make it to the post-it this week:-Call apartment office about changing filter-Call dentist to reschedule cleaning until next month-Mail package-Gather documents for meeting with investment advisor (Tuesday)-Go to the dog park (twice preferably)-Go to the gym 4-5 times-Bake Chicken/ Make Pot-Pie with Chicken leftovers-Go to library to checkout books on canning. I’ve never canned before and should have some FREE produce to do so next week.

  2. You always amaze me how much you get done ! And with kids ! This morning I already chopped up all my veggies for a recipe I am going to can. Zucchini squash relish. The new neighbors last year brought a jar over and it is good on brats ! Wish me luck 🙂

  3. You inspire me so much; thank you for that. I didn’t do much to save money (again) this week, except I was too busy to go shopping. Does that count??? 🙂 Also I had my largest-ever Ebay sale–$900 for a cookie jar that I spent $45 to buy at an estate sale–Wooo-Hooo! Plus lots of other good sales. Nice after having a couple of very slow months. Persistence pays.

  4. This week’s ambitious list:Bake muffins and cookies using odds and ends from freezer and refrigeratorClean out tub toysTake little one to library to obtain summer reading rewards and pick out new booksFinish filling out student forms for upcoming school yearContinue to work on Christmas Countdown planning- set up notebook to contain all of the ideas and recipes I’ve been finding. I sometimes find that even though I’ve ‘pinned’ something it can disappear. Since we will be using these ideas for years to come it is worth the effort.Put finishing touches on tote that will hold our Christmas Countdown books, make a matching game, and ‘binoculars’ using holiday paper and toilet paper rolls for spotting Santa. Cut out some tree ornament shapes using leftover scrapbook paperMend a skirt and pillowExercise at least 4 timesStop by Harbor Freight for free items, craft store to use coupon for holiday supplies, and clothing store to obtain a Christmas present using a coupon I received that should make the gift freeClean out one box from basement and one box of accumulated papersImplement a new laundry routine. It seems to be getting away from me lately

  5. I doubt Brandy has ever had a to do list that would fit on a post it! LOL>Now is the time of year I do my heavy, deep cleaning. I used to do it twice a year, in March and in September, taking about a week and a half each time. Now that I”m older and tireder, and my husband is home all the time, I’ve scaled back to once a year. The complication of his appointments, my volunteer days, and having someone home all the time keeps me from being able to do it as quickly as I once did.The first of August, I print out calendar pages for August and September. I note all appointments and volunteer days in red. I schedule all the fall cleaning jobs on the other days. Come October, I’m free to enjoy the blessed arrival of fall.I plan to start with cleaning the floor to ceiling wall of bookshelves in the living room this week, including dusting the wall and ceiling and baseboards in that area. If I decide to get rid of any books from that shelving area, I’ll give them to the local library.We’ve been eating off a ten pound boneless ham I bought at Easter when it was $1.99 a pound. I’ll soak beans the night before “book shelf day” and let them cook with ham scraps all afternoon while I’m heaving books around. With luck, I’ll have enough zip left to get a pan of cornbread in the oven.

  6. Green Beans, Zucchini, Squash, Blackberries and Tomatoes mostly. Also a few other odds and ends. Our friends who are giving us the produce are in Alaska now, and I wont know anything more specifically until I talk to them on Friday when they return.

  7. This week I need to:Put away luggage from recent travels.Do at least 2 loads of laundry a day.Organize stuff for a yard sale to make it easier to pull out.Bake bread.Work on organizing kitchen some more.

  8. Like Melissa I’m trying to get a head-start on Christmas prep. I’ve been scouring the internet for fun free printables to hang in the bathroom and kitchen, and for a few other cheap decorating ideas. I’m all set for presents; but would like to do more with decor, on the cheap of course.I’m also hoping to tackle the toy room. It’s a hot mess. My children, unfortunately, do not want me to get rid of any toys – even the toys they’ve outgrown by several years – but there is so much in there, they struggle to play because it’s hard for them to find their toys. So I think for now I’ll have to box much of it up and move it somewhere for storage. I’d like very much to have a fun, functional toy room they actually used, instead of a mad hodge-podge of toys they’re too old for or never liked in the first place. (Does anyone else have this problem – that their kids have too many toys they don’t play with, but don’t want to get rid of? How do you handle it?)

  9. I have canned my tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce that will get used in the winter months, I was able to score a box of tomatoes for three dollars. I also made ketchup and it is delicious. We minced fresh garlic and I was able to share to jars with my grown children. Also made a Spanish condiment we call sofrito and I made enough for about a year give and take since my kudos run out before I do and always want more. I do not grow any of these vegees but it is more economical for me to make the stuff and freeze it for later use. Also have garbanzo , black beans and pinto beans canned.As for christmas my Salvation Army gifts for the Christmas angel I pick every year are made and purchased with after Christmas sales. Birthday gifts for my nieces and granddaughter are made, purchased , wrapped, boxed and ready to be shipped the month of their birthday. For my sons girlfriend I made her a classy necklace with matching earrings and bracelets. I try to buy my jewelry making supplies on ebay or wait for coupons from michaels and Joann’s, I am also piecing a quilt for her from blocks I started several years ago. The colors are very modern and I feel she will like it.For my other two grown children I will have to save a bit since their gifts are pricier.Thanks for all your encouragement and great ideas Brandi. Your blog is my favorite to read

  10. If they do not play with them hide them then bring them out again in a few months, they will be like new. Also encourage donating them to the less fortunate or establish some kind of exchange with other parents with small children

  11. I absolutely love your blog. So inspiring! I am going to research about dwarf fruit trees for my area (Georgia). You make frugality BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Thanks, Betsy. I’ve put them away for now, but would really like to get rid of them – we’re talking about baby and toddler toys for kids who are in school. I even suggested we sell them on eBay and the kids get to keep the money; but they still didn’t want to part with them! Well, they’re in the shed now, and I locked them up in a cupboard that has never been affected by mice or rats (we live in the country, so rodents are always a problem) but I kind of feel, Well, if they get eaten up, that’s that problem solved.

  13. We have company coming, so there’s a bunch to do. I think I’ll aim for a room a day this week. Today is my husband’s Monday at work; and the beginning of my week. -Visit library and exchange books-Use pool passes before they expire-Organize the growing pile of clothes on my daughter’s chair in her room-Recycle and dispose of as much possible-Clean out car

  14. Finish organizing the office (junk room), set up the card table and sewing machine in newly organized office, organize pantry and list what is in there and in the freezer, make a meal plan for the month and shop, shop for my son’s birthday party on Sunday. I think that’s about all i can handle this week.

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