Teaching six children in six grades is a lot of work! I think I need to make my goal lists shorter. However, that stuff still needs to get done, so. . . .

Here are some fun things I’ve found recently that I think those of you with school-aged children may enjoy.

Super Hero Letter Matchups Free Printable A fun way to put together capital letters and lowercase letters

Gibraltar I found this wonderful website about Gibraltar recently. We spent a lot of time reading and learning about the tiny country of Gibraltar. Can you find Gibraltar on a map?

180 Printable Jokes for Lunchboxes You can print them, cut them apart, and have them ready to slip into a lunch box.

Spelling words for first through eighth grade

School lunch ideas Yum, yum, and more yum! Many of these are fantastic for lunches at home and for sending with a spouse (or yourself) to work.

Free downloadable lunch note cards from Sarah Jane I love her artwork, and these are just beautiful.

The importance of sending lunch Your influence goes a lot further than you realize.

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  1. I used McGuffy readers with my youngest son. I didn’t home school, but worked with him at home when he wasn’t learning to read at school. Now he is a great reader. Thanks for all of your wonderful frugal ideas!

  2. Brandy, I haven’t been able to print the spelling words. I tried setting to 100% and I’ve tried shrink to fit. Do you have problems with the lists printing strangely?

  3. We are officially homeschooling this year. We have a little gal in kindergarten, and a preschool aged boy. He will LOVE the superhero match-ups. Thanks so much! Isn’t the internet such an amazing resource? My mom sure didn’t have it.

  4. oh, thanks for the jokes! I found some Christmas jokes last year, so every day in December, I sent a joke with my daughter in her packed lunch. She was learning to read, so it was wonderful fun and motivation for her to try to puzzle out the words and get the joke. Her classmates loved it, too.

  5. We use a virtual school, so we are a homeschool hybrid, I suppose, because I supplement considerably. I love the lunch box notes, and I’m thinking of tucking them into her napkin at the table for fun. I actually send little love notes in my husband’s lunch now and then – you can ‘write’ on a banana (with a pencil) and it doesn’t show until later, so I do that sometimes, or just tuck in a post-it note to remind him that I love him, that he’s on my mind, etc. Jokes in his lunch would be fun too! 🙂

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