frugal living

Frugal Living

How to Host a Successful Garage Sale

I’ve had several garage sales over the last decade, and I’ve made anywhere from $150 to over $1600 at my sales. Here are my tips for having a successful sale: 1. Pick a beautiful day (or two) for your sale People like to go out when the weather is nice–not too hot, not too cold,…


Rethinking Christmas Stockings

A few years back, we were in need of new Christmas stockings. Our family had grown, and we didn’t have enough matching stockings for the family. At the same time, I had been seeing beautiful miniature stockings online made from vintage grain sacks. I loved the simple red stripes at the top and I especially…


The $1 Dress

Winter just attended her first formal dance, a Winter Ball put on by the local LDS Seminary, which she attends. They have 375 students who attend a religion class early every morning an hour before school starts.  Because of our dating standards, only those who are 16 and older could bring dates to the dance….

Frugal Living

Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Rabbits

  These simple rabbits are quick and easy to make. I use chocolate wafers, which don’t need to be tempered. Supplies: Rabbit molds. This mold is my favorite,  but I also like this one for a large rabbit,  this this floppy-eared large rabbit,  and this one for small bunnies Melting chocolate wafers. I like these white…

Frugal Living

Writing a Garage Sale List

Twice a year, a master-planned community near my house has a neighborhood garage sale. I like being able to go to several sales in a short period of time. I make it a plan to take a list with me. I go to this semi-annual sale with my mom, so I take 3 copies of…

Do Without


One of the most frequently asked questions in my inbox is, “What do you use for sandwich bread?” The answer is simple: I use French bread. I sometimes will make baguettes and have sandwiches like I did in France: ham, cheese, and mustard on bread. More often, though, I’ll slice the bread, and just use…