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I’m thankful my little brother is safe from the fires that are so near where he lives right now.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. What a sweet picture! Was this the first time you met your little brother?

    I’m thankful that my husband takes such an active part in parenting our son. This afternoon they are hiking together with the scouts, and last weekend they were canoeing down the Colorado River together (also with scouts). They are building lots of good memories.

  2. What a sweet picture of (I believe it’s) your mother, your brother and yourself. I’m glad your brother is safe. There was nonstop television coverage of the fires here in southern California, plus updates of the infernos in northern California, all day yesterday. So much destruction.
    I’m so grateful for the time and energy you put into your website. It’s positive and uplifting, bringing smiles and reassurance to so many who are fortunate enough to read your entries and view your photographs. Your love shines through. Thank you.

  3. I am thankful that my daughter was not injured, nor her car damaged, in the auto accident that happened right in front of her. I am also thankful that she stayed by as a witness and also helped a young woman who was part of the accident. The girl was terrified and my daughter helped calm her and made sure she was okay.

  4. Though a friend lost her home and job, she’s an elementary school teacher/the school burned down, in the camp fire here in California, I’m thankful her family and pets are safe. Also thankful a neighbor saw and got her horses she was forced to leave behind to safety.

    I’m also thankful that so far my aunt and cousins homes are safe.

  5. I am thankful that my husband and children had such a good time at the church gathering for 6th-9th graders last night. They came home physically tired and spiritually revitalized. I am so grateful for their faith and for a church that feeds our souls.

    So glad your brother is safe, Brandy. I am waiting word on a cousin who lives in that same area – hopeful that she and her family are okay as well.


  6. I am thankful that we have everything we need right now, at this moment. We have a house, firewood to heat it with, food in the freezers and cupboards, and enough work to earn enough money to pay our bills with. We were just reflecting yesterday about how different it would have been if we had made different choices a few years ago. Although it was difficult to sell our dream house that we had remodeled just the way we wanted, out in the country on acreage, and we miss living there, we simply could not sustain it because of my husband’s job loss, so we sold it. If we had hung on to it, trying to make it work, we would be in a world of hurt right now. So, I’m grateful that we had the courage to make the logical choice, even if it was the hard choice.

    Just a comment in response to a comment a few days ago…the “Lose It” app is the one that my husband has been using as well. So far, at last weigh-in, he was up to 52 pounds of weight loss. Although he has been working on losing since last May, most of the weight has come off since August when he started using this app. We were quite amazed when we visited a nutritionist this past week that one of his doctors sent him to. She said that calorie counting absolutely does not work, and several other things along those lines. We just politely sat silently, but then I did point out that he has lost 52 pounds counting calories. She skimmed past that comment, and roared on with her speech, but I was baffled somewhat. I mean, to me, 52 pounds is actually a significant weight loss, and I’m not sure why she felt so strongly that that was not a valid way to lose weight. It was a strange visit, but we have now jumped through that hoop in his journey towards his hip surgery. One by one, he is getting the tests needed, losing the weight required, and hopefully will get out of the tremendous pain he is in at all times before too long.

  7. A wonderful photo! I wonder if the patchwork quilt made it out of his infancy in one piece?

    Thankful for inventors and inventions today, generous creators of things I could never think of, let alone actually build: washing machines, toasters, keyboards, tweezers, trains, movie projectors, IV poles, and so on and so on….

  8. I’m thankful that my MIL will be able to visit us for 6 weeks this holiday season, so that she can see her son and her first grandchild. My MIL has late stage cancer and has for many years. Her drs finally said that if she wanted to travel, she had to do it now her illness is progressing significantly. So this will be likely her only chance to see her grandchild and possibly her last chance to see her son. I had hoped for many years that she would live long enough to see a grandchild, and now it seems that that will come true. She will also be here when my daughter will be baptized, which is especially important to her as well. I am so thankful this trip is possible!

  9. I am so thankful that my mom is out of the hospital and is on the mend! She went in with blood pressure if 237 /89 ! It was so scary! ! Very thankful to nurses and doctors who treated her and for the many prayers on her behalf.

  10. Very glad your brother is out of harms way of those fires there, they look really ferocious from what I have seen on the news here 🙁 .

    Today we are thankful that we had a lovely morning at church and DH and I will spend a family day together cooking chocolate chip and coconut biscuits together for the week :).


  11. Brandy, that is a very good thing to be thankful for. I hope all those who have family in California continue to find their loved ones safe from the fires.

    I am thankful for a warm, comfortable home that protects us from the cold and snow blanketing our area. I’m not a fan of snow, but at least we are warm and safe in our home.

  12. It’s Fathers’ Day here in Estonia, so I am thankful that our children have a good father… and that my own father seems to be recovering from the bad tumble that happened a week ago (he is 85 and very stubborn, wants to do all things in the house by himself, including climbing the stairs to the basement). And we had a very nice sermon in the church today.

  13. Heat and movies. I am thankful for a wood fire to keep us warm while we get things get done even though we don’t feel so well…hence the movies. And the wood box is topped off full.

  14. I’m thankful for the internet that helped my husband and I work out what was wrong with our washing machine; to have the ability to order the new part from Amazon and to find a YouTube video to show us how to fit it!

    I’m also thankful that my eldest son went for his first job interview last Thursday, had a call on Friday to say he had the job and he started today. He’s very thankful they are paying him more than the minimum wage for his age – he’s 17 and needs every penny to pay for his super expensive driving lessons.

  15. So thankful for all of the good grocery deals this month, and that we had set aside extra $$$ to take advantage of them. I know I will get a free turkey for buying $100 worth of groceries, and I think that by buying a couple of big bags of dog food, I’ll be able to squeeze out a second bird. I love going into winter with a full larder.

  16. Fire is a mysterious power, it leaves a wake of destruction, and in it’s midst can leave somethings untouched. Thankful our friends home was spared; while every other home around them us destroyed by the Camp Fire. Deeply Sadden that others lost their homes, businesses, and family or friends.

  17. I am thankful that a good friend has a conference here in my city and will be able to stay with me for three nights. We will get a chance to catch up and see other mutual friends.

  18. Doctors and nutritionists are all people too. Each one seems to be an expert in what is right and what is wrong; however, age and time teach different lessons. Each person’s body works differently. What works for one, does not always work for everyone. The largest falsehood “One size fits all”, I think was created by an advertising agency (always trustworthy :p) to sell pantyhose.
    I will celebrate a 52 pound lose!

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