Garden in March center circle The Prudent Homemaker
The Garden in 2016; only the fig tree and the climbing roses remain now from this. (the bushes will be removed soon). The grass in this photo has been removed now and will be replaced by concrete. The beds will be made wider, the circle will be moved and enlarged. The concrete under the bench was removed years ago due to the ground significantly sinking in that area. The lights have been taken down and will be moved to new locations.

Today, I’m thankful for my husband’s patience as I drew and redrew part of the garden plans both inside and outside.

We discovered that our wall on the east side of the garden is not straight; we had measured it along the back of the garden near the fig tree, but it is considerably shorter at the other end of the garden near the house, prompting the necessity of a small redesign.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for the kindness and patience of my husband as well. He’s overburdened with everything and being a caretaker doesn’t come easily to him at all. Yet he doesn’t snap at me and still takes care of my needs as I ask. I’m not a very difficult patient, but still there are so many things I just cannot do. Very blessed. Trish

  2. Thank heavens for patient husbands. They don’t always understand our need for things to be pretty, but they sigh and go along with it. 😀

  3. I’m thankful for my teen-aged granddaughter getting full return to activity just this week, after back surgery this summer. Her scoliosis was completely fixed and her ribs that had to be cut into are growing back in correct position. She braved her way through some fierce pain those first few weeks – she’s amazing. I’m also thankful that she was able to see a truly skilled surgeon who uses up-to-date technology and robotics, reducing her recovery time to about half of regular recovery time.

    1. Oh, blessings to her and congratulations on her recovery! Does she follow England’s Princess Eugenie? The Princess had surgery to correct scoliosis and wore the most stunning, low-back wedding dress to proudly showcase her scar. She is a great advocate for scoliosis research and recovery, and recently invited followers to share their stories and photos.

  4. I am grateful for a friend who sent me a lovely card in which she wrote how much she values our friendship. I value it too and have searched out some old photos of us and our families which I’m sure will make her smile.

  5. I, too, am thankful for gorgeous weather in Nov.! I mentioned to my husband that it was too bad we didn’t have a clothesline. (Sent to landfill; a new one next year.) We’re due for several days of warmer weather!

  6. Grateful for some truly lovely weather – especially for November! It is in the 60’s today and supposed to remain at this temperature for the next few days.
    So thankful to live near water – both a river and a lake – as I really enjoy walking near water.

  7. I am thankful for the warmer weather here in new england. I am thankful for the lovely local librarians and all the hard work they have put in to be sure folks still have as much access as possible to library materials.

  8. Today I am thankful for a few sweet hours with a dear friend away from husbands and children where we could talk, share ideas and encourage one another in the Word. It was such a sweet time of refreshment and I am so glad that God brought our families together. What a privilege it is to do life together in the season of raising our families.

  9. Thankful for some of my grandkids being together today, they had a great time climbing our giant magnolia tree! My heart was so full watching them play together though are wide age spread.

  10. Hi Brandy!

    Have you thought about turning your garden into a “Permaculture” one? It would give you so much more on a small surface.

    1. I have looked into that, but it doesn’t really work in our climate. We only receive 4 centimeters of rain a year on a normal year. Drip irrigation is essential here; even cactus won’t grow without being watered (daily in the summer!)

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