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Today, I am thankful for a quiet day in which to do a bit of sewing.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for my dreams which I work towards making a reality. My dreams are what motivate and inspire me to do better. My dreams drive me forward when times are tough. But most importantly, my dreams give me joy even when life doesn’t! And when I make some of those dreams a reality, they become some of the best and most special memories I hold dearest to my heart.

  2. I am thankful that I get to attend my daughter’s baby shower for her 4th blessing and for our 11th grand baby. So thankful for each and every life!

  3. Today I am thankful for options. I was feeling quite anxious about some major life decisions we need to make in the coming year. The other day it dawned on me that I should stop worrying about making the wrong decision, and instead be thankful that we actually have options to choose from.

  4. Good Saturday Morning Brandy ,
    🙂 Since I’ve been retired, I am so thankful this morning to be able to spend Saturdays ( not working ) with my husband and share a warm seasonal latte together ~ Today is my precious Auntie’s birthday and I will honor her memory today. I just adored her and spent 1/2 of my life blessed living w/her. She was also a wonderful seamstress as you. In fact, when she was newly married back in the 1930’s , her husband bought her a sewing machine before a washing machine. His mother was also a seamstress. She made his suits, shirts, my clothes~beautiful aprons ( that I just cannot bring myself to wear and get soiled) and Auntie Jean also taught me to sew.
    We plan to go to the art gallery she used to volunteer at in the town where she lived and enjoy the afternoon there. She loved to paint and would display her artwork there in which she won some awards . There is also a historical museum upstairs at this gallery. It is free. Then, my husband and I will go to a local coffee shop in this town to enjoy a holiday latte. Have a great day~
    blessings to you
    Patty from the NW

  5. I am thankful that we were able to get out and do yard cleanup yesterday before rain and cold set in. We got hailed on for a brief time, but we didn’t let that scare us into going inside. We persevered and put away all of the tools and patio cushions, cleaned up leaves and garden debris.

  6. Today I am thankful for the health insurance I have through my workplace and my husband’s workplace. Every month I use many hundred’s of dollars worth of medication to keep me healthy (everything from prescription prenatal vitamins to medication to address my sleeping disorder, and most of it doesn’t end up costing me a penny, due to our wonderful health coverage. My work covers 80 % of the cost, and his work covers the rest. Not everything is covered, but so much of it is. Even though my job does not pay a lot, the insurance definitely adds to the take-home value. I never, ever take this for granted. When I was working jobs that didn’t have full-time benefits, my medication bills were huge and took a huge chunk of my pay cheque, and when I was working even with full-time benefits but not married, the remaining 20% or so percent of medications that wasn’t covered, still impacted my ability to save. So I am truly appreciative of it, and very thankful.

  7. I am so thankful for my sweet daughters, beautiful inside and out, heading off to their Homecoming dance tonight! They make my heart happy!

  8. I am thankful for Skype so I can see and talk to family. It was our only grand-daughter’s second birthday . We were able to sing Happy Birthday to her.

  9. On the 3rd, I was grateful to have a lawn to mow, and to be anticipating a visit from our oldest daughter, when she brings her son to the scouting pow wow on the 4th.

  10. I am thankful for good heath insurance. Just got some medical bills and prescriptions and out of $2000 we have to pay $54.

  11. I was also able to do a bit of sewing yesterday, which I enjoyed. It had been a while. I’m also thankful to be able to attend a teaching on Elderhood, something I feel is sorely needed in these times.

  12. I am thankful for the peace I feel as everyday brings us closer together. Last evening we played monopoly and as I was down to 8.00 I patiently waited and built up my bank again. How like my life over the past few years, I thought. How very thankful I am that I was taught the skills to realize that this time is not my normal and life can be beautiful regardless of the current circumstances.

  13. I am thankful today, that after a long day running around for family, my husband and I can finally sit and relax. Rain is falling, I am cozy under my blanket. God is good.

  14. I was very thankful to spend the day with my youngest daughter. She’s 13 now, so we went to the mall and rubbed lotions all over our hands, smelling every scent in the Bath and Body Works store, I think. We used my free coupon there, and also bought a couple of things I wanted with some money I have been saving from my birthday. We wandered around, trying on clearance rack clothing, and found her a dress and 2 tops she needs, as she has been growing again. We shared a nacho at the food court, then a dish of ice cream. We found the knee socks a little friend needs, and bought 4 pairs. (These are not at every store, I’ve found). She got to spend her JoAnn’s gift card from her birthday (which was in June–we don’t go shopping much). And, we ended up at Fred Meyers, and got some groceries. We did not bring home bags and bags of things, but got what I hoped to find, for the most part. I want to go back to JoAnn’s by myself for patterns, and a couple other things. I have been feeling like she needed some one-on-one time, so took no one else with us and tried to be patient, which I accomplished for the most part. (I kind of get in there and get it done when I shop, she wanted to savor every moment, as this never, ever happens) It took hours, especially for her to spend her gift card, but I’m hoping she benefitted from the extra attention. I’m thankful she can live with us, and is safe and well. She’s been with us for over 4 years now–boy time flies!!!

  15. I am thankful that my twenty year old son
    called from college today and talked for forty minutes. We text but that was the first call in three weeks. Wonderful to hear his voice and know that he is happy and doing well.

  16. How wonderful to put this behind you. I am praying for comfort and complete healing for you~
    Bless you~

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