I’m so thankful for my husband’s support in my photography business. He comes along as an assistant for me at every shoot. We had a great session earlier this evening and I was so grateful to have him there.

I officially announced my business over on Facebook a while ago, but if you didn’t see it there, you can check out my new website here.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I’m thankful for my family- especially my children David and Jessica. I am thankful that both of my children are kind, responsible adults and that they are pursuing their dreams. My son took extra time to get to where he is today because addiction broke him for much of his teens and twenties- he went to prison multiple times but when he got out 3 years ago at the age of 30, he totally changed his life. He dedicated his life to Jesus and started attending a church where he met his wife of 2 years. He has a great job and will finish his bachelor’s degree in business next summer. My daughter will also graduate from college next summer- she is completing 2 majors and 3 minors and plans to go to medical school. I am so blessed with these 2 kids- sometimes I can’t believe this is my life now- I am so very lucky.

    1. Beth, it is very heartening to read of someone who came out the other side of addiction and reclaimed the life they want. Thank you for sharing that because sometimes it is hard to watch a family member struggling without losing hope that they will survive long enough to see the light.

    2. So thankful your son broke free and dedicated his life to God. My husband’s oldest struggled with addiction in his teens and twenties as well. He has been sober for a while now and we are so thankful as well. God bless your son as he continues on this path.

  2. As I missed posting on your first thankful post I’m doing a ‘two in one’ today:
    1sr November
    I’m grateful I live in the UK and have the benefit of the marvellous NHS. My dad (aged 79) suddenly developed double vision and droopy eye lids on his left eye; six weeks later after 2 CT scans, an MRI, countless blood tests and consultant appointments, 8 nights in hospital and a 3 hour brain surgery to correct the aneurysm pressing on his optic nerves he is fit and well and his eyesight is improving every day.
    2nd November
    I am grateful for modern technology so that I can talk to/FaceTime my eldest son who is away at college whenever I want.

  3. I’m thankful for your site and all the many things that I learn here and the encouragement and support from one another.

  4. Gorgeous photo, Brandy. You have such a good eye for color, composition…and tenderness. If we needed a photographer for an event, you would be the one.
    My husband and I are beyond grateful that we still have our little Sonoma County house after the terror of this latest massive wildfire…but our gladness is tempered by the knowledge that many people lost their homes. Any prayers for the beleaguered folks of California would be most appreciated.

    1. I am glad that you still have your home, too.

      Last night I went to catch up on a blog that I have not visited for years. I found out the woman’s husband died (fairly young), and two weeks before that, a tornado destroyed their home completely. She still found ways to praise God despite her sadness. I was touched.

      1. Oh my goodness–that sounds like something out of the Book of Job. And still that remarkable woman can find ways to praise God…wow. She is in my prayers. I, too, am touched.
        Thank you for your marvelous blog and ministry, Brandy.

  5. Brandy, thank you for the link to your photography site, I had missed your formal announcement. The website is lovely and very well done. I really like your design which leaves lots of clear space and doesn’t seem cluttered.

    I am thankful for so many things, this month of being thankful each day is a great reminder. So that is what I will be thankful for today …this blog and the reminder of all the good things in our lives.

  6. I am thankful that our weather has cooled off and I can do yard work comfortably. Our “feels like” temperature was 97 degrees at 5 p.m. on Halloween. We’ve been in the 60ies/low 70ies the last couple days.

  7. I’m thankful for every single thing in my life. From each breath I’m taking, to each family member, to each falling leaf, to wonderful blogs like yours. Sometimes I’m quite overwhelmed with gratitude.
    What a lovely photography, Brandy!

  8. I am so very grateful for all of the frugal knowledge and skills I have developed over the past 10+ years. I am grateful I stuck with this journey, even when my husband was not on board. He has seen how it has changed our lives and now willingly pursues frugality in our daily expenditures along with me. Even our autistic teen daughter is learning from watching our example. I’m so very proud of how we have turned our finances around for the better!

  9. I am thankful for a day a day of rest from the needs of my three grandchildren. (I care for them every weekday from 7:30am until 6:30 pm while their mom works.) At 17, 12, and 10, they are at three different schools with different activities. All three have ADHD, two have Bipolar anger issues, one has depression, one has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Oppositional Defiance Disorder, in addition to multiple, chronic health issues. Each week requires me taking them to 5-6 doctor and therapist appointments. While I love them dearly, the responsibility of caring for them is both physically and emotionally draining. I am thankful I had Saturday to catch up on housework and share lunch with a dear friend.

    1. As a mom who deals with most of the issues you have noted in just 1 child, I can assure you your daughter is absolutely grateful for the help she receives from you. It is almost impossible to find someone to care for children with such disabilities, who will love, accept and go the extra mile to care for them and their needs while the parents work to provide for them. Please know, you are without a doubt a massive blessing to your daughter, Tejas!

  10. I am thankful to God each day to be able to take care of my husband of 48 years with CO P D and my daughter with epilepsy. Without God’s help I would not be able to do this.

  11. I have been blessed with a very encouraging group of friends and family who have made these past 6 months bearable. For that I am beyond grateful.

  12. Nov. 2 is a day of celebration here. I am thankful that on Nov. 2, 1976, la Casa de la Madre y el Nino, an adoption agency in Bogota, Colombia, placed a tiny black-haired baby girl in our arms and we became a family!

  13. I am thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having in the Seattle area. It’s near freezing at night and sunny during the day, which always boosts my spirits.

  14. Hi! Back in September I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes–the symptoms hit me all of a sudden, though I must’ve had it for at least a year since I have neuropathy and my toes have gone weird. I’m grateful for my BFF and dear friend from work (both of whom have diabetes themselves) because they told me that it wasn’t my shoes making my toes go numb and to RUN to the doctor! I’m grateful for my friends, because otherwise I would have put it off and put it off some more due to never ending work deadlines, and my poor mother’s illness. I probably would’ve eaten my merry way through the holidays and ended up pretty sick by NYE!

    I’m grateful for the medications which have helped, the internet for filling in the many blanks, and definitely my husband’s kindness and support. I’m also VERY, VERY grateful for the wonderful sugar free chocolates and treats I’ve found! I’m a chocoholic, desserts are a hobby and passion of mine, and I was much more horribly upset by the prospective loss of sweets than the thought of giving up my e-cigarette and the occasional cocktail. Thank you, Russel Stover!!

  15. I am thank-FIL for the adult child who was able to come home and assist with a family members care while my husband was away.

  16. Two years ago an orange tabby cat showed up at our back door needing a home. We’re so glad he did as he has become a center for our lives. He needed us and we needed him. So thankful.

  17. I am thankful for laughter! My husband, son, and I laughed all through lunch today while exchanging lines from one of our favorite television programs. That feeling of shaking and bubbling up with sound, while with people I love, is one of the best things in my life.

  18. I’m so thankful for my daughter. She’s the light of my life, the joy of my days, and the milky cuddles of my nights. It’s such a delight to watch her learn and grow. Her smiles are sunshine to my heart. I’m so thankful that my late MIL was able to travel to Canada last year to hold her, and that my parents are able to see her babyhood. So very, very grateful for everything about her. She was much longed for and now she is here and I am so very thankful.

  19. I’m thankful for my siblings and their kids. Even though we might not always get along, I know in my heart that if I ever needed any of them, they would be there for me.

  20. Thankful for running water. For years I lived in a cabin with no running water or electricity (not unusual in Alaska), and even this many years later I find myself thrilled to be able to turn on a tap and get water. Even more, HOT water! I have family members who live in parts of the world where running water is a luxury.

  21. I am thankful for our friend who did a marvelous job refinishing my Grandmother’s dining table so we can use it in our house! He gave us a STEEP discount on the work and it turned out beautiful.


  22. Like GardenPat, I am so thankful for our modern medicine, which has allowed me more years to enjoy my children and grandchildren, and life in my cosy home and garden! Dr. said: Although you now have a heart full of metal, you are in good condition and can even come off some of the meds”.
    (does this mean I am hard hearted??) ha ha I wake each morning grateful for another day. ann lee s

  23. I’m thankful for the beautiful days we’ve had lately after a pretty rainy spell. It’s enabled us to do a little yard work and get the garden finally put to bed completely. I was surprised by a nice picking of lettuce that was hiding out there. There was enough for last night and today’s salads and still some left.

  24. I am thankful for my husband, who knows me so well. He took me thrift shopping and bought me a french vanilla cappuccino. He sure knows the way to this girl’s heart!

    1. I am thankful for 40 years in the nursing profession, for the wonderful people I have met along the way and the life’s lessons that I have learned. Rose in Western North Carolina.

  25. I’m catching up here as well. 1st—I’m thankful for my 4 adult children and their families living close to me. 2nd—I’m thankful for being able to live in my home since my husband died last year. 3rd—I’m thankful for websites like this to open my eyes and heart to those around me I’ve never met.

  26. That is a stunning photo…..

    I am thankful for the “little” things that are not so little. I am thankful for running water, heat, health care, and a vehicle to drive around. I am thankful that we have food in the refrigerator and cupboards.

    God Bless,

  27. On All Souls Day I am thankful for my amazing and wise parents, both long gone now, who taught me everything I needed to know to live a successful and fulfilling life. I know that I was and am blessed to have had them.

  28. I am thankful for my beautiful daughter. She is navigating her way through her first year of high school and even though it has been tough and painful at times, she maintains her courage, kindness and sense of humor. I love being her mom!

  29. I am beyond thankful for my husband who took a chance on me and on my seven kids, who listened to what God whispered to him. He took us on 12 years ago and has loved and provided for us all just as he does our two from his first marriage. There is no difference in his eyes. He is truly the most loving and kindest person I have ever met. He walked both of my daughters down the aisle, the youngest a week ago, and danced the father/daughter dance with them. Their father is alive and joined him with the oldest daughter’s wedding (she had them both), but refused to come to the youngest daughter’s wedding because it wasn’t in our church (though still Christian). Both girls are much closer to my husband than their first father, as are all but one of the kids and they still have a beautiful relationship and she has said she couldn’t ask for a better second father. I a man thankful for all of these relationships and the joy and peace they bring to all of us after the trauma of both of our first marriages,

  30. I am thankful on Nov. 2 for 2 men in my life. My nephew born on this day, who is a wonderful young man. May the woman who he marries appreciate him. And love baseball. Also for my BIL, who while a quiet man, radiates the love of family and will go that extra mile for his ladies (wife and 2 daughters). May my own daughter marry a man like him. Love them both!

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