Today, I am thankful for daylight savings time. While I don’t always love this invention, in the fall on the day of the change and a few days to follow, they are more willing to go to bed at bedtime, because it feels later to them! It always makes for a few quieter evenings and gives me a chance to spend more time with my husband because everyone has gone to bed when they’re supposed to!

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, who helped me with grocery shopping this week. He never fails to make me laugh, offer a different perspecive or idea when I need to hear one, and always loves me despite my many flaws. I’m so very grateful to have him in my life!

  2. Today I am thankful for music. I love this poem (author unknown) which I think describes music perfectly!

    For the common things of every day,
    God gave men speech in the common way,
    And He gave to the poet words to reveal
    The deeper things men think and feel:
    But for heights and depths no word could reach,
    God gave men music – the soul’s own speech.

  3. I am thankful to have found a parking spot only one block away from the hospital where my disabled daughter is having a myelogram this morning. Thankful for clear weather, too, as it will be a long procedure before she is allowed to go home and lie flat the rest of the day.

  4. I purchased a box of large gladiolus bulbs in the spring from Walmart and planted them in pots which I, not knowing of gladiolus plants love of sunshine, put on our north-facing balcony. Their foliage was pretty but from fifty bulbs, we enjoyed only one flower stem. Yesterday, I dug up the bulbs to keep them over the winter and was very happy to see that they had been very busy putting their energy into multiplying underground. Next spring, I will be digging up a sunny patch of lawn near the road, lining it with permeable landscape fabric to make it easier to pull the bulbs next full, and replanting all my new bulbs, big and small.

  5. I’m thankful for the cooler, dryer air after a very extended period of high heat and humidity, right through October. Even the trees and plants seem to be smiling in relief. Tied to that, I’m thankful I can quit running the air conditioning 24/7!

  6. I am thankful for the crispness in the air as we change from temps in the 90’s a month ago to highs only in the mid-fifties (and below) now!
    It gives me the motivation to do some investment baking/cooking which makes the kitchen and house smell SO good and also helps warm the house!

  7. I am thankful for my kids. They are kind, generous, responsible, hard working adults who contribute to society. They are also each other’s best friends, which is something every mother would be thankful for!

    1. When I got my cpap machine, I started dreaming again. I had gone years without (noticing I was) dreaming. I did not notice the sleep apnea, but I noticed, and was thankful for, the more restful sleep the cpap machine allowed me to have. My primary care doctor ordered the sleep study because of the structure of my mouth, weight, and complaint of being tired. I am thankful she did.

  8. I am thankful last night my dear sweet neighbor who lived a long life has reached her final reward with our Lord. I am also thankful for grocery stores to go buy food.

  9. I am thankful that I am feeling better this morning. I was ill during the night with an upset stomach but feeling much improved. Too many things to do today to be sick.

  10. I am thankful for my husband’s sobriety. Thirty-two years and one week and counting! He achieved this by following the 12 steps of AA (with AA for a year or so and on his own since). I am very proud of him.

  11. I am thankful for great friends and the generosity of strangers. A lifelong friend who lives in Seattle is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer. She wanted to see the Grand Canyon before she passed. My husband and I were able to fly her to our home in Phoenix and take her to the Grand Canyon last weekend. A lady in one of my homeschool groups (who I have never met) contacted me and gifted us a weekend stay at her beautiful cottage near the grand canyon (cottage is modest, it is a lovely 4 bedroom house). She rents the house out on Vrbo normally. But booked it for us for the weekend so that our friend would be comfortable for the trip.

  12. I’m thankful that the traffic was light when I took my eldest back to college after half term break, I whizzed down and back up the M5 (under the speed limit obviously) in record time and was home before dark with no dreaded roadworks or traffic delays.

  13. I am thankful to have been able to do some yard work yesterday to get the yard ready for winter. I am both thankful that I am physically able to do so, and that the weather cooperated. It felt so nice to be outside, even if it was a little chilly and cloudy!

  14. I am thankful for a beautiful Evensong service yesterday for the Feast of All Saints. The bell music was beautiful.

  15. Thankful for colored LED lights that we and most of the houses in our neighborhood are starting to put up for the holidays. Darkness comes very early in this part of Alaska and it is a joy to drive down the street to our home and see so many lights when you are coming home weary in body or soul. Not garish displays with pulsating music, but mostly houses outlined or wreaths on doors.

  16. I was contemplating commenting on daylight savings time when I logged on as well. I am not necessarily thankful for it, but it does emphasize the coming changes in seasons, which I am glad of, both now and in the spring, and of course also for summer and winter. Our world is so wonderfully diverse in weather, climate, temperatures, natural wonders (I love the Grand Canyon story from Danna, written above!), with so many beautiful places to experience and wonder at. Life would be dull and uninspiring without this magnificent creation we live on. Or live in.

  17. Danna, what a wonderful gift! That brought tears to my eyes.
    I am thankful for the gift of my rescue pup, Eddie. He came from an abusive situation and it has been a joy to see him flourish since we got him two years ago. I know they say we rescued him, but l think it’s a mutual rescue! He has brought so much joy to our family and he never fails to brighten my day with his unconditional love, snuggles and antics.

  18. I am grateful for the full pantry and freezers we have this year. With our tight budget and grocery prices going up, it is a wonderful blessing!


  19. I am thankful for my husband helping with some work on our house. He did not balk at my list and worked on it, while I worked this weekend. Things are looking better with repairs and cleaning !

  20. I am thankful for my good friends. We went to a pot luck at a friends house yesterday and it was lovely to be surrounded by good friends. Over twenty people were there, these are people we met 20+ years ago as part of a local motorcycle group. We are now in our 60’s to 80’s so most don’t ride bikes anymore but we still love to eat 😉

  21. I’m thankful for the people who surround me every day. May I be mindful when they frustrate me that I probably do the same to them:)

  22. I am thankful for the blooms that I just noticed on my Christmas cactus today. I bought it on clearance this summer as a tiny plant. Now it is really quite large. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of my grandmother who always had at least one on her plant stand. It also reminds me of my husband’s grandmother who also had one that was as old as her marriage. What wonderful women they were!

  23. I’m thankful to have been able to have a first birthday party for my daughter. It was everything I wanted it to be, and it was so much fun. I told my husband the next day that I had a happiness hangover; leftover happiness spilling over into the next day.

  24. I am thankful that I am able to host family Sunday dinners and provide for my loved ones. It is a marvelous thing to be surrounded by people you love who love you.

  25. I am thankful for my children, who have grown into amazing young men and women. Thankful for the ones they have chosen to share their lives with. And thankful for our first grandbaby on the way!

  26. So Thankful for a witness to come forward. My husband was driving a work vehicle and a group of bike riders were coming up to the traffic light behind the cars. He was sitting there with his right turn signal on. When the light turned green he took off trying to get in front of him and ran into him. They lied to the police and said his blinker was not on and he tried to cut them off. The driver behind him stayed to give a statement to police. So grateful he got involved to tell the truth. Unfortunately, it still goes on his record as an accident. The rider is trying to sue his company.

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