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I’m thankful for my two-year-old, who yesterday answered my childhood question of whether or not it was possible to stick green olives with pimentos on one’s fingers just as well as black olives. If your fingers are small enough, you sure can!

I’m also thankful for all of his ugs, and his remark to me, “Mom, you’re the best!”

It was a good Thanksgiving.


What are you thankful for today?



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  1. Your son is adorable. Olives are my favorite food group. 🙂

    I am thankful for a good Thanksgiving at my mom’s house. She is in her late 70s and has some health problems. I don’t know how many family holidays she has left in her, but I am thankful for every moment we get to spend together.

  2. Too funny! That’s a question I have had as well. Thank you, Octavius, for answering it!

    I am thankful for a friend’s suggestion to cook my ham in the Crock-Pot rather than the oven. My oven decided to die in the middle of baking pies, but I did not have to worry one whit about the main dish! Everything else could be done on the cooktop. It was a good Thanksgiving for us too (even without pie). I turned the pie filling into sauce for ice cream instead!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Looks like a puppet show is ready to happen!

    I am thankful for my relatives, today especially my in-laws. Although we live far away, when we are together, they are some of the most non-judgmental people I know, especially my mother-in-law. And she always laughs at my jokes, even when she doesn’t hear them quite right. My husband comes from good stock.

  4. I’m grateful that you posted that picture of your son that made me chuckle and flash back to Christmas at 8 yrs. old. While our family ladies were busy preparing the kitchen meal and I sat nearby in the kitchen booth, I kept sneaking black olives from the relish tray. I ended up eating an entire can of black olives…… Let’s just say that I haven’t had one since!! I missed Christmas dinner that year, as well.

  5. Hahaha, so cute.

    I am thankful for the food, the vehicles, the housing, the time…all the things that made and make it possible for lovely family gatherings on the Thanksgiving day and weekend.

  6. I have never seen anyone stick those on their fingers! So cute!!! I guess it’s because we always had the black ones when I was a kid. Olives were so rare in our household when I was little–only for holidays, because they were a luxury and my mom was on a tight grocery budget. So, my sisters and I love them so much now, we always put out loads–they still feel like such a treat to us, even though they are not so rare anymore in our lives.

    I’m thankful for wonderful day we had yesterday. I’m also thankful that I have the entire day today to act like a slug–that is even more rare for me now then olives were when I was a child.

  7. Thankful that my mom is recovering and is moving to a rehab center so she can regain her strength so she can come home in 2 weeks…so grateful God is good

  8. How grownup he is! And cuter than a button 🙂

    I am thankful to be safe and live in a nice home with my husband and dog, and be able to enjoy the days due to good health. We had a quiet and lovely Thanksgiving dinner at home, with leftovers that made us another thanksgiving dinner today!

  9. That is a precious face, Those blue eyes are stunning. Glad your Thanksgiving was good. Mine was very nice too. Got to see my brother and sister in law for the first time in a very long time. Shared a wonderful meal and played cards. A very restful day.

  10. I’m thankful that our dinner turned out well, the food assignments came through and we had a perfect balance of foods (lactose free options as well), and we had room for three guests who showed up without advance warning. I’m also thankful that I was able to roast the turkey carcas (sp?) for an hour or so and now it is turning into stock.

  11. What a picture! Did he like the olives? I have never been big on green olives (and I can take or leave black ones) but my husband and my daughter are both crazy about them. Once, my daughter gave her dad a half-gallon jar of queens…and helped him eat them all. LOL

    I’m in a great mood today and thankful for everything!

    Got no diamonds,
    Got no pearl,
    Still I think I’m a lucky girl!
    I’ve got the sun in the morning
    and the moon at night….
    –Annie Get Your Gun

  12. I am thankful for a well-timed Black Friday sale that coincided with our need for a new appliance and a military discount to make the deal even sweeter. Adorable picture! My grandsons have done likewise with olives on the fingers.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States 🙂 .

    Today we were thankful for a restful day where we could get all of our budget sorted out including mortgage payments for when we move into our new home in early December.


  14. I am ever so thankful to and for my acupuncturist this month. She is using needles, natural herbs and nutrition to help me rid of some chronic issues that traditional meds have not helped (along with some side-effects.)

    Octavius is beyond cute! How can you get things done with all these cute children around you?! I would just want to play with them all the time!

  15. Cute little guy! I have not posted in a long time but I do want to say I’m thankful for smart women including Brandy and the ones who post on this blog. And I’m thankful that because of you, a beloved family member had an N95 mask in her emergency kit during horrible, hazardous air quality in California. Just something I had and stuck in at the last moment “just in case” and within a couple of months in was spectacularly useful. And now for a favor — the recipe for that amazing tomato tart posted earlier? Thank you again Brandy, and all of you amazing smart women.

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