I’m thankful for all of the clients that have entrusted me to photograph them this year. It’s been a delight to capture the love they have for one another. (You can see more of my work on Instagram here and book a session on my website here.)

I’m also very thankful for all of you! I love learning from you, sharing frugal wins with you, and the camaraderie amongst readers in the comments! It’s so nice to be in this frugal journey together! Thank you for your comments, your thoughtfulness, your ideas, your prayers, your gifts, and your support of my website through my affiliate links! I truly appreciate it!

Thank you so much for supporting my site!  As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through my links. This means that I earn a small percentage from ANY items you place in your cart and purchase within 24 hours after going to Amazon from one of my links (i.e., it doesn’t have to be an item I have linked here).  If you’re going to be making a purchase from Amazon this week, I thank you for using my links to support this site!

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  1. Thank you for your work with your website, and for all the people who are welcome here!

    I am thankful for laughter, and hope to find more reasons to laugh soon, and more people to laugh with.

  2. Thank you Brandy, for offering this very needed time of Thanksgiving this year! In the midst of covid, it is sometimes hard to be thankful for the simple things that continue to bless each of us! We are so blessed to be healthy, close to retirement, and blessed to be comfortable. We have chosen to simplify our Christmas so w have no pressure to do everything. While we have had to live differently this year, we lack for nothing and feel so fortunate. we have more food than we need, how many people can say that? Our growing season was not good this year, but we enjoyed the coolness and rain this summer. When we have a rainy summer, there are fewer fires to deal with. (In Fairbanks we are on the dry side of the mountains)
    This blog kept me from feeling lonely this summer, so thank you to all of you! Your many ideas of frugal living meant we were able to enjoy a fulfilling good life and also met my needs for friends. Have a blessed Christmas season!

  3. I am thankful for this group. And thank you Brandy for the work you put into your site. I started following you eons ago because it was a place where being frugal mattered. It has become like a family get together each week now. Still love that there is a place where small things matter. And I thank everyone for their prayers as well. I count I them to get me through these difficult times. Blessings,


    1. Trish – you wrote what I was just thinking. This is like a gathering of kind, thoughtful, creative people – some sadness, a lot of joy and an amazing amount of caring just flow through here.

      Thinking of you as well.


  4. My baby turned 4 on the 29th. I am thankful that he joined our family as his energy and zest for life lifts us all!

  5. I am thankful for Advent traditions that we had growing up, my married kids are continuing them with their families. Both my parents have been gone for many years and it is a way that feels very connected to them.

    1. Jean, in one of those “Of course I will remember this saying” moments, I memorized, and then of course forgot, a saying that is similar to what you wrote. It was something like, “In every Christmas tree you see is an echo of every other Christmas tree you have ever seen.”
      It might have been “decorated” instead of “seen”, and “reflection” instead of “echo.” In any case, I am glad for you for the connections you find moving back and forth in your memories at this time of year.

  6. I’m thankful for my family! We’ve raised awesome adults who are also raising some pretty awesome children of their own. I’m also thankful for chocolate!

    1. I am also thankful for chocolate! I am thankful that Brandy’s blog and the people who express their ideas, bond over shared caretaking of their families and homes. I am thankful for my family and the increased joy I have relating to, and learning from, the fabulous frugal values. I pass it on to help, share, and encourage my two adult daughters so they can can thrive while also sharing with their friends. Truly a frugal lifecycle!

  7. I am thankful for the beautiful harvest or post-harvest moon, shrouded by mist, tonight.
    Chocolate is one of my joys but alas because of a medical issue I’m not able to enjoy it now — perhaps in the future though (there’s always hope!).

    Brandy — your photo of the young mother and child is beautiful — as are they!

    Have you thought of entering the Nikon photo contest?

      1. Brandy, the theme this is for the contest, if I remember correctly, is connection. I’m sure several of your photos would be great entries. Although there may be a limit to the number of photos you can enter, I don’t think there’s a fee. The competition is fierce but you never know! You would have to have model releases if using photos of identifiable people.

  8. I am wondering, Tammy, about your reference to your You Tube channel? Is it your channel or a favourite one? If it is yours, could you please share the link with us? I enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you persuade your Mother to shop online.


    1. Thanks for asking Ann. It is called Belle Rose Cooks. It is our channel. It is about more than just cooking. We just started it. I hope you are feeling better. Tammy

      1. Hi Tammy,

        Thanks for the link. Liked the tuna patty recipe although I’ll have to make it with
        chicken due to allergies. Your husband has an absolutely wonderful voice — very lyrical.


  9. Brandy, I am thankful that you do this in November, and I am thankful for all the wise comments from readers. It encourages me to consider my blessings, rather than whatever may be lacking. This year that perspective shift has been so welcome!

    Thank you!

  10. Stunning!!! This little girl’s face captures warmth and love snuggled up to her mommy!!! A mother’s love!!

  11. Brandy, I am thankful for the day I was looking for something and this site came up. I looked at some of the different categories, some of your writings, the comments and felt right at home. I wasn’t able to do things like usual but could enjoy vicariously what you all were up to. My Mom was raised on a farm and my Father in a small town. They married while he was in the army so she picked up our house like she did in the army, ready for inspection. They were both frugal in different ways and had a very good work ethic. I didn’t realize what a wonderful example the two of them were to follow. Some of my childhood friend’s parents were like mine, but when I went to work I realized how differently other people grew up. I mentioned making blueberry muffins for breakfast on Sunday morning like my Mom did and a coworker asked what brand I used. I told her they were homemade. She had never had a homemade anything. Her Mom worked nights and they lived on things from a box, can, or frozen dinners from the store. That haunted me for days, and I felt so sorry for her. So I am thankful for everyone’s comments which remind me of things from my past, present, and give me ideas for the future.

    1. Linda,

      Have you thought about making her something homemade for Christmas? I bet she would love it!

      1. That is a wonderful idea. I will wait until later in the spring as an employee in the office she works for had Covid a few weeks ago.
        It will be a nice surprise as I had promised her some and I think that same week my favorite uncle died and we rushed to Tennessee to be with his family who are equally special.

  12. I am so thankful for the community here!
    Today I’m thankful for doctors who have gone above and beyond to help me with some huge health issues. And I’m thankful for my family who looks out for me. I’m thankful for things that I can do, and I pray for patience for all that I can’t.

  13. Brandy,
    After reading your blog, I immediately purchased 13 of the maxi dresses in several solids and many gorgeous prints. I took the time to read dozens of reviews from other ladies who were very happy with their purchases. While this was a relatively sizable investment, I love how modest and how feminine they are. They will last me for years and years to come, and I love that I can dress them up or down, add jewelry, scarfs, jackets or belts to get many different looks depending on the need. You really can’t beat a timeless classic. I hope the income you make from this will be a blessing for you and I am happy to help.


    1. Thank you! I make money from anything you buy after going to Amazon through my links. I have photographed several clients in that dress in a variety of colors. It looks very nice on people!

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