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I’m thankful that even though my youngest decided that 3:40 a.m. was the perfect time to be up for the day, I was able to take a nap at the same time he did later in the day.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. On the 7th, I was grateful for the rain that watered our trees and made it easier to dig out the grass & weeds from the garden tiers.

  2. I was grateful that my sister won her mayoral race election! She worked very hard, knocking on 3000 doors. She will be wonderful in her new job.

  3. Sunshine…because even when it’s cold the sunshine makes it better. Especially with training my daughter’s dogs to stay in the perimeter when they have always had fences or chains and we do neither.

  4. I’m thankful for a cute little face to make me smile when I looked at your blog today! 🙂 Oh, and for a day off from work so I can organize my daughter’s birthday party.

  5. I was so glad to be at a dinner honouring a couple who for years have ministered to so many, particularly in their work with a soup kitchen over 15 years.These are truly two of the most humble people I have ever met. What a special occasion to acknowledge our gratefulness for all they done and how they model it with such grace. I am thankful for what I learn from them at each opportunity we meet.

  6. I am grateful that our son was able to troubleshoot the problem in our fridge, order the correct parts and install them himself. It saved us so much money that would have been spent on a service call.

    Your picture of your youngest is so precious!

  7. I’m thankful that I’m able to stay home with my children. My 6 year old is sick and I’m so very thankful that I don’t have to leave her.

  8. I am thankful for the precious cuddles I had with our youngest furry cat baby, Albert, yesterday (Nov 7). Nothing more relaxing than coddling a soft, warm, purring kitty like a little baby in your arms, as they gently squirm and knead in pure pleasure from your touch.

  9. I am thankful to finally be the owner of an 11 year old dog who will never spend another minute chained behind the house, will always have water to drink and finally got the vet care she desperately needed!

  10. Oh gosh! One just cannot become upset when looking at that absolutely adorable face!

    I am ever so thankful for Brandy’s blog that exudes positivity and inspiration. It is a dreary day weather-wise here, but today’s post was filled with sunshine! So grateful!

  11. 11-3 I am thankful for working cars and money to buy gas as we will be doing out of
    town trips Friday and Saturday for the wedding

    11-4 I am thankful for a beautiful day for the wedding, cold but not raining, the sun even was out for a while.

    11-5 I am thankful for that extra hour of sleep due to the time change.

    11-6 I am thankful for my husband, best husband around. He is humble, a Godly man who puts everyone else ahead of him, who lives to serve. He loves us and shows us in so many ways.

    11-7 I am thankful for my job which I love and good people to work with everyday.

    11-8 I am thankful for my warm comfortable house as it was 20 F this morning. It makes me mindful of the needs of those who lack the basic necessities and how we must keep helping others.

  12. Oh, my goodness! What a cutie:) Good thing, if he woke up so early:) As you say, it sweetens the moment to see such a smile!

    Today I am thankful for good medical care here in the USA. Today, my niece needed to be seen, due to an ear ache she developed in the night. They got her in this morning, and she is now on the antibiotics she needs. We are reading a wonderful book, “Daring to Hope”, which is the sequel to “Kisses From Katie” for homeschool right now. It tells about a woman who cares for children, and hurt and sick people in Uganda. It is difficult for them to get the proper medical care there, as we know….but it really drove the lesson home when we read our chapter this morning, and then headed off to the doctor right afterwards. There was a small co-pay, in Uganda, you must pay before they will even start treating you….We waited an hour (they appologized)–in Uganda, you may wait days, We drove there in our car, they may have to walk miles…and so on. I have much to be thankful for. (BTW, I highly recommend these books–so inspiring).

  13. I will second the post of being grateful for sunshine today. We have had a couple of cold & bleak days. I was so happy to see the sun this morning!

  14. Today I am thankful that we can both afford and are able to top up our spam supplies to a 12 month level with 50% off normal price specials.

  15. Today I was again reminded of what is important in this life…why we are here on earth. I am thankful that I can pray and sing and worship and vote in a free country! I am thankful for my family.

  16. I am thankful for my best friend of twenty three years that been such a blessing to me over the last couple of very difficult years.

  17. Thankful for my wonderful husband as we removed wall paper and began to skim coat the walls of our bathroom.

  18. I am thankful that I met a beautiful woman today who was applying for a loan for school and who is the epitome of inner strength and an inspiration. I am thankful that we will probably be able to help her.

    I am thankful that there are children. It is a beautiful photo, Brandy. I hope you get more sleep tonight.

    I am thankful for a friend who drove me a long distance to have an echocardiogram and then will drive me back to return some medical testing equipment. I am glad I didn’t break anything when I fell.

  19. I am grateful for full supermarkets. I know in parts of the world that food is hard to come by. I was able to get our Thanksgiving turkey (21 lbs) for $6.19. Turkeys are on sale for 39 cents a pound and I had a $2 off next shopping order coupon. I will try to get another one this week as an extra.

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