I’m thankful for a Christmas card from a reader that I received in the mail! I don’t know who you are, but thank you for your kindness!

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for trees and the shade they provide on the southern side of my house all summer. Between them, the porch that runs along half of the house and the 18 inch overhang from the eaves and the gutters, my house stats cooler because not much sun comes in on that side. We won’t talk about how I feel when all the leaves fall and need to raked and bagged (7 bags so far,)

  2. I am thankful my Mom made sure reading was valued in our home.
    And that I found a husband who thinks the same.

  3. I am grateful for the free yoga class that is taught twice a week in the church that is across the street from where I live. The class helps me stay strong and flexible and my body reminds me when I miss one! I am also grateful for the friendships that have formed with my classmates.

  4. I am thankful for my eldest son. He’s only three and a half, but he’s such a great helper while I’m so heavily pregnant. I am thankful I can ask him to run and fetch things or to put things away and not have to leave the sofa! I am especially thankful that he is so good at helping his little sister – even if she doesn’t always want the help! It was lovely to watch them drawing together today, and to see him pass her extra paper and pick up her dropped pencils.

  5. I’m thankful that we were able to afford Driver’s Ed. for our sixteen year old. It’s required in Maryland and the $350 price tag is hard for so many of us. I think of the many families who can’t afford it, as I think it does hinder their children’s future.

  6. Public libraries! Today I stopped by mine and picked up books to read and a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece craft kit for a small fun project.

  7. I am thankful that our house exterior painting is going very well and the house looks great. I am also thankful for a wonderful sister in law, we had a long chin wag today and I enjoyed every moment of it.

  8. I am thankful that a wind came up and blew my leaves away.

    I am thankful that hopefully we will still not have snow until
    next week.

  9. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn new things at work all the time, and to pass this knowledge onto younger individuals in my profession. I have been in my profession (CPA) for about 40 years, but there is always something new to learn. I think keeping my brain nimble aids maintaining a healthy brain as I age.

  10. Thank you for this thankful series again this year, Brandy. I have been putting thought to it and including in my journal as well. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to catch up with family and friends long distance over the phone without incurring the “olden days” of when I was a teen in the 80s and it was $1/minute long distance. Before that, we lived in Europe, and communication with family was via letters only. I still do enjoy writing and receiving those.

  11. I am thankful that my kids helped me with a rather large chore today. The pantry needed cleaning and organizing and I had been putting it off….. we did it together and made it fun 🙂

  12. I am thankful for having a house to live in and a car to drive. I am thankful for running water, electricity and gas for heating.

  13. I’m thankful for garbage men! We’d be in a bad fix without them, and ours are so kind about waving and honking at my little guys.

    I’m thankful for a warm house with plumbing and electricity and gas. I’m thankful for appliances that work. I’m thankful for food to eat. I’m thankful for the box of seconds apples a friend gave me that will make delicious applesauce in a bit.

    And I’m thankful for a mother who taught me to cook! How much sweeter life is when you know how to do the jobs that need to be done.

  14. I am thankful for others skills. We have needed a locksmith and electrician recently and their help and skills are truly appreciated.

  15. Today I am thankful for my mom. She taught me lots of things throughout the years but she made sure that I knew to have a well stocked pantry. I know Hubby, I and the kids are fed and my mom and dad are too. With all of the shortages going on it is a comfort to not have to stress over it.

  16. I am thankful that my son-in-law’s father came through surgery successfully after an aneurysm yesterday. He will be in the hospital for a couple more weeks and then physical therapy but he is still doing well.

  17. I am thankful for one of those days when I was able to move almost seamlessly from one thing to another to get a lot accomplished. I am also thankful that the things I wanted to bake could all be done using one pair of tongs and one sheet pan with parchment paper first, then moving to aluminum foil and a rack without so many things to wash.

  18. I am thankful my husband is on my side…even when he doesn’t see what I see, he trusts my education, training and instincts. It goes both ways as I trust him implicitly. What a secure feeling in an ever changing world.

  19. I’m thankful I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm went off today. And I was wide awake & used that time for prayer, worship, thankfulness & reflection. What a wonderful start to the day!

  20. I’m thankful to be holding my baby in my arms as she falls asleep. Her sweet weight and the sound of her breathing are so relaxing and help me unwind at the end of the day. She’s so precious and I’m so thankful for the moments to appreciate just holding her.

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