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  1. For individuals – none. We have bulk stores, yes, but you can make purchases only if you have a cafe or a restaurant or any kind of business (you need a business serial number for the card). They are just bulk stores, selling stuff in bigger packages, but the prices are quite normal. So, when we happen to have something with reduced price in a grocerie store there is a sign *Not for re-sellers* That doen’t mean that the sale is a good deal but the bulk prices are so high… 😀

  2. I have never heard of them doing this. Perhaps someone else will know. Their prices are very similar on many staples, but they also carry many different things from one another, and their membership prices are vastly different.

  3. I’d like to add that we get grain in bulk from Farmer’s Market (I grind my whole wheat flour) I think the price is very good, 0,70€/kg for organic wheat -> about 41 cents/lb

  4. I went to this, spent way too much money, and ended up joining. The price was $40 with a $10 gift card if I joined today (probably this weekend) and 25 box tops (?, oh well, we’ll take them for my daughter’s old elementary school). While I can get some things for less when they are on sale, they have some things we like, such as the frozen Angus cheeseburgers on a bun for about $1.25 each (8 in a box for $10). I’m a single mom who works outside the home and the burgers are great when my teenage daughter gets home from school and is starving (at least she thinks so). Their bulk yeast works very well and I just keep it in the freezer until I need it. The bread flour is a good deal, too.I really admire those of you who grind your own wheat and make almost everything from scratch, but that just isn’t happening in our house due to time available so buying some things in bulk (granola bars for my daughter to take to school for when the hunger pangs hit mid-morning) is really helpful.

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