For the fourth day of A Gift a Day, I made pajama shorts. It’s warm here most of the year, so comfortable pajama shorts work well for about 8 months of the year.In fact, today was really warm, so these would have been appropriate for today.


Pajama Shorts


matching thread


sewing needle, or a sewing machine
existing pair of shorts that fit the child

I drew around a pair of shorts (that was folded in half) and made a pattern from those.


The total time for one pair of pants was about one hour.

Today I made one pair of pajama shorts.


$0.05 per pair of shorts, as I used repuposed fabric (an old sheet that belonged to my mom) and the thread was a very tiny amount  I bought the elastic at a garage sale last year. If I were buying this fabric on 50% off sale at the fabric store, my total cost would be around $3.00. Another option for fabric is to look at garage sales and thrift stores. I have made pajama shorts in the past from old men’s t-shirts and polo shirts from my husband. I prefer to make them from those, or from plaid fabric, but this was what I had, so I used it.

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  1. I make a similar pant for my girls. I made mine a little longer and put eyelet lace on the bottom. They wear them under their dresses like pantaloons, They like the freedom of being able to play at the park or sit without me telling they to put their legs down all the time. 🙂 And yes they also sleep in some I made out of t shirt material. Nice job can’t wait to see what else you do.

  2. I made four tassels to go with your beautiful printable bookmarks. These were so easy to do thanks to the tutorial. I made them while standing in the kitchen while waiting for food to cook and between shuffling pans. I will make some more today. I have the bookmarks printed on card stock. I need still to buy some clear contact paper.I used “Loops and Threads” craft thread, which I had on hand, instead of embroidery floss. It is similar, but contains twisted strands instead of straight. I added a couple of more loops to the fringe part since the craft thread is slightly thinner. They look beautiful.Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. Last week I made a set of warm pajamas for my youngest daughter with fleece, similar to your pj shorts. She had received fleece to make a blanket for her birthday from a friend. We chose to make the pjs instead as they were more needed.

  3. Thank you for these posts. A separate question…you have a link to Amazon on the RHS of your blog, and it links to their Frustration Free packaging. If I wanted to use this link to shop on Amazon (as a way to say thank you, to you, for your lovely blog), do I have to buy something in the Frustration Free packaging for it to work? More specifically, can I use the link and just buy whatever it is that I wanted to? I hope that makes sense….

  4. You are doing a great job on all your handmade gifts. So far this week I made a felt hand puppet (a cat) using felt that was given to me. I plan on making three more. The next one will be a white rabbit.

  5. I am impressed at all you do. I live near Henderson. If you are out in this area and let me know, I would be happy to meet you somewhere and pass on some of my fabric to your family. My family is grown now. I quilt and used to sew more. I have far too much fabric and would love to see some yardage go to someone that really sews. (not just craft projects)

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration! Today when we were in Goodwill there was a king size duvet cover, made of flannel in a pattern that my daughter just loves, with castles, knights and dragons. She has a twin bed, so I plan to make her a reversible comforter, pillow cases and some night gowns. It’s a lot of fabric – there may even be enough for a fitted sheet. I know she’ll love them all, and the fabric was just 2.99.Meanwhile, we are a small family who has decided to simplify Christmas rather a lot, so I am hesitant to make a lot of gifts for people ouside the family, even though I can do it for little cost, because then they turn around and spend money they don’t have (in some cases) on a reciprocal gift. I always give our neighbors something homemade – either soap and crocheted washcloths or homemade bread and jam, and I’ll do something like that this year too. I’m also going to make bookmarks for everyone at church (it’s a small church), because I feel like that is small enough that people won’t think of it as something they have to reciprocate for. I hope that makes sense…I don’t want to give someone a gift and have it turn into a burden. (???)We send ‘care packages’ to my parents and my in-laws. A jar of honey from our bees, some homemade fruit cake, jams, homemade cookies and some nuts that I buy in bulk. I usually tuck in a few little things with that – one year it was beaded sun catchers, sometimes some crocheted washcloths – it varies year to year.

  7. The fabric on that duvert cover sounds wonderful. I am amazed that your Goodwill had it at such a low price! Those sound like wonderful gifts!I love that you consider that burden of a reciprocal gift! Good for you!

  8. I am so enjoying this series, Brandy! I do have to tell you that I chuckle everytime you mention repurposing fabric from anything other than clothes. It reminds me of The Sound of Music when Maria makes the children playclothes from the curtains. 🙂 Love that movie and love the creativity!

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