The next day of our trip, we headed to Salt Lake City.

We went to the Beehive House first. The garden was so pretty!

We then bought a loaf of bread across the street, and had lunch (sandwiches, apples, pickles, and chocolate chip cookies) at a park across the street. We were delighted with the weather, which was just perfect (and so much cooler than we had left behind at home!)

We then toured Temple Square.

Yes, that’s Liberty!

Afterwards, we went across the street to tour the Conference Center. I really enjoyed the rooftop garden. The next three pictures were all taken on the roof of the Conference Center:

We walked back in front of the Salt Lake temple on our way back to the van.

We had planned to go to the Church History museum and then have dinner, but the children were tired (Ivory was already asleep!) so we headed back to Provo and ate our dinner back at my niece’s house. We had pasta e fagioli, which we had warmed and brought with us in the Gotts for dinner in Salt Lake. Though we ended up having it back at the house, it is something I would definitely bring again on a trip.

We ended the evening visiting with our niece and nephew and their children.

I’ve got one more post to finish the trip, covering the last two days of the trip, which I’ll be posting in the next few days.

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  1. Even if you’re not visiting your alma mater, visiting a university is a great idea for a trip. One of the places I’ve liked the best of all time was the botanical gardens at Cornell University. At that point we were doing a college visit for my son and did a little sight seeing to go with it. You certainly have some beautiful pictures recording this trip.

  2. You were up mighty late…I was up for today when you updated your status on FB about this post! I think the gardens are gorgeous. The whole trip looks like it was just fun all around.

  3. really enjoyed seeing this trip, it puts in perspective the young lads on their mountain bikes that come over here on missionary duties in the cities . I miss them now we live in the country

  4. I have taken those same shots over the years. Sorry you did not go through the museum, they had agreat children’s exhibitions floor that were hands on and /or interactive. We have taken our grands there a few times and they never tired. It will be closed for renovations till next year. Thanks for the memories!

  5. I visited Salt Lake City when I was 14, I still remember that vacation. Even though I am not Morman, I hope to visit that city with my kids, I think it is so beautiful and full of the history and liberty our country was founded on.If your making a places within driving distance list, Denver, Co was also on that trip for my family and it is beautiful in a totally different way, I remember how gorgeous it was to camp outside of town and drive in and go the zoo. I have been to a lot of zoo’s since and it is still my favorite.

  6. All of the pictures you post are beautiful, but these are simply amazing!!!!! I especially love the one of Liberty in front of “Liberty”! Looks like a beautiful family had a beautiful trip full of memories!

  7. I have never been to Salt Lake City either, but my husband traveled there for his job, and had time to drive around a bit in his rental car before he caught his flight back. He said it was beautiful, and your pictures prove it. My sister-in-law is an accomplished amateur photographer and has actually sold a few photos near their former home outside Toronto for travel brochures. You won’t get rich doing it, but it might be a source of a little additional income. She majored in journalism and has had an occasional piece published in magazines as well–all while being a “stay at home Mom.” All you need is the nerve to send them in, and an address you can probably find online. After her children were grown, she worked for the “Welcome Wagon” there—which was a job she was greatly suited for, as she is a gracious hostess and she got to meet all the new neighbors too! The temple is a lovely building especially with those gorgeous gardens all around. Very impressive photos, AS USUAL! Thank you for sharing the photos and the travel stories with us.

  8. So beautiful! It looks like you have some wonderful family portraits to choose from to put up on your wall at home. I especially love the Liberty photo. It would make a wonderful poster/print to put up on her bedroom wall…a Christmas gift perhaps!?! I have truly enjoyed you vacation posts. Can’t wait to see the vacation post finale.

  9. My parents live a couple of blocks away from the Beehive House. I was very disappointed when they replaced the hoarhound candy with lemon heads – I am probably the only person in the world who likes hoarhound!

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