We’re starting school again this week, so it should be quite busy. I want to keep on top of lessons and reading books, and I definitely want to do more science experiments and art projects this school year. I’ll have 6 children doing schoolwork now, in 6 different grades, which will definitely take a lot of time and effort!

Some of these goals are things I didn’t get done last week; hopefully they’ll be finished this week! I’m actually sick right now, so I may be taking it easy while I work on recovering. If I feel better, I’ll work on getting all of these done. Otherwise, schoolwork and cooking might be all I get done this week.


1. Keep on top of all schoolwork, including assigning and correcting

2. Find my camera battery charger. I’ve never mislaid this before, but it has been missing for a while and I cannot take pictures until it is found.  We found it!

3. Go through all library and living room books and reorganize them yet again. I did this earlier this month, but we are hoping to have some more bookshelves arrive at the end of the week, so I no longer have to have double stacked books.

(On a side note, last week I moved all of my library pins from a private house board to a separate, public library board on Pinterest, which you can see here.)


I’m sure I’ll cook a lot more than this, but this is what I have planned so far:

1. Roast turkey

2. Bake ham

3. Slice ham and turkey for sandwiches

4. Bake rosemary olive oil bread

5. Make tomato basil soup


1. Bring a few objects into the library from other parts of the house

2. Cut flowers and branches from the garden

3. Hang 2 pictures in boys’ room

4. Iron pillow cover and put it back in Cyrus’ room (I washed it a couple of weeks ago)

5. Have my mom print transfer for pillow for Ezrom’s room

6. Move (rehang) a couple of pictures into different spots in the library


1. Sew pillow and cover for Ezrom’s room

2. Sew buttonholes and buttons on 3 items

3. Finish hemming my husband’s shirt sleeves


We are having cooler than usual weather this month; normally these are temperatures that I see in September. I am going to try starting a few fall seeds in the garden to see if they germinate. The hardest part is keeping them damp long enough to germinate when it is this hot still.

1. Spread some manure in the garden (I have just a little bit to use)

2. Plant a few fall seeds in a small area

3. Cut more basil and hang it to dry

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  1. I don’t know that blog but thank you for sharing!I’ll have to find the camera battery charger before I can take any more pictures. I am certain I brought it home from my trip but I don’t remember seeing it since then.

  2. We are starting our second week of school here. I am glad to be back into a routine. I am finding that I am spending more time in the kitchen than I was. It is super hot here this week and it makes it difficult to get any shopping done. We always can use more bookshelves at our home but we have run out of wall space! It’s easy to collect them but hard to give them up.

  3. I’m starting my very first year of homeschooling on Sep 1. Granted, it’s only preschool for my daughter, but I want to make sure we get into good habits early. Any advice?Hope you get better soon and find your charger!

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon. What I did this week to save money:Mended a sheet and a beach towel for my daughter.Washed and removed stains from a heavy white bedspread for my granddaughter-came from someone’s attic but is of great quality. Mended a pair of capris of mine–they were new this spring, but the waistband was coming apart. Designed to pull up over the hips, the stitching broke when you did so. I re-stitched it but since it had belt loops, the thread had to be started and stopped a few times. I stretched the fabric as I sewed, so hopefully they will stretch over my hips without breaking the thread again. Such poor planning in ready to wear. Granted I only paid half price for them, but it was still over $20, and they fit really well, so I do hope to wear them for years to come. I only planted three tomato plants this year, one each of Early Girl, Big Boy, and Roma. The Big Boys are just starting to ripen, but the other two have already given me all we can eat, and enough extra to make about 2 1/4 quarts of puree to freeze for winter. I also took Granddaughter a couple tomatoes and a large green pepper from the garden–the peppers are 11-12 oz each! Today I made a peach pie for dessert–my husband loves pie, so I do try to make at least one of each variety during the year. We prefer to eat the fruit fresh, to save calories, but a pie is such a treat. Still have several ripe peaches to have with cereal for breakfasts, or snacks. Bought the fresh produce on sale this week–plums, pineapple, cantaloupe, as well as the peaches. I need to go up the road for blueberries too, as he is almost out. They are cheaper from the farm stand. I also went to Aldi’s for butter, but had to pay $2.99 a lb. At my regular store it’s $3.79/lb, so I did save some. Hoping to find a better sale soon, but I have about 6 lbs on hand until I do. Rolled out my pie crust between two pieces of waxed paper saved from cereal bags inside the boxes.I have done that for years, and it’s the perfect size and weight for the job. I keep a bag handy and fold them so I can just reach in when I need them Also useful for breading meat–just toss when finished and one fewer mess to clean up. We took a day off this week to go to the Art Gallery with daughter and granddaughter. My husband’s brother and his wife met us for dinner–they were in town for a funeral, but we only see them once or twice a year because they live quite a distance away. Since they are in their 80’s and we’re over 70, we bought one appetizer, four entrees, and two desserts, and my granddaughter got the leftovers to take home with her. A reasonable expenditure for a meal which we ate “family style” in the restaurant. Two salads came with the above, which also stretched to feed us all. I’m sure there is more, but that’s all I can think of. (I do make my own bread, and bought a package of day old hot dog rolls for a “summery” meal of hot dogs and potato salad. Hot dogs are not a regular thing here, but summer is fading fast and we enjoyed them.)

  5. Since spring is just around the corner, I’m hoping to find some cute spring crafts to do with the kids. I’ve also got to get my oldest packed for school camp – although that won’t be hard, she’s been wanting to pack for the past 6 weeks. I’d also very, very much like to find a home for a gorgeous needlwork that was given to me three weeks ago, that I still haven’t hung up, because I’m out of wall space!

  6. I don’t homeschool. My son starts 5th grade tomorrow at our public school 🙂 He’s a good student. Just doesn’t like to read. Wish I could change that :/ I LOVE to read! It’s one of my favorite pastimes!! My husband is contacting local contractors to have custom bookshelves built in the front room of our house now that his mother is in an assisted living facility. Her former bedroom is now free to be used as we wish.

  7. I’ve made good progress with my fall cleaning. The living room, kitchen, dining area, our bedroom, and the half bath have all been deep cleaned, including windows, curtains, and blinds, mattress set turned, and every single thing on the bed washed.With an appointment one day this week and next, and Labor Day company, it will be at least a week before I can do another “extra” chore, but the hardest rooms are behind me. Just the big bath, hall, and two hobby rooms to go. Doing the pantry is usually a winter project.I used to be able to do the whole house in a week and a half, but those days are gone. This gets harder every year and I don’t have a solution for that.

  8. Hi Brandy,I hope you feel better. I was wondering if you could do a post on the transfer and pillow making. I would love to make one for my daughter and son for Christmas. Thank you!

  9. Pamela, what kind of transfer technique you use will depend on what kind of printer that you have. If you have a laser printer like I do, you can use the Citri Solv transfer method, like I did for the burlap love pillow and the rabbit pillow. The Graphics Fairy has a tutorial on that method here: http://thegraphicsfairy.com/crafty-project-grain-sack-kitchen-towels-diy/If you have an ink-jet printer, you can print on iron-on paper and then iron that on to your pillow. I don’t have and ink-jet printer, but my mom does. http://thegraphicsfairy.com/union-jack-shield-pillow-iron-on-transfer-printable/There are other ways to transfer images to fabric, including printing on the fabric itself from your printer; all of these require and ink-jet printer:http://thegraphicsfairy.com/12-easy-image-transfer-methods-for-diy-projects/

  10. That’s just what I was looking for thank you!!!! I have a laser printer like you, but hubby has access to all kinds if needed. I am really looking forward to making these pillows for the kids. I think they will love them. Money is tight right now and these would be a great inexpensive gift (made with love) under the tree:)

  11. Perhaps he just hasn’t found the right book 🙂 For each of my children it has been something different. My husband wasn’t a fiction reader until I put The Red Keep in front of him. Since then, he has read quite a bit!

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