Last Week’s Goals

1. Work on green dress for Winter

2. Finish skirt for Winter

3. Continue to embroider handkerchief at night. I took care of the baby several evenings instead.

4. Plant more seeds in the garden

5. Put together items for speaking this week (Tuesday and Saturday)

6. Take pictures for tutorial.

7. Spend some time organizing the pantry

8. Organize part of the library

9. Sew bibs

11. Praise each child each day

This Week’s Goals

1. Work on Winter’s green dress (hopefully we will have good naptimes this week!)

2. Sew black shoes for Winter

3. Organize part of the library

4. Pull out cucumber vines from the garden (they’ve succumbed to powdery mildew, unfortunately)

5. Plant more seeds in the garden

6. Edit tutorial pictures and post them on the website

7. Praise each child each day

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  1. This week’s agenda:I have to pick up my chicken order tomorrow and repackage it into meal sized portions. Go through the husband’s closet. Apparently he has some dress shirts he supposedly cannot wear because the sleeves are too short. The four I’ve pulled out so far look pretty new, but I really don’t have a way to repurpose them. Sew pullover bibs for a gift. I still have to decide on the ribbing as I’m struggling to find the right, or even close, colors.

  2. Brandy, I’m beginning to think that you really don’t want to make that green dress… Just kidding…I need to finish making applesauce with the apples I bought a few weeks ago, put out the fall/Halloween decorations, plant the spring bulbs before it gets too cold, and start winterizing the house. This will include calling the gas fireplace guy to install a new blower fan (since I blew ours out last year – long story, don’t ask) and give it the biannual cleaning. I don’t mess with things like gas… My luck I would save the $125 cleaning fee and kills us with carbon monoxide – just sayin’…

  3. Hello!My friend makes dresses and jumpers for little girls using men’s shirts. The front is button-down, and she adds ribbons and some other cute touches. I think you can probably google how-to’s. She gets men’s shirts from goodwill (small/med size for toddlers/little girls), makes them for her daughter and gives some for presents, too. Stacy

  4. Unfortunately, I never had any little ones. The bibs I’m doing are going to a relative. . . I’m not sure that handmade clothing, though, would be appreciated. They are the “executive pin stripe” variety — 20/36 — lots of fabric to work with though!

  5. Men’s shirts can also work really well as art smocks. If you don’t have any littlies of your own you could always be super-kind and donate them to a local kindergarten. Or, you could always try selling them on eBay since they look new. You may not get much for them; but at least you won’t be out of pocket either.

  6. I’ll be your local Childrens home could use them. Or the homeless shelter. You have love in your heart to share. They need it.

  7. My goal for this week is to plan the budget for November. Paying all the bills, preparing for Christmas, celebrating my daughters 13th birthday, and getting the car MOT’d…it will be tight, but I’m determined it will be possible!

  8. This week’s goals:1) Clean the inside of the replacement car.2) Arrange for the repair of the non-functioning switch for the mirrors, trunk & locks on the replacement car.3) Finish filling the empty quart jars with sliced apples.4) Make apple jelly with the juice from the peelings/cores.5) Continue to organize the food storage in the cubby.-Marivene

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