I used a gallon-sized pickle jar to hold the 6 pounds of brown lentils that I bought in bulk a little while back. It looks like I could probably fit another pound in the jar! I love using large pickle jars to hold beans. I did find out that my family (including myself) prefers the taste of the pickles I made to what was once my favorite brand of pickles!
I harvested rosemary and sage from the garden.

I made homemade French bread.
Every other year, my mom has bought some new aprons for me for Christmas to replace my worn-through ones. I wear an apron most all day long. I have a few different ones that I use for different things. I bought fabric this weekend to make myself some new aprons instead. (She is going to give me something else). I bought heavy cotton twill at a couple of places, and the cost of my aprons will be between $3.39 and $4.12 each. The aprons she had previously bought for me are $19.95 each.
I also purchased some other fabric for other gifts and clothing at a great discount.
I was home all week except for Monday and Friday. I normally don’t drive anywhere for 5 or 6 days a week. Not only does staying home save me on gas, it also gives me the time and energy to get things done at home.
I started 2 quarts of clementine vinegar for cleaning. The smell of clementines is one of my favorite smells. I think I will enjoy this vinegar more than the orange cleaner (grapefruit cleaner smells wonderful, too). I buy my white vinegar in bulk at Sam’s Club (it comes 2 gallons for $3.38), and simply fill a jar with citrus peels, cover it with vinegar and a lid and let it soak for a few weeks (or more), and then strain the vinegar to use for cleaning. (You can dilute it with water if you want but I haven’t been.)
I mended two sweaters and a nightgown.
I modified an old skirt of my grandmother’s to fit my daughter.
I changed a $1 garage sale dress into a skirt for myself, with fabric leftover to make a few other items.
I repurposed the edge of a torn bottom bed sheet to make a Christmas gift. I repurposed a zipper from a sheet set and part of a garage sale curtain to make another gift.
I watched a few shows for free on Hulu.
My mom shared the produce that she had in her fridge with us before she left for the weekend.
Some friends of my parents gave us three pumpkin pies! Last week another friend of my parents gave us two turkeys. She has given us two turkeys each for the the last couple of years. We ate one of those turkeys for Thanksgiving and of course we ate the pies. The other turkey is in the freezer for another month.
I was able to get two free turkeys this week from a store’s spend $30, get a free turkey deal.
Altogether, I was able to get 8 turkeys this month to use over the next year. Turkey is usually the least expensive source of meat that I can purchase. It was much higher this year. Thankfully, I restocked my supply of bulk beans, so we will have plenty of protein over the next year. I will look for Christmas ham and pork roast sales next month.
I cut flowering Genovese and Thai basil and some zinnias to decorate our Thanksgiving table.
What have you done to save money this week?

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  1. Happy post-Thanksgiving! I gave thanks for this group; what a wonderful bunch of ladies we have here!Last week I gave all of my men a clean-up of their hair: I trimmed around their ears and their necks before we headed out of town. I have been cutting hair since my husband and I got married, and it has saved us so much money. I had a really patient and good husband while I learned what *not* to do, ~smile~, and it didn’t hurt that he was in the military at the time. He always told me to go ahead and cut, because he could always have it shaved if he needed to. My boys thank him now. ~smile~I soaked several cups each of red and black beans, separated them into 2-cup increments and popped them in the freezer for easy use. I was so grateful for them yesterday, our first day home after being gone for five days.I utilized Pandora and Hulu last week. Also, I don’t see this mentioned anywhere because of the delicacy of the subject so I will put it as lightly as possible, but last year I made homemade feminine hygiene supplies, and I would never go back. This has saved me a LOT of money. I continue to line-dry 80% of our clothing, using a rack in the spare room (soon to be sewing room – yay!). I made homemade stuffing, saving the bread ends for months in the freezer, drying them, grinding them, and making stuffing. I made homemade bread, packed lunches, and made another Christmas gift: knit gauntlets (fingerless mittens). I also knit myself a pair to keep my hands warm as I go through making more gifts. I came up with a couple more ideas for homemade gifts; can I tell you how much fun I’m having? I also helped to pass the homemade theme along and taught my niece (17) how to crochet over the weekend. By the end of the weekend she was finishing up her first project (a scarf for herself) and had a scarf for her mom started and one for her best friend ready to start. That’s all I can remember for now; last week was an emotional one as I suffered a miscarriage on top of the holiday preparation. My heart aches, but the Lord is in control and is so very generous to have given us the honor of creating another little soul. To God be the glory!May you all have a lovely “bonus” week – I love that extra week in November after Thanksgiving. It makes me think I have “extra” time before Christmas. ~smile~Shani

  2. I have done the little cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon and rolled in brown sugar and they are so delicious. I believe that the brown sugar bacon is coated in brown sugar while raw and then baked. Do use foil because it is a big mess to clean up the pan with all that sugar and grease.Here is Paula Deen’s recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/brown-sugar-bacon-recipe/index.htmland Martha Stewart’s recipe http://www.marthastewart.com/319491/brown-sugar-glazed-bacon

  3. I put each sweet potato in a sandwich size baggie and then into the large freezer bag. These will keep in the freezer for a year. Wal Mart may go as low as 17 cents a pound if they have too many left over.

  4. Christine-the American Express credit had to be used on Saturday. There was information on their website as to which small businesses took Am Ex. It will be credited back to our accounts in 6-8 weeks.

  5. Shani, I am so sorry for your loss. I have also experienced miscarriages, & while you are so correct that the Lord is in control,our mortal hearts still ache, so I am sending you an extra hug thru the lines. You are in our prayers.- Marivene

  6. Thank you, Marivene. It’s not something I’ve shared with many in my daily life, as just yesterday two people called with news of their new pregnancies, so it feels a bit lonely. I gratefully accept your hug from one mother to another. Thank you.God Bless you,Shani

  7. Shani, I am so very sorry for your loss. If you do share this news with family and friends, you might be very surprised by how many others have had miscarriages – or failed to conceive at all when they desperately wanted to do so. I know I was when I finally got pregnant at 40. It turned out that people who swore I IIthey never wanted kids were just hiding some big heartaches. Just ignore those who say at least you have your sons; that doesn’t mean you don’t miss and grieve this nanny too.

  8. I have gotten them at Walmart for $0.15 a pound! I bought so many we were sick of them. Almost free is good for me! Allison

  9. Thanks for letting me know. I guess I missed it this year. Oh well, I’ll know for next year. I love that everyone is so willing to help everyone else on this blog. I really appreciate the caring attitude of everyone.

  10. I don’t have much to write about this week, our sweet baby was born Monday the 19th, so today is the first chance I have gotten to read everyone’s posts. THanks for the tips on getting the smell out of the pickle jars- I have a couple and could never get the smell to go away. I have lots of beans I could store in them! I saved the leftover ham my mom cooked on Thanksgiving and also saved the hambone to season soup or beans. I also baked our leftover sweet potatoes to freeze for later. I am planning on staying at home for quite a while so it will save us money for the next month on groceries. I shouldn’t have to buy anything other than milk and staples like rice or flour. Thanks for all the great tips, I love reading them.

  11. We make “brown sugar bacon” a lot. We just put the raw bacon on a foil lined baking sheet and sprinkle it with brown sugar and bake in the oven until it’s done. It’s one of my daughter’s favorite meals! It’s really delicious!

  12. Christine, Do you still have the paperwork that came with the card? Read it over. You may still be able to use your card.Jill

  13. I have missed posting the last couple of weeks so these are about two weeks worth of frugal accomplishments, not one week!The thing that I’m most excited about is buying 24 pounds of hamburger for $1.50/lb.I bought canned vegetables for $0.33/can.I bought two boxes of breakfast cereal, two boxes of oatmeal and two boxes of muffin mix for $0.50/each by using store and manufacturer’s coupons.I bought about six boxes of Chex cereal for around $0.80/box by taking advantage of a double coupon day.I received three birthday cards and ten Christmas cards for free.A new Walgreens opened up by my house. I got three different coupons for $3.00 off your purchase of $10.00 or more. I made three different trips to the store and used all three coupons. I was able to combine one of the coupons with Black Friday deals.During the month of November, one of the grocery stores in my area had coupons each week for $3.00 – $5.00 off your total if you spent between $25.00 and $50.00. I was able to save $19.00 over the course of the month by using all of the coupons.Normally having a couple of teenage boys over for lunch to celebrate my son’s birthday would not be considered a frugal birthday party. However, I did use leftover Happy Birthday napkins from last year. I also was able to use a cake mix, frosting and ice cream that I already had on hand.I received a $5.00 gift card from Kohl’s in the mail to be used on Black Friday. I was able to buy three new pillows and the total cost was about $7.00. We were given some leftover cranberry salad from the Thanksgiving dinner that we had at a relative’s house. Jill

  14. I am struggling to find the right words for you Shani, Mari is right people often don’t share their painful news, It is hard to tell people and we all wear brave faces when we would rather curl up and cry. Prayers for you, and focus on what you physically and emotionally need for a bit.Jenny

  15. I just read this post and think that the gifts sound wonderful. I am so glad you could trade and get all of the food for your family as well. Meat would be a wonderful trade! I don’t think you sound like you are bragging at all.

  16. Shani-I am praying for you and your loss. I too have suffered miscarriages. I have 3 angels here on earth and 3 in heaven. May God grant you His peace and comfort. Jennifer

  17. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Sounds wonderful.I think of myself as thrifty, but I am always learning something new….or maybe I knew, and had forgotten :)The prudenthomemaker site is by far one of the best I have read.

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