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Today I’m bringing you two new recipes on the website. These took a while, because I kept making new batches, testing variations in the recipes, until I was satisfied. Plus, my family wanted to eat them as soon as they were done, which often left no chance to take pictures!

One is for saltines. These are great for making tomato cheddar sandwiches.

The other is for wheat crackers. For these, I wanted a wheat cracker that tasted like Keebler’s Toasted Wheat crackers (in other words, not at all like Wheat Thins). I think these do that.

I think crackers are one of the most overpriced items at the market. Go make your own and save yourself a few dollars per box!If you like softer crackers, roll them a little thicker. If you like crispy crackers, roll them super thin.

Whole Wheat Crackers The Prudent Homemaker

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  1. My uncle used to make us puffed crackers for dinner. All I remember was a pan with a lid and you layer crackers, cheese and then pour in milk, let it cook a bit and the saltines puff up and soak up the milk. I remember it was yummy. His family was russian so maybe it’s common there.

  2. Thank you for these two receipes, Brandy. They really come on time. I’ve been thinking of changing what I give my little ones for their snack at school and I think these will make them super happy!!! I really love your photos…

  3. I am so excited to try these. Cream cheese and pepper jelly are one of my favorite spreads for crackers. Homemade crackers will be even better! Thanks for posting these.

  4. Thanks! I detest Wheat Thins, when I eat them, they make me feel dizzy. How bizarre is that? The rest of my family loves them. I love other wheat crackers though.I will be trying these.

  5. In our area crackers are $4.50 a box and up depending on what type you buy. I totally agree that they are way over priced! That is out rageous when you consider how very little food is in one box.

  6. I know this is an old post and I’m not sure if you will get this question, but it is worth a try.Do you think I could make these crackers with home ground pastry wheat flour with decent results?

  7. Shara, I think you can use soft wheat (aka whole wheat pastry flour) in crackers without a problem. It has a lower gluten content than hard winter wheat used for bread making, which makes it just fine for something that doesn’t need to rise, like crackers.

  8. I’m a bit puzzled as to where the recipes for crackers are posted. Can you help me solve this dilemma? I’m not seeing any recipes within the links. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jen! This is an old post and it seems that the links to the recipes were broken. I updated them and they should work for you now!

      1. Thank you so very much! I’m always poking around your blog (have for years) and enjoying the recipes and such. I feel peace when I read your postings, sounds silly but for me I feel a sense of calm. It’s a blessing

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