Ivory Birthday The Prudent Homemaker

About a year and a half ago, I found a beautiful piece of fabric on Black Friday. It was just a little bit (a yard and 3/8) and there was enough to make a dress for Ivory if I made it while she was young.

This piece of fabric became my theme for her party–blue and white, which seems fitting for a blue-eyed girl named Ivory!

Ivory birthday dress The Prudent Homemaker

The dress is made from the Pascale pattern. This pattern is my absolute favorite pattern; I use it for everything! It has so many variations. I have a copy from the inside of Sew Beautiful magazine from years ago. It’s a basic bodice dress with buttons in back. I used blue buttons I bought on a 50% off sale at JoAnn’s. The collar is made from white muslin. The dress cost me under $9 in supplies.

Ivory Bracelet The Prudent Homemaker

I made her a matching bracelet with beads I bought on 50% off sale last year at Michael’s. This was super simple; I strung the beads on a piece of clear stretch elastic that you can find in the bead section.

Ivory headband The Prudent Homemaker

Her headband is one I recovered (I cut off the original covering). The ribbon that you see is a ribbon that I bought on clearance many years ago. The bottom part of the headband is a navy blue grosgrain ribbon. I cut out two pieces for the bow and sewed it by hand, and then sewed it onto the top ribbon by hand. I then sewed both ribbons together down the sides, leaving the ends open. I slid this over the plastic headband. I folded the ends over twice near the inside bottom of the headband and sewed them closed by hand.

Ivory Imp The Prudent Homemaker

She loves headbands. I made her another one for her birthday too (not pictured) from white grosgrain ribbon. I put a bow on that one as well.

Blue and White Table The Prudent Homemaker

For decorations on the table, I went really simple: blue glass bottles I’ve had for years with a single stem of snapdragons cut from the garden, and the blue and white vase I found at a garage sale last fall (for $2) filled with more white flowers from the garden, all on a white table runner.

White Flowers in Blue and White Pot The Prudent Homemaker

Ivory giggles The Prudent Homemaker

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  1. Your dresses are always breath-taking, but I think this is my favourite so far. (Wanna make me one? I don’t think I’d be quite as cute in it though!)

    What lovely presents. I know you let your children choose their own birthday dessert; what did Ivory want?

  2. She is just so cute. It’s amazing how she has grown. Tell her happy birthday! Her dress is pretty and the decorations are beautiful. You always do a wonderful job.

  3. The dress is beautiful! As a grandmommie, I am always looking for ways to make occasions special for my little ones regardless of my financial status at the time … your site is one I always come to for inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  4. So simple, So perfectly pretty!!… I want a dress in that print! It’s beautiful. .. My daughter turns 5 next Saturday and I am taking some of your birthday tips to do a purple birthday!

  5. She’s so precious! Happy Birthday to her and you! Your sewing abilities are astounding and you take the most beautiful pictures. I love reading your blog.

  6. Oh, Brandy! What a beautiful dress! Blue and white is one of my favourite colour combinations too! The table setting is gorgeous as well, with the stunning urn accented with the blue glass bottles. Just superb!!!! I’ve lost track of how old she is…did she turn 2 or 3? I was also curious what other gifts she received or did you keep it just the dress as she is young? I always love to hear what you gave them, as your presents always inspire me with wonderful gift giving ideas.

  7. Ivory was just a baby when I started following your blog! My how she has grown! Beautiful dress and of course, love the birthday party ideas. Simple can be so elegant and refreshing! Happy birthday, Ivory!

  8. She looks like a very happy little girl in her beautiful dress. I need to make gifts for a birthday next month. I will definitely be making bracelets and headbands. Thank you for the great ideas!

  9. How beautiful! Three is such a precious age. Blue, white, and yellow are my favorite color combination. That must be why I’m so drawn to these gorgeous photos…well, that and the cute, little, blue eyed Ivory. I think this may be my very favorite blog from you…thank you for sharing. Just beautiful.

  10. Wow Brandy, You always have such great Ideas. I can not believe how big Ivory is. The Dress is beautiful. We just got beads on clearance from Micheal’s for the first time. I have to go back in a few weeks they did not have any elastic string to use. Love the pictures.

  11. What a beautiful dress! Brandy, I have the exact camera that you have, but my photos never look this good!

  12. She is just adorbs! She seems perfect personality for the camera:). And your dress is beautiful! (Blue is my favorite color!)

  13. She’s so adorable and the dress is just lovely. You did a beautiful job on it and the party decorations. I love that she is barefoot and how michevious she looks in the one photo. Happy Birthday little girl!

  14. Gorgeous dress, Gorgeous accessories on a Gorgeous little girl and how special that you custom made everything for her. All the pictures are gorgeous too. So much gorgeousness…

  15. How pretty! And it really brings out her blue eyes. You’ve done a wonderful job, as always, Brandy! And the little bracelet is adorable.

  16. Ivory is lovely – and as the old saying goes “Cute as a bug’s ear”. The twinkle in her eyes, the sweet hand over her smile, the twirl in her beautiful dress – blessedly beautiful. A gracious birthday for a graceful child.

  17. Happy 3rd birthday, Ivory! Brandy, the dress is beautiful! I collect blue and white items like your vase, so I loved your whole blue and white party theme!

  18. Happy Birthday Ivory!

    And like Myra said, when I started reading your blog, she was much younger…guess we all were;)

    Brandy, what fabulous pictures! My favorite one is when she is looking to the side like she has something up her sleeve ;). Thank you for sharing.

  19. Yes… A beautiful blue eyed girl needs a blue /white dress. Such a lovely birthday table.. the flowers are pretty, the vases are pretty, the dress is just gorgeous, but I think Ivory is breath taking beautiful. Great photography Brandy.. And Happy Birthday Ivory.

  20. So pretty. Such a pretty dress, bracelet, and headband. I admire your skill with a needle and thread. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Roxie

  21. She is just darling. The dress (so twirly!) and headband are adorable. You were lucky to find such a great fabric. And she is lucky to have such a talented mother; that’s a dress she can pass down to her own daughter one day.

  22. Ivory is just adorable. Your theme and decorations are gorgeous. The dress is spectacular! You continue to inspire me. Graceful and elegant.

  23. What every child wants most is to feel unique, special, and not tons of presents, as you so wisely know. Lucky Ivory!

  24. Wow. I can’t believe she’s three already. The dress is beautiful. I love the headbands. Happy belated birthday Ivory!

  25. I like the blue and white theme, too. My favorite picture would be the one where Ivory is twirling in her dress.
    A belated Happy Birthday to you too, Brandy.

  26. Ivory is beautiful! The dress came out wonder as did the headband and bow too. I really like these photos of your daughter in the garden. It reminds me of Alice in a Wonderland a little where Alice is small and the flowers are so big compared to her.

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