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It’s not often that I have a good supply of lettuce from the garden in May, but thanks to a later planting of lettuce (I sowed every couple of weeks including some later than I have in years past) and some unexpected cooler weather than normal, I still have lettuce in the garden now. It’s beginning to bolt, but it’s still sweet (bolted lettuce will turn bitter, the taller it gets). 

It’s also time for my first peach harvest of the year. Our Desert Gold peach tree has a low number of chilling hours (250) and is one of the first fruit trees to ripen in my garden.

I put these together in a simple salad this week. The combination of ripe peaches, sweet balsamic vinaigrette, and feta cheese was immensely satisfying.

You can find the recipe here.


If you have a Costco card or know someone who does, they have feta cheese on sale until May 17th for $4.99 (24 ounces, 680 g).


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  1. I often buy that size feta cheese from Costco and then separate into zip lock bags and freeze. It will last easily for 3-4 months and defrosts perfectly. We end up having that much feta go bad and smell, so I separate when I get it home. Same with the large Costco freshly shredded parm in large bags. It freezes very well.

  2. I usually just keep my feta cheese in the fridge because the expiration date is usually quite long. But your question about freezing it was a good one. Thanks, Crystal for confirming you can freeze feta cheese. If I ever get a quantity that I don’t think I can consume before the expiration date, it’s good to know I can freeze it!!!

  3. This is going to be tonight’s dinner – with nectarine instead of peach, since that’s what I have. Thank you for the recipe!

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