In honor of Thanksgiving, I post a gratitude post each day in November sharing one thing for which I’m thankful, and invite my readers to do the same.

This year has been a difficult year for many, so today, on the first day of November, I’d like to do something a little different for just today.

Today, I’d like you to share some good things for which you are grateful this year.

I’m thankful that we have a roof over our heads, the clothing we need (and even some we just wanted!), clean running water that is safe to drink, a working vehicle, our utility bills paid, food to eat, and food in the pantry.

I’m grateful that I’ve learned some new things in photography, in business, and in gardening.

I’m grateful that my husband is in better health than he was at the beginning of the year.

I’m grateful that my daughter found a kind and loving husband.

I’m grateful that my eldest son was accepted to college and that both he and my daughter can attend hybrid classes right now.

I’m grateful that we’re making changes in the garden to save us money and increase production at the same time.

What are you grateful for in 2020? How has this year been a good one for you? Please share your gratitude below!

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  1. I’m thankful that both my husband and I have employment.
    I’m thankful that our family has built stronger relationships and some good memories through the last eight months of being in very close quarters.
    I’m thankful we were able to find a medication that seems to be controlling my oldest son’s seizures.
    I’m thankful for my health and ability to exercise – it really keeps my mental health in check.
    I’m thankful for the peace and calm of my neighborhood while living in a city very much on edge (Portland).
    I’m thankful for everything I learn from others on the Internet (including this blog!) that help make my life better!

  2. I love the November thankful posts!

    I’m grateful that my eldest daughter is moving back closer to us-her job went permanently remote.
    I’m grateful for a grandbaby on the way.
    I am grateful for my new business, and the new friends I have made because of it.
    I’m grateful for all the work that’s been completed in our fixer upper. I’m grateful for my husband’s job, for food in the pantry and growing in the garden.

  3. This year I’m thankful that my friends and family have stayed healthy. I’m thankful that we had food storage etc before all of this started. I’m thankful that my son has been able to adjust to all virtual learning with no issues at all and is doing great in the 7th grade. I’m thankful I was able to keep my full time job (even with being laid off 6 weeks). I’m also thankful for the internet for being there for learning, communication, entertainment etc.

  4. Much to be grateful for, despite the heartaches and difficulties of this year.
    I must grateful for HOPE. Hope that things will be better. Hope that soon I can hug my grandson. Hope that the kind, loving, self that lives inside each of us will rise up and reach out to our fellow human beings in peace.
    I am grateful for you Brandy, and this blog. You have provided great comfort, and support. And so many of your readers have become my “friends.”
    God bless each and everyone of you.

    1. Hope.. is a wonderful wonderful gift to chare. It grows larger with the numbers of people it reach and more intence when spreading.

  5. I’m grateful for the family time we had during the lockdown from March through July – I know my kids’ relationships with each other grew and healed during that time
    I am grateful to work from home
    I am grateful for enough
    I am grateful for the reminders to think of community rather than self, to appreciate the slowness of our new way of life

  6. I am grateful for friends and family-my mother passed away unexpectantly last week and friends and family have been a God send.

    I am grateful that with things that need to be done for my mom’s estate. I am now retired. It is bittersweet. My last day of work was the day she passed away.

    I am grateful for the abundance of food, wood to warm us, shelter (be it ever so humble and almost paid off), and plenty of projects to keep me busy.

    I am grateful for my kids, their spouses and grandkids. One of the reasons we scrimped and saved so we could retire early and enjoy the time while we were young enough to make memories with our grandkids

    I am grateful for a free country where we can worship God, make our own decisions, and bear arms (my husband hunts and puts meat on the table).

    Brandy, I am grateful for you and this community of like minded people. It helps keep me on track with my frugalness and I love to hear what everyone is doing.

    I hope everyone is blessed this week. Live today like you don’t have tomorrow because you might not. A friend told me this and it has always been my mantra. This week has shown me my plans are not always God’s plans.

    1. Julie – I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. Please know that you and your family will be in my prayers. I hope that you find comfort & peace during this time.

    2. So sorry to hear about your mom’s passing. I hope that you will take the time that retirement gives you to grieve and to heal as best you can and in your own way. Please take care of yourself.

  7. I am grateful to have our home paid for, lots of good food to eat, our old car that keeps on going, and utility bills that are manageable.

    I am grateful that we had the means that my husband did not have to go back to a job that was not safe at the moment and could be home to assist here our son.

    I am grateful that we turned part of our back yard back into fruit and vegetable growing so we will have some home grown food from now on.

    I am grateful that my family is healthy and that we are able to continue to see my elderly mother.

    I am grateful that our beloved music program has moved to an online format so that we can continue an activity that we all love so much.

  8. I love this annual reminder to be thankful in all circumstances. I am thankful my husband has made the necessary changes in his diet and lifestyle to keep his heart healthier. I am thankful my adult children live nearby. I am thankful I am able to supervise my granddaughter’s schooling. The time we spend together is priceless. I am thankful we want for nothing in the things we need to live. I am thankful for a supportive and loving husband, family, and close friends. I am thankful I can still worship via streaming knowing there are some who are not able to worship openly and freely in this world.

  9. I am grateful that my husband is still with us after his heart attack.
    I am thankful that we still have employment and a warm home to live in.
    I am thankful that we have an abundance of food to eat and water to use as we desire.
    I am grateful that my twins have work and college during this uncertain time.
    I am thankful that I have contuinally improved my skills in cooking, baking, and canning.
    I am thankful that I have ample area to garden and grow food for my family.
    I am thankful that I am blessed with a spirit of gratitude for the things that I have and a realization that my relationships are worth far more than money.
    I am grateful for the health I have and the opportunity to take better care of myself.
    I am thankful for books and the ability to keep learning.
    I am grateful that I have been blessed to be a mother and to enjoy the unique personalities of each of my children.
    I am so thankful to live in a country with freedom and opportunity.

  10. I am grateful that my husband has been able to keep his job with the state government despite looming budget shortages that may come up next year. For the time being, our finances are in really good condition. He has been able to work from home for much of this year which has helped me out a bit with homeschooling our kids. I also am thankful for the beautiful trails we discovered this year when we were under stay-at-home orders. You are right when you say that we have a roof over our heads, running water, electricity and access to heating and cooling. I was reading a story to my kids the other day about the invention of the printing press, and it reminded me that we have so so much as modern day citizens – access to multiple Bibles, books galore in print as well as digitally through the library, and more. We have a large backyard that we can plant a garden in and a huge basement that I can work on projects in.

  11. Hi Brandy
    I too am grateful for all the basics of life like clean water etc. In addition I am grateful in 2020 for my husband who helps me keep things in perspective and is so handy at making and mending, our two loving daughters and our son in law who is kind and helpful to us all, our two Labradors for their unconditional love and much fun, friends both near and far and your wonderful blog along with a few others I read , a new friend who has come into my life this year, good health and freedom from the virus so far, a trip to Paris to celebrate our joint 60th birthdays, both of us losing weight this year, glorious weather in the summer, our garden and the natural world around us and a safe environment in rural England free from wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes etc , plenty of logs to provide fires through the coming winter, walks on the beach and sea swimming, good books, the National Trust, HM The Queen for her steadfast leadership and her address to the nation during lockdown, BBC radio and television for bringing us together and particularly for broadcasting the national applause for the NHS each Thursday during the first lockdown and a pitch perfect VJ Day commemoration, the staff in my mother’s care home, all the key workers who kept going during difficult times and last but by no means least the NHS and all the dedicated staff working in it. Thank you every one.

  12. I’m thankful for a loving husband, who is willing to take a relationship class with me. We’re already a great team, but both feel we’re here to continue to learn and grow throughout our lives.

  13. I am grateful for my family…that they are healthy and alive.
    I am so very grateful that I have a home that is paid for…the same for my car. They are both old and need work, but serve me well.
    I am healthy enough at my age that I can still do most of what I want.
    I am grateful for books and that I was able to learn to read.
    I am so thankful for The Prudent Homemaker and her gift of teaching. Thank you.

  14. I’m thankful for a precious grandson, a child we never expected would be, but he is here and bringing us all so much joy. The baby has been a bright spot in our lives.
    If my husband was sharing, he would say the same and add, “And the Chiefs won the Superbowl!” So I can also add that I am thankful for a happy husband.

    Thank you for doing this every November. It is so uplifting.

  15. Good morning, I am Thankful to God for everyday that I wake up. I am thankful for the ordinary days. I am Thankful for the Dr’s that skillfully did my hip surgery. I am Thankful for my wonderful Husband. I am Thankful for God’s plan for me.

    Did I miss something in your blog this past 6 months, when did your Daughter get married?

    1. She was married in April. Due to Covid, both we and her husband’s parents were unable to attend, so they chose to elope.

      1. I’m sure when things are back to normal, Winter and her husband will be sealed in the temple…but I bet the elopement during the pandemic is the story their kids will enjoy most. So romantic!

  16. Thank you for this Brandy! It is very timely after the year we have all been through. Regardless of any challenges we may have faced this year, I hope that each of us can find hope and cling to it for the future ahead. In this season of life I am especially grateful that…
    We have a home that we love with enough space to accommodate my Mom when she needed to move in.
    We live in a home with a large enough lot to grow a large garden, plant flowers and still have abundant room to play.
    We are all healthy. Especially my husband who has been hospitalized twice this year. It seems that he is finally improving and settled and that is a great relief.
    We have a well stocked pantry and food storage. I have always meal planned and cooked from scratch but this season of life put an even greater emphasis on the importance of that as we saw empty shelves for months. I have never been so grateful for all the cooking & baking skills that I was taught as I have been in these last 10 months. The knowledge needed to be able to cook great meals from basic items that can be stocked in bulk, the resources to do so, and the convenience and savings are tremendous blessings to my family.
    I am thankful for my sweet dog and the joy she brings to all of us daily. She has an amazing bond with my son as well and they play tirelessly together.
    My employer has gone above and beyond to ensure we are all safe and secure. Working from home has had it challenges but overall has been a blessing for my family and we are blessed to have retained employment this year when so many others have not been so fortunate.
    We have power, water, gas, vehicles that run well, clothing that keeps us warm or cool as the season demands. All of these things seem basic but when so many are struggling we are reminded what luxuries they truly are.
    I have my faith to lean on. For being able to find peace and joy when nothing around me is peaceful or joyful. For worship & prayer. For seeds. For this blog and a community of like minded individuals that
    I can share our frugal lifestyle with, glean ideas from and share recipes with. I genuinely look forward to comments, suggestions and hearing from all of you weekly.

    Be blessed this week and stay safe everyone!

  17. I’m grateful for contentment among the household this morning.
    I’m thankful I could remember how to cut my own hair.
    I am thankful that even though I cannot hug them, my parents and family are in good health and I had been able to safely visit with them.
    I am thankful these past 6+ months have given me time to go back and do things I have been neglecting or relearn skills that are needed more than ever right now.

  18. That my husband is in better health too. His diabetes has been difficult to control lately, he lost part of his foot due to diabetes too and went into a deep depression because he can no longer do his job…with prayer, lots of support from family and friends, and his own stubborn self he is on the road to a ‘new’ him. He has taken to retirement finally and we are in the middle of moving to a new home near our oldest son. We hope to be in our new home by Thanksgiving. (moving from a home we have been in 34 years is not an easy task) I am just so very thankful to have my sweet husband back. Gosh it was difficult few months but I think we are going to make it to a new beginning. We will have a new home to start making our own. Thank you Jesus.

  19. I’m grateful that homeschooling is going well, even though it was never in the original plans for this year. It’s given me a wonderful way to connect one-on-one every day with my daughter and give her focused attention, which is a hard thing to come by when I have her two younger brothers to take care of, too!

    I’m thankful for the chance to be starting a new adventure in a totally different part of the state, due to my husband’s company moving. I’m thankful he still has a steady job, even if it’s meant we’re moving three hours south. I’m thankful that we’ve found a house that we’re soooo excited to make ours, complete with a beautiful, large yard that means we can pursue much more our goal of being more self-sufficient.

    I’m thankful that all my family members who contracted COVID are 100% recovered now.

    I’m grateful for all the cozy time spent at home, and for the ready excuse to avoid any social gathering when my introvert self just doesn’t feel up to it (ha ha).

    Happy November, everyone!

  20. At 97, mom has regained her appetite and some of her pre-broken-hip strength, wounds are healing, and she can walk a bit. I was especially grateful she got out of the skilled nursing facility before visitors were banned (and 15 patients at that place got Covid-19!), and her two hospital stays afterwards took place after at least one (exactly one) visitor again was allowed. When Instacart openings were too hard to get in the spring, friends made trips to get the few things we couldn’t source online despite being scared themselves.
    Our religious meetings have been Zoomed since the pandemic started which help us feel closer to our congregation than when we had only a phone link.
    We have been stuck at home, but home is on almost an acre on a main road so we can do a bit of car/people watching (along with squirrel and bird watching). When mom was hospitalised in June, I happened to be home to watch the high school graduation parade go by. To keep everyone socially distanced, every graduate with their family drove slowly to the high school in their decorated car with fire trucks and police cars leading the way (and wrapping it up). My neighbors and I stood in our driveways and clapped and clapped and clapped for each senior. They all had to feel like rock stars that afternoon. The ceremony was held outside in the parking lot and broadcast so all could hear (incby some of the neighbors). I hope the graduation parade from town to the high school will be a new tradition even after circumstances no longer require social distancing.
    Our kitchen is stuffed with food and drinking water. We have enough sawdust logs on hand to keep a fire going in the fireplace to last for six days, as long as we’ve ever had power outages.
    I am so grateful that some doctors, nurses, OT and PT do make housecalls so little old ladies can stay at home and still get the care they need.
    Pandemic or no pandemic, we would have been housebound this year. Knowing nearly EVERYBODY was stuck at home made our circumstances a bit easier to bear. (Misery loves company.)
    I so appreciate the mail couriers and package delivery people who have worked so hard to make sure people have had what they need.

  21. I’m grateful for this post and reminding me what I have is more then enough -Have a blessed day everyone.

  22. I’m thankful my testimony of Jesus Christ has deepened.

    I’m thankful for sweet family relationships.

    I’m thankful for hard work.

    I’m thankful my husband and I are sealed with promises.

    I’m thankful that I can do hard things and appreciate what I’m learning by doing them.

  23. I am so grateful my 78 year old husband is still with me. Two of my closest friends have been widowed.

    I am grateful that my son, who I have not seen in 10 years, plans to spend Thanksgiving with us.

  24. I am thankful that my children are doing well in online and hybrid school.
    I am thankful that my husband and I both can continue to work during this crazy time of a global pandemic.
    I am thankful that we have a warm house, safe hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing, vehicles to drive that run well and are safe, plenty to eat and wear.
    I am thankful that we have a yard/garden to grow some of our food in and space to be outside together in nice weather.
    I am thankful for heat for our home in the winter.
    I am thankful for the technology that keeps us in touch regularly with our family members (our closest family members live approximately 300 miles away).
    I am thankful for good medical care and the ability to continue routine medical care during this time.

    Thank you Brandy!

  25. I’m thankful for this blog and the community you have created here!
    I’m thankful for my husband, who is smart and loving and a great partner.
    I’m thankful we have a comfortable home and plenty to eat. I’m thankful I was able to preserve a lot of our harvest this year. Also for good neighbors, lots of books to read, a job I enjoy that continues to provide income, and for craft supplies to knit and sew. I’m thankful for my dogs, who provide so much love and comfort and encourage us to get out and walk every day,

  26. I am grateful for my trip to Florida last February, it would be the last bit of travel I will be able to do for awhile! Living close to a daughter and her family. FaceTime so I can visit with other children/grandkids that live in other states. I am also grateful that my husband and I were able to find health insurance after unexpected job loss last December.
    I am grateful for my home. I live up against mountains so my back yard is very private. I love the natural habitat that surrounds our property. We get to see lots of wildlife and hear the birds singing everyday. I am able to work outside and forget about all that goes on in this crazy country for a little while.
    I am grateful for my kindle that lets me escape into the books I read.
    I am especially grateful for all that God has given to me.

  27. I am thankful that my husband got the hip surgery he needed. A year ago, he could hardly walk a short distance, and spent every late afternoon and evening in bed, stretched out due to extreme pain. Today, he is chopping wood in the forest. He walks almost daily, often a couple of miles. He tilled the garden this fall, twice. Last spring, my brother-in-law had to do it. This is our biggest praise and we thank the Lord constantly for His blessing!

    I am thankful for my new grandson, born in July.

    I am grateful for a garden that out-produced any we have had here at this house, by far, and that we were able to get our hands on enough jar lids to preserve it all! I’m thankful that our experiment with fall/winter gardening is working and we still have some fresh veggies growing out there.

    I’m thankful for close family members who have had major surgeries or procedures and are in a much better place than they were a year ago.

  28. I am thankful that our daughter has been able to move into our basement and begin a new life as a college student, studying remotely. Where she used to work, there was danger of exposure during the pandemic. I’m grateful for technology that makes it possible for all our family and loved ones to stay connected. I’m thankful for a good home to live in that is paid for, stuffed freezers and pantries and warm clothing to wear. I’m grateful for my faith in my Savior.

  29. I’m so grateful we sold our home at asking price during the summer.
    I’m so grateful that we are going to be grandparents in March.
    I’m so grateful that both my husband and I are still working and all of our children.
    I’m so grateful to have found a holistic doctor in my area to try and resolve some medical issues I’m having.
    I’m so grateful we are able to afford to fly my mother in for Christmas.
    I’m so grateful through this difficult year my relationship with my husband and children have grown stronger.
    I know this year has been heavy and difficult but I have seen God’s blessings and mercy at every turn.

  30. I am so thankful we found a program in our state where we can be reimbursed for some homeschooling costs.
    I’m thankful my husband’s career was considered “essential” and they didn’t have to close their doors.
    I’m so grateful for technology that allows my children to visit with their grandparents and cousins in different states!

  31. I am thankful that friends and family have managed to stay safe and well and I am grateful for the technology that has enabled me to stay in touch with them – even if from a distance.
    I am also grateful that the Cdn. Govt. business subsidies has meant that I have been paid all along – even though I’m only working about half my regular hours.
    I have a roof over my head, a well stocked pantry, fridge & freezer and the knowledge to be able to use all of these things without wasting anything.
    I am grateful that all levels of govt. have worked together and have taken direction from the medical experts in order to keep us as safe as possible and that the vast majority of my fellow citizens have bought into the protocols.
    I am grateful for the beautiful Fall colours and the many parks and trails that I live by for my daily walks.
    I am grateful for this blog and all the wonderful contributions made by those who comment each week.

  32. Today, Monday, as I set up the polling place for tomorrow’s election, I am thankful that we live in a country where we can choose our government. I may not like the results of an election, but I respect them…and, if we are not satisfied, we will vote again 4 years from now. This great republic has lasted 244 years (233 since the constitution was written), and I expect it will last for many more…no matter who gets elected tomorrow.

  33. I am thankful that my husband and I both have good health.
    I am thankful that we sold our house earlier this year and found another place to live. While renovations are still being completed, our condo is paid for and we have the funds to pay for renovations.
    I am thankful my husband’s business has survived during the pandemic, giving him and his four employees work and income.
    I am thankful for this beautiful world and can walk among trees, hills, streams, and observe wildlife.
    I am thankful that I have so many ways to occupy my mind and days and that I have access to learning from the internet, the library, and the lives of others.
    I am thankful that I have time to help others.
    And I am so thankful to have been a reader of this blog for about 8 years.

  34. I am so filled with gratitude for my children, grandchildren, family and friends.
    I am so thankful for the beauty in creation…varied colorful flowers, trees, plants, a full moon with stars,& sunrise.

  35. am grateful for all who contribute to this blog and for Brandy for maintaining it. I am thankful for blog friends who keep my spirits up regardless of what is going on in the world.
    I am thankful for my pantry which has food to keep us going for a long time.
    I am thankful for an abundant harvest, living in the middle of the city, that allows us to share with others, especially for so many potatoes! (672 pounds!)
    I am thankful for worship by zoom. In spite of my natural shyness, we are able to stay in touch with other members and colleagues.

  36. I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for two dogs that never leave my side when I’m sick. I’m thankful for a house with heat and electric. We are so blessed.

  37. I am thankful that my church is opened, safely, for services. I am doubly thankful to be able to lean on faith through all this.
    I am thankful that we have chosen the new dean at our church (our church is a cathedral for our diocese, so our rector is referred to as a dean) and he seems like a good fit.
    I am thankful that after five hospitalizations and three in-patient rehabs last year, my husband has not been to the hospital once this year.
    I am thankful for the safe birth of a grandchild during Covid.
    I am thankful that so far, none in my immediate family have been sick.
    I am thankful that our house is paid for.
    I am thankful for this blog and community.

  38. I’m thankful for steady employment for my husband, son, daughter, son-in-law, and myself. Three of us work at our local hospital and all of us remain quite healthy.
    I’m thankful that my pilot SIL two years ago chose to work at a charter jet company for less money so his schedule would be family-friendly. He has never stopped flying and earning a paycheck during these trying days.
    I’m thankful my 86-year-old mother sold her home for the asking price and now lives close to one of my sisters and her large family. My mom, dad, and stepmom are all healthy and safe.
    I’m thankful to be living in the country surrounded by good neighbors. Also, close friends and family have meant even more to me than before.
    Thankful our church continues to hold services each week and we are a healthy group. A few had experienced Covid, but all are completely recovered.
    I enjoyed gardening this year especially – working and being outdoors is so therapeutic.
    Thank you for this blog. It’s an encouraging read.

  39. I am thankful that I woke up today, I am healthy and those that I love are too.
    I am thankful for our home, the food on our table and the clothes on our backs.
    I am thankful that I am taking better care of myself and I feel better than I have in years.
    I am thankful that we have all our needs met and may of our wants too.
    I am thankful for this blog, to Brandy for maintaining it and for all the wonderful people who contribute. It is something I look forward to every Monday evening after work. It feels like a chat with friends!

  40. Thank you – I always look forward to your November “Thankful” series.

    We are fortunate beyond measure that my husband’s job was already “work from home” so there was very little adjustment involved for him.

    We are fortunate and filled with gratitude that our previous home sold and escrow closed just as the panic of the pandemic set in. We don’t have the words to express our gratitude for the ability to eliminate almost all debt, in addition to purchasing our lovely new home with a mortgage that is 1/6 the monthly payment of our previous (lovely but much too big for the two of us) home. We’re happy that the buyers were a young family (4 children) who absolutely loved the house and were thrilled to start making it their home. It was a home made for children to grow up in!

    We are grateful to God for the continued health and safety of our loved ones.

    We are grateful for the blessing of technology that allows us to video chat with our grandchild in another state. This week will be one year since I saw my grandchild in person and my heart aches (it used to be every 6 weeks or so)…but thanks to technology we can see each other and interact and even ready bedtime stories together regularly.

    I’m thankful for the birds that provide so much entertainment as they splash in the birdbaths outside my kitchen window.

  41. I’m thankful for so many things in this challenging year. One thing I’m especially thankful for is technology. Four of our five adult children and all seven of our grands are scattered across the country far from us (and our youngest spent almost 11 months deployed to Iraq and Syria from August 2019 through July 2020). So I’m extremely thankful we can Zoom, Marco Polo, FaceTime, Messenger, Skype, and text one another when we can’t be together.
    Thank you for your encouraging posts and lovely photography, Brandy! I eagerly look forward to your posts.

  42. I’m grateful for the wonderful friends and neighbors I have. I’m also grateful that my family has remained healthy. Brandy, thank you for this blog and the opportunity to learn and share.

  43. I am thankful for this blog and community. I am thankful that my children all got better jobs even during this pandemic. I am thankful for new grandbaby boy and my 4 year old grandchild girl. I am thankful my husband even if he sick. He working 12 hours day with his cancer. I am thankful my little dog she gives loving all time. And I am thankful that my job give me time off to be with my husband when he needs to go the hospital or the doctors office. We had a great garden and harvest a lot. We have a full pantry, clean water and a warm house.

  44. I am grateful that despite lockdowns earlier this year, we were able to accomplish a complex, long-anticipated, out-of-state move this summer. We are near family now, and as hard as it was to leave, it’s a load off my shoulders that it is finally done.

    I am grateful to have this little apartment — I’m in my 60’s and had actually never lived in an apartment before. I’m surprised how much we’re enjoying it!

    I am so, so grateful that after some serious health problems (including two heart attacks) my husband is still here. It’s my biggest blessing to have his help and companionship and perspective as we figure things out in this part of the country.

    I am very grateful that so far no one in our family has had Covid.

    I, like many of your readers, am grateful for this blog and for your efforts here, Brandy. I sure didn’t anticipate living in this area when I plotted our retirement finances, and the cost of living here presents quite a challenge. (We’re in the DC area.) But we need to be here and that’s that, so we’re going to figure out how to make it work. This blog and lovely community will help a lot; thank you all 🙂

    1. Claire,

      A friend of mine lives in your area and they are always visiting such beautiful places, be it museums, homes of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, old towns, or flying kites out during the cherry blossom festival, etc. It looks like such a wonderful place to live! I hear some of those museums are free. I hope you get to enjoy them!

      1. Thanks, Brandy! Yes, I can see there are a lot of opportunities here — we’re especially struck by how many parks there are. We’re endeavoring to make the most of it!

  45. I’m thankful that we’re debt free which made it a bit less stressful during lock-down. I’m very thankful that our children and grandchildren have been healthy this year. And, every winter night when i get into bed, i’m so thankful for electric blankets. The best invention, ever!

  46. I am grateful my family is healthy and have all we need and for everyday we are together. I am grateful for those working everyday in jobs like healthcare, stores and schools. I am thankful for Facebook friends that’s share their days and prayers. I am grateful for animals and gardens . I am grateful for hope in God.

  47. I love this!

    I’m grateful for my family and that we are all healthy. My husband’s surgery went well and today was told he was 50% strength in his knee.

    I’m thankful for gaining a wonderful sister-in-law This year.

    I’m blessed with a nice house; old, but nice, paid for vehicles; a camper; recreational vehicles (4-wheeler gift, bicycles, dirt cheap golf cart, etc)

    A year to continue homeschooling…

    Too many blessings to name all, but a few to get started.


  48. Nov. 2–I am thankful that, 44 years ago today, the director of an adoption agency in Bogota, Colombia, first placed a beautiful 7-week-old baby girl in our arms and we became the parents we were always meant to be. We discovered several years later that our daughter is developmentally disabled, but that has never changed the love and enjoyment we have of her. She is a true blessing, and our first miracle.

  49. I am thankful that I am a retired teacher and I have so much compassion for all the hard work teachers are currently doing during this challenging time.
    I am thankful for having a few good friends that we meet with outside for driveway happy hour, bringing our own chairs, snacks, and beverages so we can stay safe. Blankets and coats are required now, but it’s worth it.
    I’m thankful for my four grandchildren who bring so much joy to our lives.

  50. I love this post. Thank you Brandy. We are all truly blessed to live in this great country.
    I am thankful and greatful to have a loving and caring DH, children, grandchildren; wonderful parents, inlaws, siblings, extended family and friends and the closeness and love we share.
    Thankful for all our good health, the ability to exercise, enjoy nature.
    Thankful for the success of our businesses and work that we enjoy doing.
    Thankful for our mortgage-free home that we love and for our wonderful neighbors and friends and the supportive community we have built around us.
    Thankful for our Church Family who care and help each other.
    Thankful that all our bills are always paid on time, that we have plenty of food, clothing, clean water, heat, etc.
    Thankful for those who lost their lives to protect our Country and our freedoms. And to those men and women who are currently doing so.

  51. I am thankful for you and your blog Brandy and everyone that I have come to think of as friends. I am thankful for my family. I’m thankful for a sweet husband, great grown boys and grandchildren. I’m grateful for my parents, and a sister and niece and nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins whom I love. I am grateful for food and shelter. I’m grateful for the internet, the opportunities that it allows, (it is how I met my husband, online.) I’m grateful for our little piece of land and our garden. I’m grateful for friends. I am grateful to God for my experiences during my life and the people I have met…. so many good people. I’m so grateful that I did not have cancer. I’m grateful for the ability to find good healthcare. I’m grateful that we were able to take a vacation last December before Covid. I’m grateful for the peace I feel at home.

  52. I’m grateful to have my lovely husband and our home. Grateful that we both have secure jobs during this time of uncertainty. Grateful everyday to have my amazing mum. Grateful to have our little dog who brings us all so much joy. Grateful for my family and friends and to live in this green and pleasant land. Incredibly blessed in our lives.

  53. Oh, I am so grateful to have a faith community that was prepared for these troubled times! Four years ago my parents (Dad and Stepmom of 50 years) found themselves needing to move from S CA to live with my family in S Oregon.
    Daddy was accepted to Medicare’s Hospice program last November, giving us all support, care and medication until (and even after) his death this last June. Mom (with dementia) also received services and went to meet her husband several weeks ago during the time of our great fires. I’m certain they are holding hands once again.
    Meanwhile, my early teen grandchildren were very involved in the care of our folks, attending to their needs and taking turns sleeping with them. The kindnesses that were shared over the generations blossomed through our church- at- home experiences, evolving to a small, but growing, testimony in my father’s heart.
    For each funeral, we had a sliver of time when we could gather at the Veterans’ Cemetery, all of the family, to conduct our own services. My father was honored with our American flag and its presentation to my mom by uniformed military members. My mother is now buried, her casket above his, in the same plot where they share a headstone: Family Forever on his side and Sweetheart on hers.
    Now is the crying time, looking back at our beautiful relationship with them, and understanding what a gift FAMILY is….all those years of fun, hardship and love, TOGETHER.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all, near and far.

    PS Should any of your readers want information about Hospice, Military funerals, alternate sources for caskets, etc., I would be so glad to share. I am a long-time reader and appreciate having had so many opportunities to learn from everyone else. Time to give back!

  54. I am thankful both our vehicles are in working order. This was not true most of 2019. For the health of my family and provisions to pay for the necessary medical visits. Finally I am really thankful for my house and friends who come visit.

  55. I am grateful that I can wok from home and that my husband works every other week. I am grateful for our home and having what we need to get by. I am grateful for family and friends and for the video chats to connect with them. I am grateful that our state, which was hard hit by Covid, didn’t continue on that deadly path. I am grateful that so many people have remained healthy and many have recovered. I am grateful that we hold dear the memories of those we have lost and find consolation in our faiths and in each other. I am grateful for this blog, for Brandy and everyone who shares their thoughts so openly and generously.

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