I worked in the garden a lot last week, filling trash cans with overgrown branches and vines. After filling 5 trash cans I still haven’t made much of a dent in the garden, so this week I plan to do a lot more pruning. I also need to finish mixing manure in the beds and get my fall garden seeds in immediately.
The bulbs I ordered in June for the white garden are arriving today. Because I live in a zone 9, almost all of them have to be pre-chilled for 10 weeks. I need to empty and clean the refrigerator in the garage to make room for them. I hope that they will all fit in there; I plan on filling the entire refrigerator with bulbs.
Those that do not need to be pre-chilled need to be planted this week (305 bulbs).
I’ll need to do all of this during the week, as I will be busy on Saturday with several things, including attending a twice-a-year community garage sale. I will be updating my garage sale list this week with a few things that I am hoping to find.
Last Week’s Goals:

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish Wren’s dress
2. Unpick Winter’s blue dress
3. Finish the hot pads I started in January
Garden Goals:
1. Get holes drilled for the bench (have husband do this). Paint bench slats 
2. Prune espaliered apple trees some more I still have lots more to prune but I pruned a lot.
3. Add some manure to raised bed and rake it in. I also planted seeds in the raised bed.
4. Prune climbing Graham Thomas roses in the backyard. I worked on this but did not finish.

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Photograph and edit photos for the next post in the 40 cents a day series
2. Edit photos for another Lovelies post.
3. Write Frugal Accomplishments post
Organizational goals:
1. Work on organizing the pantry some more. The pantry is far from done but I did work on it.
This Week’s Goals:

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish Wren’s dress
2. Finish the hot pads I started in January
Garden Goals:
1. Give bench slats a second coat of paint. Assemble bench.
2. Prune espaliered apple trees some more
3. Add some manure to garden beds and rake it in.
4. Finish pruning climbing Graham Thomas roses in the backyard.
5. Plant bulbs
6. Plant fall garden seeds
7. Run more drip irrigation in the front garden
8. Deadhead flowers in the front garden

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Photograph and edit photos for the next post in the 40 cents a day series
2. Write Frugal Accomplishments post
Organizational goals:
1. Continue to work on organizing the pantry
2. Organize garage sale list for Saturday’s community garage sale
Canning goals:
1. Can pear butter for the woman who went garage sale shopping for me this summer

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  1. Im kind of sad our garden season is coming to an end 🙁 Hopefully next year we will be able to do fall gardening(didn’t work out this year due to space)http://ithinkicansquared.blogspot.com/2013/10/weekly-goals.html

  2. I just updated my to-do list for the week this morning. I have several “around the house” items to do – hang new family photos in the living room, repair/hot glue my “Mommy, can you fix it?” pile. I also plan to complete at least two craft projects with my daughter, organize/purge two closets; prep for upcoming school classroom party; accomplish the items on my list for the PBIS board/committee (Positive Behavior Intervention Systems) at my daughter’s school (I am a parent volunteer member on the board) and then the normal cooking, cleaning and management of the home. I love being on top of knowing what I need to do for the week!

  3. Have you ever written a post on how you organize your time to get all these amazing things done (plus all the day to day I know you don’t always share) I could clearly learn time management from you, and would love tips!

  4. Hello Miss Brandy and readers,Here are my goals for the week.Pray daily. Say a prayer as I walk for daughter and family.Provide self careGet my blood pressure checked today.Walk each day.Stretch my back each day.Make a MD appointment for back check.Make a Thanksgiving planMake plans for trip to family in November.Make a Christmas plan.Finalize names on Xmas list. (I am limiting my list this year.)Make 1 crochet bag.Make 1 crochet scarf.Complete black bag for daughter.Crochet fall leaves and pumpkins for decorations-DONEDeclutter garage and kitchenContinue decluttering pantry.Implement university plans for daughter for Fall 2014Sign daughter up for ACT.Put graduation information on calendar.Sew fall scarves and uniform skirt.Sew 2 fall scarves on Friday.Make a home decoration planOn hold.Implement a cleaning listUtilize daily cleaning list.Go to library bimonthly.Go to library on Tuesday.Bimonthly family fun activities.Attend museum family day on Saturday afternoon.Plan winter wardrobeCreate 1 winter wardrobe capsule from current clothes.Create a bedroom sanctuaryDeclutter bedroom 10 minute/day.Continue 10 minute projectsSpend 10 minutes/day on crochet project, sewing project, and binder project.Grow a garden-DONEClean up garden area 10 minutes/day.Make butternut squash and pumpkin puree for freezer.Cook 2 butternut squash/day and make puree for freezer.Buy butternut squash and pumpkin at Farmer’s MarketImplement a grocery and menu plan.Use refrigerator and pantry food to plan menu.Make freezer food for week from pantry.Go to New York–this is a wishBest wishes for a successful week.Anne

  5. Most of my goals for this week also involve the garden. Our trash is only picked up once a week, on Tuesday, & we only have one can, so I use large tree pots as “temporary trash cans” for garden debris when the garbage can is full. 1) Clear out dead tomato vines.2) Remove dead pole bean vines from the towers & move towers to storage in the shed.3) Work in coffee grounds, then plant more lettuce where the pole beans were.4) Clean & move the glass cloches to where the winter lettuce & Swiss chart are planted.5) Pull the grass in the strawberry bed – I have already pulled the thistles.6) Prune the red raspberry & blackberry canes.7) Prune the red climbing rose.8) Go with Steven to have him lie on the mattresses I liked at Macy’s for the guest bed.

  6. My goals have been teeny tiny because I have been under the weather. I tried last years Halloween costumes on the boys today and they fit just fine so I just need to find matching pants and turtlenecks. Or t-shirts. I never know what the weather will be like. The costumes themselves are very warm so they won’t need jackets. This week I have to make granola and cookies. I was able to get cole slaw and potato salad done today, and mop the floors so at least that is done. We visited family this weekend so we did not do any fall decorating, I want to squeeze that in tonight.

  7. I am using pumpkin cotton fabric that someone gave me. I am going to use a fall color in one stripe and pumpkin fabric on the other stripe. (I saw a scarf at JC Penny’s like that.) I bought some very soft and silky polyester knit at Walmart for $1/yard that has oranges, yellows, and browns last year. I am going to make it into a triangle shape scarf and put fringe balls on it. Finally, I found some light orange lace at a yard sale last summer that I am going to cut into strips with some tulle fabric to make a nice lacey scarf. I just need to get them done ;).Any one have any ideas for repurposing lace curtains? Easy projects?

  8. I made some progress in cleaning out my garage, YAY, I have a few things out there that will hopefully be going to new homes on Saturday, that equals more cleared space to help with organizing. I also have a homeschool clothing and household goods swap coming up in 2 weeks, I have already identified a large bin worth of clothing that we don’t want to keep, I have also identified some clothes that I am going to scrap for fabric!I am also continuing to tackle my backed up sewing project pile, I really want a weaving loom, but I have a small house and lots of fabric, so I am making myself clean up my craft area, with the plan that if I can keep it looking nice for 6 months I can ask for the loom:DI am not their yet, who knows I might not want it anymore by the time I have cleaned up my space, that would be money saved by not just jumping on the desire to buy something new.So I have met my goal of cleaning some, and have the goal of cleaning more. I have have repaired a few items that have been hanging out in my sewing space, and have cut and finished some children’s shoes, with the goal and cutting and sewing 2 more pairs this week and a purse. Wish me luck:D

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