Last week I spent a lot of time taking care of family needs and I didn’t accomplish almost any of my goals for the week.
I went bike riding with Cyrus to his Cub Scout meeting. I fell at the corner of a busy intersection. My first worry was that I had put a huge hole in the only pair of tights in that color (I was wearing a skirt and tights that day). Amazing, there was no hole, but I still had a bit of road rash on my knee under the tights. I guess you know you’re frugal when you’re more worried about damaging your clothes than about the injury you just sustained!
This week’s goals are mostly a repeat of last week’s.
Last Week’s Goals:

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish Wren’s dress
2. Finish Winter’s blue dress. I worked on her dress, only to realize that I made a huge mistake (one I’ve never made with this pattern) and I am going to have to take almost the entire dress apart and redo it.
3. Finish the hot pads I started in January

Garden Goals:
1. Sand slats to fix my garden bench. Since my parents came home early from their vacation, I asked my dad if he could help me cut the ends off the slats (we are going to redrill them since the holes from the different woods don’t line up) and cut three slats smaller. We needed a table saw to cut the slats smaller and my husband sold ours years ago when we needed money.

2. Prune espaliered apple trees. I pruned 3 1/2 trash cans full but the job isn’t done.
3. Add some manure to beds; rake beds and put drip lines back down afterwards

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Photograph and edit photos for the next post in the 40 cents a day series

2. Photograph and edit photos for another post
3. Write Frugal Accomplishments post

Organizational goals:
1. Work on organizing the pantry I worked on it, but it’s far from done!


Personal/Family goals:
1. Go to the temple with my husband (I am so excited to have a chance to go together; we have a young woman who is babysitting for free for a service project, so I have a babysitter so that we can go together!) My husband was not feeling well, so we are going to have to go another time.


2. Go on three bike rides I went on one.


3. Give haircuts to both boys
This Week’s Goals:

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish Wren’s dress
2. Unpick Winter’s blue dress
3. Finish the hot pads I started in January
Garden Goals:
1. Get holes drilled for the bench (have husband do this). Paint bench slats.
2. Prune espaliered apple trees some more
3. Add some manure to raised bed and rake it in.
4. Prune climbing Graham Thomas roses in the backyard.

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Photograph and edit photos for the next post in the 40 cents a day series
2. Edit photos for another Lovelies post.
2. Write Frugal Accomplishments post
Organizational goals:
1. Work on organizing the pantry some more.

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  1. Not meeting any of your goals for a change keeps the rest of us from feeling like we don’t measure up! I’m sure you’ll do better another week. Besides, life is too short to not go with the flow occasionally.

  2. Ouch! Sorry about the fall… glad you and your tights are okay. As always, inspired by your posts… and this week I finished all the ironing and mended a dress for my daughter and sewed a button on a shirt for the hubby. I worked on organization in our bedroom. Tried using cream of tartar to clean a pitcher that needed it — it worked like a charm! Finished creating a homework/art desk area for my daughter in our main living area. She loves it. I told her that she was now the “Executive of her Education”. Volunteered at my daughter’s school. Life is fantastic!

  3. I didn’t meet one goal (homemaking) last week. It seems laundry, cleaning, cooking, and homeschooling keep me a hoppin’. My little one and I have been reading a half or one Bible chapter a night. Tonight we started memorizing our first one of the week. We didn’t get around to 2 verses last week.My goals this week is to make more of my condiments. Tonight I made your Italian dressing and WOOOOOOWEEEEEE It is TART! Please tell me after 24 hours it will be better. I made ranch dressing tonight too. I want to make the steak sauce later this week.I finally started on my book! While little one was in piano lessons I started on it. I would love to be reading right now but if I get started I will be up until 2 or 3 am. Maybe I can finish it today.

  4. Mary, did you put the sugar in? The last person who told me that about the Italian dressing forgot to put the sugar in. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about that recipe, so you may want to check.

  5. Brandy, I’m so glad that you weren’t hurt any worse than a road rash! Ouch! I know what you mean about more concern that the item of clothing was still intact, than your own person! I’ve done that a few times, too!Good luck with your goals this week! Most of my goals this week are kitchen related — making the year’s salsa and organizing the freezer space are at the top of my list.

  6. yes, I added the ingredients as the recipe read (helps me not to forget an ingredient.) 🙂 I’ll taste it tomorrow and maybe add more sugar.Oh and I didn’t mean to say “finish it today’ but finish the book this week.

  7. Hello HomemekerYour blog is so inspiring! I am glad, that I began to read it! I like your “weekly goals” so much, that I am planning to make a planner like this myself. Wishing you luck with the realisation this week!

  8. I can totally relate to the “not wanting you tights to be torn” idea! A couple of years ago, I skidded/fell down the part of our driveway that is extremely steep. I remember clearly that my first thought was “did I wreck my tights” as well. But, no, those things are made of iron, I guess. Mine were fine too, although I was bleeding underneath. I have gone to tights instead of nylons in the past few years for that very reason–they wear well. Glad you didn’t get hurt. Have a great week!

  9. Well I managed to finish a small pile of projects that where on my table, a dress, a denim bag, some skirts. I also cut out and sewed a pair of slippers, but they did not fit any of my girls feet! I cut out another pair and this week plan to sew those up and make another purse. I also want to plan my Christmas list.I never finished my garage, but I have some incentive, I have a clothing swap I want to take my stuff too on the the 17th! I have found some new homes for some bigger items, just need to get them picked up and out.I did take out all my tomato plants, and I planted my carrot seeds, so I got some garden items done. I left my peppers and they are full of peppers this week!My girls liked my home canned pears so much they talked me into buying some more pears at .67 lb, I need to can those today!

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