I spent a lot of time last week holding sick little ones. Most of my goals for the week didn’t happen.

Last Week’s Goals:

1. Finish sewing pajamas for Liberty.

2. Finish sewing headband and barrettes for Liberty.

3. Make 3 (or more, depending on time) other gifts for Liberty this week. Any gifts from my birthday list that I don’t complete for her will be moved to my Christmas list for her. I did not complete this many gifts, but I think she will enjoy what she is getting.

4. Continue to work on having breakfast at 7:30.

5. Continue to work on having reading lessons with my 7-year-old and 5-year-old right after breakfast.

6. Plant more Swiss chard seeds, 3 tomato plants, and zinnia seeds in the garden.

7. Spray the squash bugs. It didn’t happen. Amazingly, my plants are still alive. Hopefully they will make it until I spray!

8. Finish sewing Winter’s green dress. I didn’t even touch the dress.

9. Do science experiment on Friday. I ended up doing some emergency babysitting for a friend during this same time period while she took her daughters to the hospital. I’ve decided to move the science experiments to next week because of this week’s heavy school load.

10. Finish boxing up outgrown children’s clothing into the correct boxes. Just in time for the fall changeout of clothes in a couple of months!

11. Take pictures of 2 recipes this week for the website. Get at least one up on the website. These were planned for Friday afternoon as well, but did not happen. However, they will be up very soon!

This Week’s Goals

1. Finish sewing Winter’s green dress.

2. Continue to work on having breakfast at 7:30.

3. Continue to work on having reading lessons with my 7-year-old and 5-year-old right after breakfast.

4. Spray the squash bugs.

5. Do a summer pruning to the fruit trees. (Yes. it’s still summer here! It’s 107º out most days).

6. Cut out and sew one dress for one daughter.

7. Sew piping for another project.

8. Make item and photograph tutorial for the website.

9. Edit photos and get another recipe up on the website.

10. Straighten laundry room.

11. Cut out and embroider a baby bib. I’ll do the embroidery work while watching a show on Hulu, most likely.

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  1. My ten weekly goals are the following:1. Unpack new place2. Complete budget for September3. Re-establish AM and PM routines4. Health care for family members5. Work on organization6. Catch up on things at work 7. Identify car needs and schedule work8. Put natural gas bill on automatic payment-DONE9. Review requirements for daughter to get driver’s license10. Take child to buy new uniforms11. Set up new phone12. Notify businesses of new address

  2. Goals for this weekSurvive the remodeling project that is going on.With the house all tore up this is the only goal I have.My sanity could not take anything else.

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