1. Turn Liberty and Winter’s torn jeans into shorts

2. Hem my husband’s jeans

3. Run some more water lines in the garden

4. Sew birthday presents for Ivory

5. Make popsicles

6. Start making Easter rabbits

7. Write a couple of blog posts

8. Update garage sale list with our current needs and sizes. I will be attending a community garage sale the second Saturday in April and I plan on taking my list with me.

9. Thin fruit trees. The wind did a good deal of thinning for us yesterday but I still need to thin more.

10. Pull weeds.

11. Cut and dehydrate onions

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  1. My goals for this week are to:1. Enjoy my vacation2. Enjoy my vacation3. Put my laundry away4. Enjoy a date night out with my husband! We haven’t had a night out in a long time!5. Enjoy my massage tomorrow–a belated Christmas present6. Mail out my sons 10th birthday party invites that came in today’s mail–his birthday and party are on the 26th of April. He’s been begging for a friend party for years. So, we’re throwing him one at an indoor water park. April is not warm in my part of the USA. It’s NOT frugal but as I only have one child and he’s turning 10, I can afford this small splurge. He’ll have a blast with all his friends.7. Did I mention I want to enjoy my vacation?8. Organize my scrapbook area9. Clean out my Jeep10. Organize my books/get hubby to build a bookshelf

  2. Dear Miss Brandy and readers,I love reading goals from everyone! I wrote too many goals but I am trying to catch up on things so I want to be productive.Plan April spending plan 3/29 Earn extra income (2 part time jobs. Swag Bucks, surveys) Plan graduation party with sisters Plan for EasterPlan Birthday party Check tire pressurePlan spring wardrobes (needs and discards)Crochet 1 row on new bedspread for my own roomRepurpose sheet to make 3 more pillow cases and 6 hankiesPlan Easter outfits-make skirts Crochet 3 blue and gold scarf for AprilCreate “gift closet” to store gifts Walk everyday

  3. My goals for the week are,1. cut blanch and dry 5kg of carrots and vacuum seal in mason jars2.clean fridge and freezer and use up odds and ends into meals and baking for this week3. make my Angelica’s library bag,( she has been so patient)4.sow some chive and parsley seeds5.clean and organize pantry6.make list for autumn/winter pantry restock

  4. This week we’re picking up the kitchen cabinets and getting a small shelving unit for our new phone/internet connection to hide all the cables and wires and boxes. At the end of this month, my husband has what is hopefully his last professional exam, and so I’m taking the kids out every weekend to give him plenty of time to study. We have a family pass to a local wildlife park and our goal is to go so often, the park asks for it back because we’re costing them money!

  5. My most exciting goals for this week are to learn how to make my own gatorade and my own essential oils. I already cook EVERY SINGLE THING from scratch. But because prices keep climbing I had to find another way to cut costs. So all of March I did research on the web and learned how to make my own deodorant, shampoo, soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, toothpaste, lotion, lip balm, fabric softener, febreeze, sunblock, bug spray for children and the garden, and laundry soap. My daughter is finally able to save her money because she makes her own beauty products– lip stick, face wash, acne wash, mascara, blush, perfume, etc. We feel fancy now because some of these things we never had the money for. The money we are saving is shocking! I also feel SO much happier and healthier and self sufficient! Have a great week everyone!

  6. Goals this week:1. set up dentist appointments for kids (their 1st ever)2. call around to see if we can get a better price on car insurance – open to suggestions if anyone has any!3. Plan a trip for see my grandmother (6 hour drive one way)4. make to freezer meals/items [looks like pumpkin bread and cream of soup this week]5. meal prep using up vegetables in fridge

  7. I love reading your goals Brandi. Thanks for reminding me to turn my boy’s torn pants into shorts. He just turned 4 and I think he has a hole in every pair of pants! Here are my goals: Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals1. Let Elijah choose one activity to do with me each afternoon. 2. Attend Flower Buds with Elijah (a once a month gardening class for preschoolers). 3. Graduate from Financial Peace University. Homemaking Goals4. Turn Eli’s torn pants into shorts. 5. Begin making plans for Easter. 6. Plant lettuce seeds in the landscaping. Personal Goals7. Try to go to bed by 11 pm each evening. 8. Finish reading Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms9. Spend time outside everyday enjoying the small things. Ministry Goals10. Make a meal for a family in our church.

  8. My goals this week:1. Complete two service projects for my daughter’s school.2. Make Carrot-Zucchini Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting from pantry items.3. Call and make two doctor’s appointments for family members.4. Birthday Party Prep for daughter’s party5. Complete two cleaning projects on my cleaning schedule (these are extra cleaning chores on top of the regular cleaning.6. Work on updating personal/family blog.

  9. I would love to know some of the recipes for your toiletries. I’m trying to use food-grade products in place of commercial items because the tax on food is lower than commercial items.

  10. My goals:1. Publish 1 blog post and draft another.2. Decide what to do with Big Brother’s torn pants–are they salvageable? Maybe as shorts?3. Take kids to free storytime at library.4. Earn $275 at my work-at-home jobs.5. Finish local taxes (PA sure loves its myriad levels of taxes).

  11. Andrea,Just search for “recipe for homemade_______” See which one sounds best to you and uses the ingredients you feel most comfortable with. We mainly used “one hundred dollars a month” and “wellness momma”. It is so much fun!!

  12. We pay roughly four hundred a year for liability, free towing, and uninsured motorist rider for two vehicles and two drivers. (If your cars are old, buying comprehensive insurance is like throwing money down a rat hole.)

  13. Great! Thank you so much! I do make quite a few things myself, but I’d like to expand on this so thank you for these tips. God bless!

  14. I’d love to know how you came to know so much about gardening. I know absolutely nothing. I’ve tried my hand at a potted plant or two, following instructions from the nursery or looking up care on the internet, but I always manage to kill everything.I just don’t have that sixth sense when something needs more light or water or whatever. Did you grow up in a gardening family, or did you learn via some book or class?I’d love to know how you’ve made your garden so beautiful!

  15. I used to have a black thumb, too :)I took every gardening class that I could when they were offered for free here via the local extension service. (Now they are $10 a class!) That was 13 years ago.I read a lot, too. I am constantly learning. I have been learning a lot recently about light, temperature, and ph, and it has been really informative. Keep reading and keep learning! A lot of learning comes from doing, too. Also, potted plants are still really difficult for me 🙂 They have to be watered daily (sometimes twice a day) in our hot summers here, and that doesn’t always happen.Every area has its challenges. Learning what works best for your area is a good start. Learn your zone and when things should be planted in your zone. Most things need full sun (6-8 hours a day).

  16. Hi all. It’s so good to be back. It’s been busy so family life comes before commenting. Got lots of catch up reading to do plus other blogs I follow plus trying to do my own little blog…anyway:)One job I’ve been putting off is getting the back yard organized/planned for some hedging I want to grow. Well I started it the other day and now just have to wait for the poisoned grass to die.Prepare more cuttings so I can propagate a stack of plants. It’s a slow process with lots of patience required.I want Lavender and Japanese box so had better get going. I’ve put a few in but need many more plus extras in case some die.I discovered/ learnt that one can grow Basil from cuttings so have some sitting in a glass of water…I’ve struck a lot of cuttings but never thought of doing it with Basil. Remember to take photos of the stages of the basil getting roots as I want to use it in my blog.Plant the twig of Tarragon I got from my daughter . She bought fresh herbs to make chicken pie…I had her last piece last night for tea with salad. It was a nice leftover dinner for hubby and me last night.Topped off with chocolate self saucing pudding from the same daughter. She made a big batch for some visitors they had over for a meal and didn’t wish to take up room in her small fridge. Nice score for me. I didn’t have cream so made a really thick paste using powdered milk and ice cold water and spooned a little over pudding. Actually this way I used a heap less than if I’d used cream…I would have wanted to drown it. Plan and write some more posts for my blog…something I do like doing. There’s always more but I’m through thinking for a little while..Many thanks Brandy for your your blog and meeting point.Alexa from Sydney,Australia and Blogging at http://www.Alexa-asimplelife.com

  17. I just read that you can freeze eggs for YEAR on incredible egg! So my goal is to figure out how many eggs we use in a year and freeze them, it will be a ton, there are 9 of us!

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