After a brief hiatus from school for the children last week while I took online free Photoshop classes for 3 days, we’re back to normal school this week. I have school year-round, so that I can interrupt it as needed, for canning, new babies, beautiful spring days, Christmas sewing, etc. We still have school much more than our state’s required 180 days per year!

I tend to make way more goals than I can reasonably accomplish for the week. However, I do find that I get more done when I’ve written them down, so here they are, in no particular order.

1. Change the school schedule slightly so that my 5-year-old and 7-year-old have reading with me first thing in the morning, with 5-year-old first and 7-year-old after he is done doing his after-breakfast chores.

2. Have breakfast on time at 7:30. Everything gets delayed and moved when I have a new baby. I’d like to get things back to where they should be.

3. Finish sewing green church dress for Winter.

4. Hem blue dress for Winter. I thought it was done and then I realized I had forgotten to hem it!

5. Cut out and sew pajamas for Liberty from a sheet that came from Grandma’s house. This will be one of her birthday gifts.

6. Make a flowered headband and some flowered barrettes for Liberty for her birthday.

7. Take care of some paperwork that needs to be handled right away (this is actually a goal for Monday).

8. If I have more time for sewing, start another one of Liberty’s gifts.

9. Plant Swiss chard seeds in the garden.

10. Pull weeds in the garden for 10 minute stretches on several days this week.

11. Do one science experiment this week on Friday.

12. Take photos of a new recipe for the website and get it up!

13. Put away all outgrown clothing (that is currently in my room) in the proper boxes.

14. Take pictures for another tutorial for the website.

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  1. I really do agree with you in getting more done when you have written your goals/tasks down!I used to think that to-do lists were ridiculous. Can’t people remember? I have my days filled without lists…Well, gone are those days. My previous ‘system’ (if there were any) just left me frustrated. I flied from project to project as I wished and I ended up surrounded with holes in socks, un-ironed clothes, cooking with panic and myriad of unfinished project. I decided this is not something I want, I want order and peace. It is very healthy to learn to delay the nice tasks that are not necessary – the necessary ones have to be taken care first.I really needed the dicipline my notebook gives me!

  2. Brandi, Do you have a guideline or checklist for children’s wardrobes? It’s more hit or miss here hence the 15 pairs of size 12 boys pants….at least he’s been in the 12’s longer than usual!

  3. I’ve been trying to convince a relative to consider homeschooling. . . precisely because of what you mentioned above. You can be flexible and not tied down with and official school calendar. . . . among other things as well. (although my attempts don’t seem to be working)

  4. Brandy, I would love to see “take new photos of pantry” on here somewhere! I miss your old pantry pics… they were so inspiring! Would love to see what you’ve done with it now. XO

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