Cyrus 1st class

With temperatures of 109º to 112º this week, I need to get the garden work done in the early morning hours when it’s cooler (around 85º). The garden has many plants that have gone to seed, and I have a lot to collect over several weeks as they ripen.



1. Collect lettuce seeds

2. Collect Swiss chard seeds

3. Collect parsley seeds

4. Collect green onion seeds

5. Collect beet seeds

6. Transplant the zinnias that came up in the front yard (they are PINK! I must have grabbed the wrong package that day) and move them to the backyard. I don’t know how well they will take the transplant; I will move them after the sun has gone down at night, but it will still be over 100º.

7. Pick peaches

8. Cut and dry passionfruit leaves

9. Cut and dry sage leaves



1. Cut out and sew red and cream bunting

2.  Mend 2 dresses

3. Sew on Cyrus’ scout badges 

4. Sew table runner

5. Sew dish towels



1. Trip to Sam’s Club (I didn’t go last week)

2. Trip to Joann’s (there is a 60% off notions wall ad that came in my mailer, plus a 20% off your total purchase coupon)

3. Trip to the library



1. Attend funeral

2. Go swimming twice


Cooking and Canning:

1. Make and can applesauce

2. Can peaches

3. Make French bread

4. Try a new bread recipe

5. Make popsicles

6. Make dessert for funeral


Blog Goals:

I have several posts planned for this week–more than normal–so check back often!


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  1. Sounds like you have a lot planned. So sorry you have to attend a funeral.

    My goals are to can beans, make yogurt, and get organized for our trip out of town this weekend. I finally got a job that will start on July 13 so I have a lot to do between now and then. I haven’t worked full-time outside of the home in fourteen years so I’m a little concerned about getting everything done and staying frugal while working. I am enlisting and teaching my children as fast as I can so that they can help me during this time of employment.

  2. We picked lots of cherries this weekend, so, dehydrating some, freezing some, and making jam. We’ve eaten a ton fresh. Taking the kids swimming almost everyday, free movie on Tuesday. It is hotter then normal here.Make homemade ice cream for the first time. Make two pies for the 4th. Start a baby blanket, crocheted.

  3. I have to continue listing things on Facebook’s garage sale page. I just put up three lots. I am researching tomatillos. We are quite perplexed to have planted four cucumber seeds and now have 1 cucumber plant and THREE tomatillos growing. I’m going to make the best of it, though I was really looking forward to having enough cucumbers to eat.pickle, and share. Has anyone tried the tomatillo salsa recipes in the Blue Ball Book or Food in Jars?
    I am praying no one stops by today as we are knee deep in books to keep/sell/donate. Hopefully we can get everything catagorized by tonight and take the first load to Goodwill. It’s times like this I wish we had a garage.

  4. Always enjoy reading these posts, and everyone’s comments after. It always inspires me! 🙂

    My goals aren’t very lofty this week: eat meals at home, bring lunches to work, and to work extra hours at my 2nd job, while it is busy and the money is good. I also plan to use the clothesline & indoor racks to dry our laundry.

  5. Celia, if you like salsa you’ll love your tomatillos! Salsa verde is great for enchiladas, too. You must have at least 2 plants for cross pollination, a fact I found out last year after planting one. Makes a beautiful plant however. Watch out for bugs. They will consume your leaves and only leave lace. The Ball recipes are great. Have fun and enjoy.

  6. I am sorry that there was a funeral to attend. I also wanted to comment on the great picture of Cyrus. How proud you must be of him.

  7. Love to see kids in scouts! Our son made eagle scout, and also order of the arrow. My nephew and cousin also are eagle scouts!!! I think it makes them well rounded people !

  8. I have been playing catch up for several weeks now. This one I hope will go back to being ideal/normal routine.
    I have been wanting to make your graham cracker recipe for over a year, this week is the week. If all goes well I might get your chocolate wafers made too. (I am looking for snacks that would satisfy a sweet tooth!) I am hoping they turn out well and I might share with my parents as a hostess gift since they are hosting the Independence Day celebrations.

    I hope to get a new comforter cover sewn using fabric and a bed sheet I have in my stock.

    Mulch, buying buying a car load of bags at a time.

    Plant beet and carrot seeds.

  9. Yeah, canning is on my list this week too, although not as pressing. I tend to just bag and freeze fruit until I’m ready to make jam and I have some dried fruit that I want to make jam out of as well, so I’m hoping my schedule (always hectic with my son’s therapies) and the weather permitting that I can get some canning done. I REALLY want to break into my purple ball jars to can some pints of jam.

    My list for the week (just realized I could link to these for people to read if interested *laugh*) is here…

  10. How handsome he looks in his uniform. He wears it with pride.

    Sorry there is a funeral to attend in your week. I know that is always hard. Friend or family, it is hard to say goodbye.

    I am staying in a lot this week. The city has paved or street and the smell of the tar etc. is just awful. Even with the windows closed and the air on my head has been splitting.

  11. I see you are planning a trip to Sam’s club. Last week I got 2 sirloin tip roasts at 3.58 a pound. You had to buy the big ones that are prepackaged. My husband helped me cut them up into small portions for us. I will get many meals out of these 2 roasts. I also saved scraps to boil and make broth. It actually is cheaper than hamburg here in NW PA. If you bought a case they were 3.09 a pound. Which meant buying 6 roasts for around 180.00. If you have several to feed and had extra money this would be an awesome deal. you can’t buy hotdogs for that!!!! Not sure if they are still on this week but would be worth checking on. When they are not on sale I still get them for 3.99 a pound. Add lots of carrots and potatoes to a small roast in the crock pot and you have an awesome meal and leftovers!

  12. Kim,

    My husband had an idea for me. He suggested I sew velcro on his pocket for his rank advancement, and then velcro on the patch. Then I can wait to sew on his Eagle rank permanently when he has it. I think that would be helpful since that has to change a lot.

  13. Thanks, I have three and they are already making the papery things so I am sure they are growing. I will keep an eye out for bugs though. I am glad to know the Ball one is good.

  14. 1. Finish the curtains for our bus so we have privacy when we camp at the air show this weekend.
    2. Finish my neices birthday presents (aprons) – still have not completed them :/
    3. Continue picking mulberries until I have enough to mix with the strawberries in the freezer to make jelly/jam
    4. Finish the console cover for the pontoon so my husband can install the marine radio in it. He traded an old rifle he took in on trade for some other “junk” for it so it didn’t cost anything.
    5. Make up our meals for camping – has to be easy prep/clean up since we will be dry camping.
    6. Pick up the turkey poults from our 4-H leader. He ordered 20 Toms and when he went to pick them up at the post office he never opened the box but thought it felt a bit heavy. The hatchery sent him [i]60[/i][b][u][/u][/b] hens by mistake. Since you cannot send birds back – he is giving them away for free. I will be getting 4 at least. I already have all that is needed other than food and it will be cheaper than purchasing humanely raised ones later on.
    7. Bath the dogs myself and clip their nails myself. They don’t like it but it saves my alot of money doing it myself. That is also why we only own dogs with short hair that doesn’t need any special trims.
    8. Get the potatoes in the ground. I saved all of the very small ones from last falls harvest and will be planting them this week. I also have multiple volunteers growing from the compost pile.

  15. Check your passion flower leaves for caterpillars or eggs of the Gulf Fritillary butterfly. It is a host plant.

  16. Sandra, congratulations on the job. I am sure you will figure out all the details and I trust your children will be a great help to you.

  17. My goals are to replant lettuce, beets and swiss chard. It has been so wet that none of my seeds came up, except for the cilanttro. I only need cilantro for myself and it will be quite a healthy supply. The tomato and green pepper plants are doing fine, just the seeds that didn’t cooperate. We had 2 inches more rain on the weekend and although today was sunny, it was too wet to plant. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain again, so possibly on Wed or Thurs I can replant.
    Have not thought too much about other goals —except for the ongoing DECLUTTER one. Don’t know exactly where I an headed next with that. I’ve been doing whatever section of the house seems most pressing at the time. Quite a bit of stuff has gone out for donations and trash, so just keeping up the momentum will satisfy me.
    Husband received his two ceiling jacks that were ordered, so he is starting to rebuild a broken down barn wall. The jacks are in place, and the next step is to plan out a way to replace the stone and mortar walls of the 110 year old barn.
    We had done a lot of weeding last week and spreading mulch while he was waiting for the jacks to arrive. I wouldn’t mind getting back to that when the weather permits if he is still willing to help. After 4 long afternoons in a row, we were almost happy to have it rain on the weekend, though we didn’t need it! We needed rest, though.

  18. This week so far our family has…
    — harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, chard, zucchini, squash, oregano, basil, rosemary, mint and green onions from our backyard garden.
    –continued to declutter, we have huge bags piled in the dining rooms waiting for the garage sale we want to have soon, but I will move them to the garage as soon as a declutter it.
    — I found cabinet doors months back for $1 each, nice new oak doors just waiting for someone to Pinterest them.. Lol I am making my sister and sister in love a family command center for Christmas with those doors, all I lacked was some hooks and Hobby Lobby had theirs half off I ordered cute bird hooks that will match their decor, they arrived this week I will finish those gifts this weekend.
    –purchased bread and buns at dollar tree, for when I don’t have time to make any or when the kiddos eat them all and I have no idea, I froze the loaves and buns.
    — will be making green tomato pickles, zucchini pickles and mulberry syrup this week.
    — going to pick blueberries at our old home place( we kept the land)
    — A friend is a farmer and each year they plant a few acres with sunflowers to dove hunt, but in the summer the flowers are beautiful, she is allowing my family to take photos in the field, another friend is a photographer and we are trading her photos for my husbands electrical skills. Win win win
    — finally found a penny made in the birth year for each of my family members, including extended family, boy 1957 was a hard year to find. This is for a Christmas gift for my mother, I will frame family photos with the pennies and title it “the lucky ones”. Still working on a layout
    — dyed my hair, trimmed my hair and gave myself and DD a pedicure. Sometimes it’s just the little things
    — I cut my boys and my husbands hair.
    –made homemade pizza on the grill using leftover grilled veggies and sausage and homemade sauce.
    — cooking a turkey that my husband received for free and needs to be used, will turn it into turkey sausage gumbo, Turkey tetrazzini( got mushrooms on clearance) and turkey pot pie.
    –mended a bra and a few socks
    I’m sure there is more that I will remember after I finish. Have a great week everyone!!

  19. That’s a great idea! I have a second class, nearly first class Scout, and sewing on patches is on my list, too! 🙂

  20. I have family that lives in Vegas area and I just found out there is a Boy Scout Museum there. They just donated some old Boy Scout stuff from the 50’s & 60’s. I don’t know if there is a fee to see it, but that could be interesting to see. I am a proud mother of 3 Eagle scouts and one soon to be Eagle grandson & had 3 Eagle Scout brothers, so we were a scouting family all the way. When I was little I also said I was a Boy Scout too lol.

  21. This week I am hoping to:
    1. Keep up with killing slugs and snails in the garden. They are eating everything. I have found the beer traps and diatomaceous earth work the best so far.
    2. Harvest Peas and replant bed if peas finish up this week.
    3. Freeze Garlic Snapes.
    4. Figure out what else to do with all our extra lettuce.
    5. Harvest seeds from spinach.
    6. Go for a walk and try to find wild black caps and raspberries.

  22. In Australia it’s not the Boy Scouts, it’s just the Scouts, and anyone (boy or girl) can be a Scout. The Australian system is based on the English system. I actually have a friend who is doing her PhD in masculinity studies on the history of Boy Scouts so I could go on, but I’m not sure what I’d say would be entirely accurate (there are a lot of nuances) and it’d probably bore the heck out of everyone!

  23. That is such a nice idea with the pennies and photos for a Christmas gift! I’m sure your mother will love it!

  24. In Canada we have the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides. They have changed the rules since I was a child and girls can now join “Scouts” if they wish. I was a Girl Guide and loved it!

  25. Normally my week is full of last minute decisions or various appointments for my daughter. But this week, I actually do have some plans I hope to accomplish:
    *Pull some of the spent spinach plants that are not showing any kind of seeds and replace with carrot seeds
    *Buy more local strawberries at the farmers market and make more jam (everyone seems to love strawberry jam the best, but I want to make some mixed jams to extend the use of these expensive berries).
    *Try to go to the free music festival and some of the free Canada Day celebrations today, as long as the rain holds off! (We’re going to need to build an ark soon…seriously!)

  26. Canning lids – do you have a great, inexpensive source? Honestly the cheapest I’ve found them here is Walmart – between $2-3.49 a box, depending on size. I’d love to spend less than .20 a lid. Is that possible?

  27. MeritbadgeSash suggestions(experienced mom).
    -Use a stapler to hold them in place while you sew them on. (Or have him do it).
    -I learned with my youngest – make sure you leave space for all the Eagłe Required on the sash, some in our troop sew in pairs and leave a row (inside sash) for those Eagle ones. Makes it easier are Eagle BOR time.
    It would look like this
    green green silver
    Green green silver
    Green green silver
    -If you think he might be a tall young man – get the tall version of the sash (holds about 68 badges)
    – Use clear thread or match the thread at Joanns (get a roll of the green and silver)

    It’s a fun journey – between the 2 boys I’ve sewed over 125 merit badges on sashes – teach him how now – save yourself 😉

  28. Today, I bought regular canning lids (MainStay) brand at Wal-Mart in northwest Houston for $1.29 per dozen.

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