It’s going to be a busy week here. As usual, I have more to do than I probably have time to do, but if I work efficiently, I should be able to accomplish these things. It it supposed to be in the 90’s this week, so I will do most of my garden work in the evenings.

This is what I’m envisioning for my garden beds. I’ve never seen it look this lush, but it’s what I would like to accomplish.


1. Pull weeds and anything that’s done for the year in the main bed (the one that gets the most light along the east wall).

2. Mix compost and manure into the bed.

3. Plant some fall seeds in this bed.

4. Pull zinnias in the white garden.

5. Prune hedges. Bring some of these into the house for arrangements (the clippings will last for 3 weeks in water).

6. Dig out the apple tree stump. I never got to this earlier this spring and it really needs to be pulled.

7. Plant apricot tree in the place of the apple.

8. Run drip lines in a small area where we removed them earlier.

9. Cut grape leaves that are infected with caterpillars.

Canning and Cooking:

1. Can pears.

2. Cut basil from the garden and make several batches of pesto to freeze.


1. Mend bath towels.

2, Make pillow for Ezrom’s room (I still haven’t done this one either).


1. Go to the nursery to purchase a few things for fall. I’m bringing some old pots to return for credit and a $10 off coupon.

2. Buy 16 dozen eggs and 20 pounds of potatoes at Albertson’s (I decided to buy 4 more dozen eggs, since at breakfast we eat 18 if everyone has two eggs, and I’d like to have eggs a bit more often).

3. Buy pork roast at Smith’s (Yes, I decided to take the plunge and buy some at $2.49 a pound, since it is our favorite).

4. Order two pictures for Ezrom’s room (I keep forgetting to do this).

5. Go the community garage sale with my list in hand. I’m hoping to find several needed items for winter clothing for the children as well as some Christmas wants. I thought I had enough clothing, but some things have worn out, and it looks like I still need some shirts for Cyrus. I’m hoping to pay $0.50  to $1 for each item of clothing, though I’ll go up to $2 an item if I need to.


1. List 5 items for sale on Facebook garage sale pages this week

2. Print music flashcards for Wren. (I found these free printables, but if anyone knows of any better free music note flash cards (that include base clef, for example), let me know and I’ll print those instead!) Update: I am going to print the ones a reader suggested that are here).

3. Go visiting teaching

4. Pay utility bills


1. Finish editing photos for part one of our trip and post. I have a lot of pictures (we were gone a week last month) and I’ll be splitting it into multiple posts so that the pictures load faster. If I can get to part two, I’ll post that one as well.

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  1. Part of the reason I love your blog so much is that you keep it real with the to do lists.I have a similar method of writing my list on a piece of paper and then taping it to a cabinet in the kitchen. Sometimes the list takes a month to get through, other times it gets done faster. A lot of yard work depends on the weather and whatever else comes up during the week….and usually at least one thing unexpected crops up during my week. But a little bit a little bit a lot fills up the pot!

  2. Thanks! I do what I can, but I know things come up, so I do my best to do the most important things. Canning is #1 on the list, otherwise the pears will go bad. Then getting some things taken care of in the garden. Those are top priorities. The other stuff is good, but if it doesn’t happen, it will be okay, too.There are always unexpected things. Having the list helps me to focus on the most important ones and try not to get sidetracked too much!

  3. Tops on my to do list this week is to go to the Dr on Tues to get clearance to resume my normal life – had my gallbladder out on the 26th and have been prevented from lifting more than 10# or doing anything strenuous like weeding or working in the yard.We use Earthboxes for gardening so this week will plan what will go in them – finally getting into the high 80s with not as much rain so our growing season is starting.Will bake 2 loaves of English Muffin bread so will not have to buy English Muffins for my husbands – we have everything on hand including WW flour that we grind ourselves.Inventory all personal use items like shampoo, deodorant, etc, decide how often we need to replace & than make a plan on when to buy and price willing to pay. Will check prices to compare to Dollar Tree & coupon availability

  4. Looks like you will be busy this week.if all goes well. Garage sale season here is winding down with the cold weather so I’m kind of jealous of your community sale. I will be going more now to the Salvation Army.Hopefully the weather will be nice this week and I will be able to clean my garden up. The tomato cages and bean poles need to be put up for winter. Apple season is in full swing and I have been canning apple butter and drying apple slices. I hope to finish the first bushel we bought and buy another one.I finished crocheting the bonnet to go with the dress for my granddaughter. Need to work on the bloomers this week.Have a great day.

  5. Being retired with no family nearby my list is quite different. I haven’t listed all the routine items such as cooking, cleaning or volunteering but here are the week specific ones.Personal:Go to gym twice and take two long walksThrift shop for belt and winter PJs Yard/House:Decide what paintings of Mom’s to keepRake leaves for the first time!Prune and weed final section of back yard Deep clean guest bedroom and bathroomHobbies:Print free dress pattern and cut outStart online sewing class for knits

  6. My week’s accomplishments are on my blog. My list of goals for this week includes:Write a letter to my granddaughter and send a box of things to her and the rest of the family Send a birthday gift to my grandson. Return items to two stores. Make appt. for my husband’s car state inspection and some repairs, then renew its license. Do budget/deskwork. List 30 items on Ebay. Finish putting away summer clothes and bringing out winter. Reduce my amount of clothing. List some furniture on Craigslist. Paint a coffeetable.

  7. I haven’t made a weekly list of things to do for a long time. But I endeavor to get busy and do it again. I think there is too much to do and I’m overwhelmed, haha.I want to say that I love your blog so much!

  8. I love reading all that you are doing….you are such an example of being industrious. I was wondering if you have a favorite recipe that you use for your pork roast….you said it is your families’ favorite so if you have a special way of fixing, I would love if you would share. Thanks

  9. Wow, that picture of the garden bed is amazing and very beautiful! I have no doubt in my mind that you can achieve this!My goals for the week also involve getting our garden bed prepped. Since we’ve had so much rain (relatively speaking, you know), we haven’t planted the fall garden yet. My husband has taken this coming Friday off and plans to put it all together. He probably could have done it this past weekend, but he was so busy doing damage control from the rain that he didn’t get to the garden. We ended up with a ton of weeds in our front yard (rocks) and, even though I had been trying to pull them, I couldn’t keep up. He ended up spraying them which we don’t like to do, but they were just taking over. Even though he wore a mask and protective clothing, he still said he felt like he had it on him and could still smell it even after showering and changing clothes. Yikes! He also had a lot of trimming to do out back and mowed the lawn. Everything looks very nice now.I have made a list of items I want to bake this week including some of your recipes on here including your graham crackers and the chocolate wafer cookies. The kids really love these recipes and I am so grateful to have found so many wonderful recipes here. Thank you so much for sharing them! I would also like to make some banana bread and/or muffins and I will be cooking our meals from scratch of course. Another goal for this week is to stay out of the grocery store unless I need another gallon or so of milk. I found the toilet paper that I like at Walgreen’s on sale for .50 per roll so I bought 10 of those yesterday. That kind of rounds out my grocery shopping for the month except for milk. I’m excited to see how far we get without doing any more shopping! The fruit is holding up and I’ve still got the jars of applesauce in the pantry to keep us going. Fingers crossed!Also, I am finalizing some of the book shopping for my oldest daughter’s curriculum for next year. The literature and history selections are all I have left and I think I can get used copies of these books at a local store. It’s like an exchange, I think. I have donated items to them, mainly books, but they accept other items, too. When you donate items to them, you have the option of receiving cash or credit to use in their store. I opt to get the store credit because it’s usually worth more. Now I can go there and see if they have any of the books on my list and I will get them for free with my credit! Finally, there is the maintaining of the house, especially keeping up with the vacuuming. We found another scorpion last Thursday prancing around in my daughter’s room with its tail curled up in the air…yeesh! I’m sure it’s because of the rain we’ve had that’s driving them inside, but it’s so ooky to see scorpions in the house! So, my daily chores will be competing with keeping the floors clean, but when I wake up early, it seems to go more smoothly.I hope everyone has a great week!

  10. Reading your lists always inspires me to be more ambitious! I don’t have many chores going on this week, but more in the way of management-type tasks:–earn $200 working from home–write 2 blog posts–reallocate Roth IRA–research our electricity rates/usage–research bike maintenance and decide whether do DIY–bleach shower curtain–shop for jeans for myself–make list of winter supplies still needed for myself and kids (snow gloves, etc.)

  11. Where does time go – It seems to race right along! At my age I am trying to slow down and smell the roses. For me as an “A” type that is hard!Goals Accomplished in September –• Winter Prep -o Generator working and stored. Nice feeling!o Propane Tanks filled [My husband has been looking for another new one. Everywhere he calls or goes they say it is a seasonal item. Home Depot seems to be the choice now.]o Patio ready.o Dog kennel ready.o Rug at slider door. It collects water and dirt and helps keep the rugs cleaner … if that is possible with standard poodles and one 8 year old running in and out. LOLo Pantry restocked.• Started teaching the extra class, which has been extra money.• Scheduled trip to California in November for our mental and physical health – Sunshine a little longer.• Organized most [still one corner to go] in the garage.• Cleaned 10×20 building.• Cleaned garden storage building.• Windows washed in and out.• Roof moss treated. This is very important in our climate to save the roof.WOW – It helps to see what actually happened before I start on my new goals!Put blinders on: Don’t look at the clutter in the living and family room. October Goals –• Winter Prep – o Double check cars: Emergency kits. Check for antifreeze levels. Blankets and shoes in the vehicles.o Garden: Get hoses put away. Put covers on facets or at least have them found and ready.o House: Shampoo rugs before the serious rain hits. Have air ducts and dryer duct cleaned.  Finish cleaning the one corner in the garage. Clean the freezers. o Pantry: Purchase toilet paper, Kleenex and paper towel while on sale.• Business –o Continue on office paperwork. This will help us make extra money in the next couple of months.o Get back on track with debt reduction.o Establish a reward for making the business goals. [Got to put the carrot in front of me!]• Fun – o Decorate for Halloween.o Consider one more fun activity for Hubby and me.o Get packed for trip to California the 1st week of November.• Personal – o Sort the closet and my clothes [did not get done in September].o Get back on track with my daily health check list.o Dream about working on some other personal hobby projects. [A girl can dream.]o Continue reading this blog for inspiration! I look at all of this and wonder what will really be done when October is over. Hope you can meet your goals!

  12. I like you goal of 30 eBay items up. I found that when I was doing eBay I would consistently have a dollar amount up each week. Our goal at the time was high such as you have. This way the money would come rolling in every week. Maybe in Nov or probably Jan I will start doing that as well.

  13. I like the rotating of clothing. I hope to do the same this month. I hope by the end of the month to start putting items on FB and Craigslist. I didn’t put it on my monthly list…but I might add it after being reminded by your idea. My list is so longgggg. LOL

  14. Part of my goals for the week have already been accomplished.I met with a fellow volunteer yesterday to make signs for food donation boxes for the local food pantry. Today we took them and boxes to local food stores and set them up. We picked up the food from a birthday party where the woman asked for food pantry donations in lieu of gifts, and shelved it at the pantry.My husband has been having back trouble and we had to hire the yard mowed last time. He’s enough better that we were able to do it together today and not have to pay again. His balance is too poor to do the walking mowing, and I am too short to reach the break pedal on the rider. Thus, he rides, and I mow the ditch, fence row, and around all the tree roots, and anything he can’t get close enough to.My fall deep cleaning is finished except for the washing the glassware and polishing the silver in the china cabinet. I hope to do that this week. Also, I want to get some serious card making done for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  15. Hello Miss Brandy and readers,I have an extensive list of goals that I placed on my blog so will not repeat them here. My goals seem to center around pumpkins and cooking. I got 3 giant pumpkins for $10 at the Farmer’s Market. These kind of pumpkins are perfect for baking and creating puree. I have a sick child who has specific nutritional needs so I try to make as much as I can from fresh produce-my own brand of food. My goals are extensive so they will probably last a couple weeks.My goals focus on freezer cooking, baking, and organization/decluttering activities.I also am creating a plan for a zero budget Christmas this year.Blessings to all,Anna

  16. I have accomplished some of my goals already this week but I still need to can pickled beets and green tomatoes as well as dry some chives. I want to organize my fabric and a big cupboard where we store games and school supplies. I would like to clean my purse and wallet, actually empty them out and wash them well, my wallet is fabric so I hope I can do this without causing any damage to it. I am planning a big grocery shopping trip. I have my detailed list and coupons ready. Along with the regular cooking, cleaning, animals and outside work I think this is enough!!! Have a nice week everyone.

  17. Melissa, I wanted to chime in on washing your purse & wallet. I actually work part-time online from home for one of the big “name brand” purse companies, and we get a lot of questions about cleaning bags. If the bag & wallet are fabric I would suggest doing a cold water sink wash with either Ivory or Woolite. If you have to do any scrubbing, or sit it on something to let it dry, use white cotton (like an old white t-shirt). You can also purchase a commercial fabric cleaner such as the one from (it is $10 but works very well). If your bag is leather you can probably still do the sink wash, just let it dry thoroughly and you may need to stuff with towels to reshape it. Hope this helps!

  18. This may or may not be useful to you, but as a music teacher, I have used the app, Flash note Derby, to help with learning notes. Of course, one needs a tablet or smart phone. And it does cost, something like $.99, which for me was worthwhile.

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