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My eldest son needs a long, warm scarf. I have this beautiful herringbone brushed flannel that was just perfect for a scarf. It’s super soft.

I didn’t have a long enough piece from what I had, so I sewed together two pieces with a french seam in the middle before hemming all the edges.

I used an existing warm scarf of my own as a pattern for width and length.



approx. 1/2 yard (1/2 meter) flannel fabric



Sewing Machine


Sewing pins



About 30 minutes. If you have a longer piece of fabric and don’t need to piece it together, you can make this much faster.


Flannel Scarf 2 The Prudent Homemaker


$3.24 (including tax)

I bought the flannel last year on sale at Joann’s for $5.99 a yard. This took about half a yard.


Last year I made a vintage-style cloche with this fabric, which you can see here.


You can find the hat here and the gloves here.

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  1. That is one handsome, manly looking scarf. I remember the hat you made from last year. Amazing how versatile this fabric is. I’ve also made scarves by piecing fabric together. Beautiful job, Brandy. I so love seeing the gifts you make for your children and for others as well. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. So inspirational!

  2. I love this. We just went looking for a winter scarf for me while out looking at the property we are going to offer on and I didn’t have mine with me and there was NONE in Walmart for adults. Had some for boys that came with hats and gloves and cartoon characters but none for girls…I thought about crocheting one for myself but didn’t think about using flannel.
    Mom O knitted hats for all the girls a couple years ago and scarves for the boys.
    Thanks Brandy

  3. That fabric looks perfect for a scarf! I do love seeing all the things you make. So inspiring, and makes me get in the mood to make something myself.

  4. Very nice. The black hat and gloves will be very stunning with the scarf.

    I love that fabric. I would make a skirt for church…..So many ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m not sure if my reply was lost as I’m having cyber troubles. What I said was:

    Brandy, that is an elegant, very handsome scarf which I’m sure your son will love and cherish.

    My good news is that one of my photos was published on the cover of a community newsletter and I won a
    $75 gift card that I can (and will) use for groceries. I’ve been studying the flyers to see how I can make it go as far as possible.

  6. Oops I see I mentioned about my photo on your last blog post. Thanks, Tammy, for your comment. I am thrilled. I am really happy because our church decided to have its usual Christmas Day dinner. It was uncertain but I got a call today saying, yes, they were having it. It’s at 1 p.m. on Christmas Day. Last year, only 6 people came. I received a coupon in the mail from an upscale store for a free deep dish apple pie that I picked up and put in the freezer so I will take that. With my coupon for the photo prize, I will buy ten pounds of potatoes for $2.50 (usually more than $10 here). I’ll make an easy potato dish –– perhaps even mashed potatoes. Someone else is bringing a roast turkey AND a ham. Sometimes we have 40 people. It is a tiny but lovely church.

  7. I love that fabric, too. I made scarves a few years ago as gifts, but haven’t since then. I actually could use some for me, to pull together some outfits. Maybe I’ll get on that now!

  8. I opened the website and saw the pic of that scarf….I went oooooo..high end garage sale find! Never would have suspected it was flannel. I think I can squeeze out a few dollars this week….I’m sure I have a Joann’s coupon somewhere on my phone!

    I would never have thought of that.

  9. Your talent with needle and thread is amazing. You have an eye for beauty. I know your son will be so happy to not only get something warm but treasure it more because you made it for him.

  10. The scarf is so classic and cozy looking! I think it would be great for a woman as well. I spent $17 on a basic infinity scarf that was a simple black knit (because I can’t sew or knit) so I’m really envious of your son and your family who gets such lovely handmade presents from you.

  11. I have seen some nice men’s suits at the Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift store last week. I have bought them before for as little as 3.00 for 2 pieces. Spend an evening taking the suit apart; press the pieces, and you have several nice size pieces of fabric to use for little money. I have used the liner to line a vest with I make a skirt with the pieces.

    I used to work in an office that required that we dress very nice. However as I had student debt and my husband was a US Marine (never paid enough) I could not afford new clothes. I happen to sew. I made most of my clothes at that time.

  12. This comment is unrelated to the current post but I have just been reading and enjoying some older posts where Brandy takes her family on vacation. One thing we have done numerous times to eliminate the cost of accommodation is home exchange. You may be able to arrange this informally through your church, school or friends and do it within a one day drive to save the cost of flying. We have done that, but have also joined house exchange groups for a yearly fee of $50-150-you can also sometimes get a discount on membership just by asking or just pay the fee every second or third year if you don’t travel often. One year we stayed in Australia for 3 weeks and the only cost of accommodation was the $50 we paid to join the organization. Best $50 I have ever spent on accommodation.

  13. Ellie’s friend-I am guessing you are in Calgary too! I got the free apple pie too and it was mighty good when I served it for dinner guests last Sunday. Enjoy your church Christmas dinner.

  14. I do hope your children aren’t reading your blog 🙂 Mine over heard the tutorials I was watching on leather and want to know what I’m up to. ‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year. Thank you again for the inspiration for the presents I’m making this Christmas. Having the projects has helped me focus less on the grief I feel. My projects have consisted of repurposed materials and a few small purchased incidentals, like special sewing needles.

  15. Hi I! Don’t you just love the weather Calgary is having? I was sitting outside sorting some things so was glad it didn’t snow today. I’m glad to hear the pie was mighty good. I froze mine so am not sure if I should defrost it and then serve it or if I should thaw it and warm it in the oven. Any suggestions? Nice to “meet” a fellow Calgarian!

    I am really thankful today. I am sleep deprived because of events arising from having my furnaces serviced on Wednesday. When the service technician was leaving I commented about the strong smell of natural gas. He brushed it aside and said it was normal. It didn’t dissipate very fast and I called back to the store and they sent someone out really promptly to check it. I myself watched him check with the detergent-like solution that bubbles if there is a gas leak where it’s applied. He reassured me (or humoured me ) and I couldn’t sleep that night as it was bothering my breathing. Then by late yesterday afternoon,
    I phoned back and said while the strong smell in the basement was gone, I was getting natural gas wafting through the hot air registers. They said they’d send the first man out in the morning and he’d call first. (I didn’t sleep well again) well, he didn’t call so I called back and left a message. My call was returned promptly. The woman said the service man was not coming out because the two of them had checked for leaks. I told her the heat exchanger might be cracked (very dangerous as that is when you can get carbon monoxide, very fatal). She said oh they would have checked that and they weren’t coming but to call the gas company which I did. I was beside myself by the time the gas company man arrived (very promptly). Well, he found there was a gas leak and it was on the same pipe as the other man had checked… He had checked the threads but not a valve higher up. And there was the leak. It was leaking natural gas and getting into the furnace.

    It is a high priority to have your furnaces checked every year by a reputable service company (which mine is). For one thing your furnace warranty may be void if you do not have an annual preventive furnace servicing. Pregnant women and asthmatics (which I am) are REALLY sensitive to natural gas. If you have headaches or feel nauseous every time the furnace comes on, call the gas company (here it costs nothing) and ask them to check for a gas leak. If you can smell natural gas, do not use electric appliances or lights. Leave the house immediately and call the gas company and tell them you smell gas. Also, have a carbon monoxide detector. Check that the batteries are working by often pressing the test button. If it’s not a test, and the detector goes off, get everyone out of the house fast and then call 911. I had several weeks of night-time headaches and nausea but the carbon monoxide detector did not go off because the level was lower than what sets off the detector. Sure enough, it was a cracked heat exchanger.

    So today my persistence paid off. I now have fresh air once again. I feel lucky, and blessed. I will sleep well tonight.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas, I!

  16. Brandy, thank you for this amazing blog and how you truly are humble and want to help. I am so heartsick over seeing other bloggers that I followed for years change into fame monsters. Even the so-called frugal blogs do nothing but affiliate posts, sell online courses, books, products, etc. If someone is trying to save money, why would they abuse their readers trust like that? So glad you are honest and the other ladies who post here. It’s a joy!

  17. I’m so glad you persisted in getting this fixed!

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. I hope you get some rest now that this worry is over.

  18. Yes the weather here has been pretty great! My DH just went for a bike ride in Dec-that never happens! Sorry to hear about your gas leak and glad you got that sorted out. We also get our furnace inspected each year by the gas company for free-on that note did you see that Atco is offering free gas and electricity for Jan and Feb for new customers who sign up before Dec 31? We are not new customers but I called them anyway and they said if I gave up my customer loyalty bonus of $50 for having been a customer for a year I could have the deal too-I figured my gas and electric would cost more than $50 for two of the coldest months of the year so I said yes please.

    As for the pie we cut it into 8 pieces which is a filling serving. I would serve it warmed although I did not think of it when I did it-I also did not think to serve it with vanilla ice cream but this would have been great!

  19. I,

    oh a bike ride in December! Now that’s something! I remember Christmas Day 2005 when there was no snow and people were walking about in shirt-sleeves (no coats). I did see that Atco is offering free gas and electricity but I have a sweet deal with Enmax. A few years ago, I tied into electricity at a slightly higher rate than the floating rate for 5 years because I think electricity will go way up in price. My natural gas is free floating but is cheap but not as cheap as tied in but if I tie it in I lose my reward points and it is not as good a deal. I get Easy Max reward points which usually equates to about $100 per year. I don’t think Enmax gives Easy Max reward points anymore except to customers who already have them. If I change the arrangement, I lost them. Without the reward points and if I were to tie into a term for gas, my transaction fee would double from 0.49 cents per month to $1.00. So with the points and the low transaction fee per gigajoule, I come out way ahead. I look forward to having the points in December. Enmax has been very good to me as I had to delay part of my payment this month (due to the funds I am waiting for) and they made a payment arrangement. Enmax gets its gas from Atco. It is a great deal they are offering you but I think I’ll stay with Enmax. I have contemplated asking if they would give me free gas for Jan and Feb without my having to switch. I wish all of these things were not so complicated! Have a great weekend, Ann

  20. Elizabeth,
    thanks for your wishes. My worries are over AND the headaches and asthma are gone and I slept for 13 hours last night.

    I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas, too!


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